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Jeremy Renner Talks About Recovery After Snow Plow Accident


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  • Jeremy Renner’s near-fatal accident led to a transformative experience, stripping away his callousness and opening him up to newfound sensitivity and youthfulness.
  • The support from his daughter, friends, and family played a pivotal role in Renner’s recovery, bringing him a new level of appreciation for love and care.
  • Renner’s ordeal not only influenced his personal life but also his professional choices, as seen in his participation in a Super Bowl commercial, reflecting his focus on wellness and health.

Jeremy Renner‘s recent experience offers a profound story of recovery and self-discovery. The actor, familiar to many for his vibrant performances and Academy Award nominations, has undergone a transformative ordeal that showcases a depth beyond his cinematic roles.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Renner admits that the experience stripped him of his previous callousness, opening him up to a newfound sensitivity and a rejuvenated sense of youthfulness. This transformation, he says, has been a blessing, signifying a departure from his previously tough exterior.

I certainly got a lot of callousness squashed out of me by that machine. I’ve never been bitter, but always maybe a little more callous, a little bit more tough. And I just think those calluses are just scraped off me at this point. Literally, I feel pretty open and wonderfully sensitive and youthful.”

Over a year ago, Renner faced a near-fatal snow plow accident near his Nevada home, sustaining critical injuries that led to a harrowing hospitalization. His life took a significant turn following the harsh reality of the accident, which necessitated multiple surgeries and resulted in over 30 fractured bones. Renner reflects on how the accident not only reshaped his physical being but also softened his emotional armor.


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The support Renner received during his recovery was pivotal. His daughter Ava, along with close friends and family, provided the strength and motivation needed for his remarkable comeback. He deeply appreciates the support, noting its role in not only his recovery but also in comforting and healing his family and friends. This realization brought a new level of appreciation for the love and care he received, a sentiment that he had not fully recognized before. Renner revealed:

“Everything kind of just went right. Obviously I had a lot of tenacity, I had a lot of support, a lot of reason to recover. That is really special. There’s a lot of people that don’t have as much, [don’t have] those things to live for.”

Renner’s ordeal has not only influenced his personal life but also his professional choices. He recently took part in a Super Bowl commercial for Silk, a move aligning with his increased focus on wellness and health.

Jeremy Renner’s Unwavering Strength in Mental, Emotional, and Physical Recovery

The resilience Renner displayed is not just in his physical recovery but also in his mental and emotional fortitude. He places importance on being aware of one’s own capabilities and adapting them amid hardships. His experience serves as a valuable lesson in the human capacity to overcome and adapt.

Furthermore, Renner’s ability to return to performing stunts, as showcased in the Silk Super Bowl ad, underscores his remarkable recovery. He demonstrated his complete healing, stepping back into life beyond the hospital’s boundaries.

The ad, which also stars his daughter Ava, holds special significance for Renner. It’s more than just a commercial; it’s a reflection of his journey with his daughter, marked by recovery and newfound perspectives on life.

Renner’s story is a powerful illustration of how the human spirit can prevail against adversity. His experience sheds light on the often untold struggles of public figures and reminds us of the profound impact of support and love in the face of adversity.

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