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Jason Momoa Gives Disappointing Update on Fast & Furious 11


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  • Jason Momoa suggests fans will have to wait for the next Fast & Furious installment, potentially delaying the franchise’s conclusion.
  • Momoa’s portrayal of Dante Reyes was a highlight of Fast X, bringing a fresh and formidable villain to the franchise.
  • Uncertainty surrounds the production timeline and script revision of Fast 11, with expectations of another delay for the franchise.

As the Fast & Furious franchise prepares to potentially conclude with its eleventh installment, star Jason Momoa has suggested that fans will have quite a wait to see the franchise return to the big screen. While there has recently been doubt cast over whether Momoa will even feature in what is expected to be Vin Diesel’s final Fast movie, the Aquaman star appears to still be very much in the picture, even if the movie doesn’t appear to be moving along as fast as the vehicles seen in the franchise.

Known for playing antagonist Dante Reyes in Fast X, Momoa shared an insight into the future of the Fast & Furious franchise during a recent interview with Variety. Momoa’s portrayal of Reyes added a fresh and formidable adversary to the franchise’s pantheon of villains. His character’s dynamic presence and unique flair became a highlight of the movie, and one of the few things that critics and fans agreed on as the one thing that kept the film afloat. However, will Momoa’s character return for one more round as planned? He had this to say:

I put out my ideas, and we’ll see where it goes. But that’s probably a ways off. That’ll be fun to do. It’s fun playing the villain. It’s wonderful to play the villain.

This uncertainty extends to the production timeline, with reports indicating a need for a new script draft for Fast 11, which may or may not already be moving along. The potential script revision and its implications on the proposed April 4, 2025, release date remain a topic of speculation, but it seems that fans should expect the franchise to be delayed once again.


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Will Fast 11 Bring in a New Villain?

Jason Momoa as Dante Reyes in Fast X

Director Louis Leterrier, who took the reins in Fast X following the departure of long-time franchise director Justin Lin, teased a significant character evolution for Dante in Fast & Furious 11. This development could redefine Momoa’s role, or could end up cutting him completely.

While the eleventh movie in the main franchise seems like it is about to hit a few stumbling blocks, there is also Dawyne Johnson’s Luke Hobbs spin-off to consider. With Fast X teasing a connection between Hobbs and Reyes, it could be that Momoa will make that his next and final appearance in the saga. For now though, there is even less known about that movie than about Fast 11, which is a massive frustration for those who originally expected two Fast movies to film back to back and release just a year apart.

When exactly Fast & Furious 11, and the Hobbs spin-off, begin to move forward at a speed quicker than an EV on low battery is still something we don’t know. However, the April 2025 release date originally penciled in Vin Diesel’s swan song looks to be a bridge too far even for this revved-up franchise.

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