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I’ve Stayed At All 3 Disneyland Hotels, And There’s One Piece Of Advice I’d Give Parkgoers When Choosing

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Planning a Disneyland Resort vacation is a fairly involved process. The only easy thing is figuring out how many days you want to spend in the park. Beyond that, you need to plan transportation, either by car or plane, and perhaps most importantly, where to stay. There are more hotels than you’ll know what to do with surrounding Disneyland, so getting a room, and even getting a decently-priced room, isn’t going to be that tough. But for the true Disneyland experience you need to book more than just a room; you need to book a Disneyland Resort hotel room.

Staying “on property” at any theme park resort can often be expensive, and Disney hotels are especially expensive. Still, there are reasons to do it, ranging from special perks to simple ease. Disney World hotels may be losing a battle to Universal right now, but on the West Coast, there’s just nothing like a Disneyland hotel.

But even there, you have choices. There are three different Disneyland Resort hotels to choose from, and other than the price, it can be hard to gauge just what the differences between them are if you’ve never been there. I have been lucky enough to stay at all three Disneyland Resort hotels at different times in my career as a theme park writer, and ultimately the question you want to ask when deciding which hotel to book isn’t how much you want to spend, but what sort of Disneyland Resort experience do you want?

Pixar Place Hotel exterior sign

(Image credit: Disneyland Resort)

 The Pixar Place is More Disney than the Disneyland Hotel

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