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‘Jaws’ Pinball Machine Emerges From the Blood-Soaked Waters


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The Big Picture

  • Jaws is getting its own pinball machine which covers the original trilogy and features a motorized shark fin and iconic locations.
  • Fans can expect John Williams’ iconic score and a custom audio performance by Richard Dreyfuss on the Jaws pinball machine.
  • The Jaws film franchise has had a significant influence on cinema and pop culture, with numerous films and shows paying homage to its success.

When it comes to the horror genre, no blockbuster is as beloved as Jaws. The 1975 Steven Spielberg terror becomes more iconic every year as more and more audience members of the younger generations get introduced to the classic behemoth. Part of the franchise’s lasting legacy has been due to all the merchandise that has washed onto the shores over the decades. This includes games, toys, and various clothing lines. Now, for the die-hard pinball enthusiast, Jaws is receiving an official pinball machine from Stern Pinball.

The new bit-worthy machine will cover the original trilogy of Jaws films, sorry Jaws: The Revenge fans, with our horror-loving hearts being transported back to Amity Island off the shores of New York. Specifically, fans will be playing as the fan-favorite fisherman, Quint, who was played by Robert Shaw in the first film. However, this pinball experience doesn’t just have a Jaws skin. It smells blood in the water as the table features a motorized shark fin, bloody lighting effects, and has iconic locations like Quint’s “Orca” boat as well as the great white shark himself in toy form.

If that wasn’t enough to convince any Jaws fan to hop on board, the table is topped off with John Williams’ iconic musical score and a custom audio performance by Richard Dreyfuss. The actor played scientist Matt Hopper in the first film. When talking about his excitement about the table, President & CEO of Stern Pinball, Seth Davis, stated, “Honoring one of the greatest movies of all time, we’re giving JAWS our most modern software and hardware to date. We can’t wait to debut this game’s terrifying and surprising gameplay to the world!”

‘Jaws’ Has Left an Influential Legacy on Cinema and Pop Culture

It’s hard to talk about Jaws since it’s one of the most treasured and spoken about films in history. An endless number of films, whether it be E.T., Indiana Jones, or Jurassic Park owe so much to this horror masterpiece’s success, and that’s just Spielberg’s own catalog. We could talk for hours about Jaws’ influence on modern pop culture. The film has been parodied in children’s shows like SpongeBob SquarePants and filmmakers like Jordan Peele have honored its legacy with films like Nope. Whether it be Spielberg’s tense direction that puts focus on the POV of the killer, Williams’ brutal score, or the brilliant cast, it’s the rare perfect sun-soaked horror experience. It made us fear the ocean and sharks while also showcasing some of the best practical effects work of its era. This timeless film may have spawned three sequels, but like with most franchises, the conversation always rightfully comes back to the original.

The Jaws Pinball machine is available now on Stern’s website. There are three different models. The pro at $6,999, premium at $9,699, and the limited edition at $12,999 USD. You can preview the table below.


Jaws (1975)

When a killer shark unleashes chaos on a beach community off Cape Cod, it’s up to a local sheriff, a marine biologist, and an old seafarer to hunt the beast down.

Release Date
June 20, 1975


124 Minutes

Peter Benchley , Carl Gottlieb

Production Company
Zanuck/Brown Company, Universal Pictures

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