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Joseph Quinn’s Fantastic Four Casting Backlash Sees Fans Rally to His Defense


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  • Joseph Quinn’s casting in
    The Fantastic Four
    has received some negative comments, with fans questioning if he has the right look and feel for the role.
  • Many fans have come to Quinn’s defense, pointing out his charismatic performance in
    Stranger Things
    and how it could benefit his portrayal of Johnny Storm.
  • This kind of backlash against casting choices is not uncommon, as the internet tends to judge before seeing the actor in action, as seen with past casting choices like Heath Ledger’s Joker.

It is almost guaranteed that no matter how much thought goes into the casting of big superhero movies, someone is not going to be happy about the result. That is the case of the newly confirmed casting of Marvel Studios’ latest iteration of The Fantastic Four, with Stranger Things breakout star Joseph Quinn taking on the role of Johnny Storm causing some disquiet in the many social media discussions that have accompanied Marvel’s Valentine’s Day announcement. But the actor’s dedicated fan base wasted no time in jumping to his defense.

Fantastic Four (2024)

Fantastic Four (2025)

Release Date
November 8, 2024


Marvel Studios



Quinn’s casting in The Fantastic Four was announced along with that of Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby and Ebon Moss-Bachrach, in what came as little surprise to anyone thanks to several hard-to-deny rumors. While the reaction to the official confirmation has been mostly positive, Quinn has come in for some negative comments from those who just don’t see him having the right look and feel for the role.

The biggest issue seems to come from many comparing Quinn directly to the last two stars to play the role; Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan. As has been seen many times over, this kind of comparison has been well known for leading to the eating of humble pie when the final project arrives, and it turns out that the actor can put in a good show in the role. Whether Quinn can join this group is still more than a year from being seen, but in the meantime, below are some of the comments that is up against.

Joseph Quinn Fans Have Hit Back Negative Backlash

Joseph Quinn in Stranger Things

His appearance as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things made Joseph Quinn a huge star, and his personal fandom has grown massively over the last year. That means he has plenty of supporters on social media willing to defend him to the end against the suggestion that he cannot manage to pull off the role of the Human Torch as well as anyone else.

Countering the complaints that Quinn does not have the sex appeal that the character requires, several fans pointed out that while playing Eddie Munson his charismatic turn as the would-be rock god was exactly the kind of qualities that Johnny Storm could benefit from.

Additionally, others have been just as quick to share a reminder that many casting choices have been questioned prior to the release of any footage or images over the years, with obvious stand-outs such as Heath Ledger’s Joker casting in The Dark Knight getting a mention. It has become common for big casting choices to receive their fair share of unfair criticism, and it seems that even after all this time, the idea of waiting to pass judgement once the actor is finally seen in the role is something the internet in general is still incapable of doing.


Fantastic Four Art of Joseph Quinn as Johnny Storm Ignites Fan Imaginations

Joseph Quinn rises as the front-runner for the role of Fantastic Four’s Johnny Storm.

For Quinn’s fans, they will not have to wait until 2025 to see him back on screen as among his upcoming projects are the horror prequel A Quiet Place: Day One and Ridley Scott’s historical sequel, Gladiator 2, both releasing later this year.

Joseph Quinn can also be seen in
Stranger Things
Season 4, which is streaming now on Netflix.

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