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Is Barbie Pascual Too Controlling? (Fraser’s Had Enough)

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  • Barbie’s controlling nature on St. David is causing tension with fellow yachties, especially Cat.
  • Fraser reprimands Barbie for not following instructions, causing conflict during service.
  • Captain Kerry and Fraser discuss Barbie’s behavior, potentially putting her in danger of being fired.



Below Deck season 11’s Barbie Pascual has been difficult for Fraser Olender aboard the St. David, but is her controlling nature simply too much for her fellow yachties? Barbie came aboard the St. David with a plethora of experience and knowing she was fully capable of being a Stewardess on a superyacht. Though she was prepared and excited for the charter season, it quickly became clear that Barbie had a way of doing things and wasn’t interested in input from her fellow stews or those in higher positions than her. For Barbie, her position was something she could excel at.

Though Barbie did well on the first charter of the season, her attitude came into question when tensions started boiling between her and Cat Baugh, another stew on the St. David. Cat and Barbie’s issues became a problem for Fraser, who isn’t interested in drama between his employees after how dramatic things became on Below Deck season 10. Barbie was hopeful that she would be able to deal with Cat after she got used to the way things would run on the St. David, but she had a rude awakening after Fraser spoke to her about her behavior towards Cat.


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Barbie’s Unable To Accept Different Working Styles

It’s Her Way Or The Highway

During her first moments on Below Deck season 11, Barbie shared that she’d been part of the crews of several different superyachts during her career. Growing up without the need to work due to her wealthy father, Barbie shared that she took pride in the fact that she was a hard-working employee who didn’t need much guidance. Barbie’s work ethic was strong, but her outspoken nature and blunt attitude was difficult for others to get along with. She made it clear during the first charter that she had specific routines she liked to use, even knowing the St. David didn’t.

Though Cat wasn’t required to follow along with Barbie’s routines, the latter didn’t like it when she did her own thing and didn’t listen to her demands. Barbie didn’t appreciate not being listened to, and when she tried to push Cat into doing things her way, she didn’t appreciate Cat’s pushback. While Barbie explained she understood she could be tricky to get along with, she didn’t see much of an issue as to why Cat couldn’t work within her parameters. When she didn’t find Cat following suit, she felt it was an issue of skill rather than her irrational demands.

Barbie Got Snappy With Fraser During Service

She Yelled At Her Boss Despite Knowing His Position

During dinner service on the second charter of Below Deck season 11, Barbie had a difficult time with the way she was being spoken to about getting her job done. After sharing she had bartender certification, Barbie was put on bar and brought drink orders from the large party of charter guests who were eating on the deck. When she was asked to make a simple margarita, things got sticky because she had a specific way she wanted to make the drink. Fraser told Barbie to make the drink without frills so he could deliver it in a timely manner.

While Barbie had been given clear instructions, she couldn’t handle the idea of making the margarita to specifications she wasn’t comfortable with. Fraser continually checked on the drink and watched as Barbie tried to search through a recipe book to prove him wrong, but ultimately told her she needed to make the drink or have someone else who could handle it do so. Barbie was quiet and made the drink as requested but got snappy with Fraser later in the service. When he tried to speak to her, Barbie had an icy attitude, which wasn’t something Fraser was interested in.

Fraser Had To Reprimand Barbie After The Margarita Drama

Barbie Couldn’t Take Being Told She Was Wrong

Below Deck season 11 star Barbie Pascual holding a glass

After Fraser’s difficulties with Barbie during the service, he pulled her aside to have a conversation about the tension. Fraser shared that he had certain expectations for his stews, and while Barbie’s work ethic was great, she was a bit too domineering in her work. He let her know that Cat had shared she wasn’t feeling comfortable with the way Barbie was treating her, which didn’t sit well with Fraser. Though he was honest with her about his issues, Barbie took the criticism hard. Stonewalling the chief stew, Barbie didn’t seem to hear his critiques and wasn’t open to listening.

Fraser did his best to let Barbie know that the behavior she’d been displaying, from trying to get Cat to follow her exact behavior when working together to ignoring his direct orders during service, wouldn’t fly on the St. David. While Barbie understood that she was being reprimanded, she was so irritated that he was criticizing her that it didn’t appear she was able to actually ingest any of his points. Barbie couldn’t handle the fact that Fraser had said she was wrong and made it clear that she wasn’t likely to change her tough ways aboard the St. David.

Captain Kerry & Fraser Discussed Barbie’s “Hostile Attitude”

Fraser May Be Over Barbie Already

Marie, Captain Kerry, and Fraser fro Below Deck Season 11

After speaking to Barbie, Fraser decided to make Captain Kerry Titheradge aware of what was going on between his stews. In a meeting with Captain Kerry, Fraser shared that he’d had to reprimand Barbie for her “hostile attitude” toward Cat. While it wasn’t difficult to see the vision Fraser was depicting, Captain Kerry did seem somewhat surprised that Barbie wasn’t receptive to her supervisor’s criticism. Fraser shared that he didn’t want to deal with any incidents like he had in the charter season prior, meaning Barbie’s behavior put her on thin ice, despite it being early in the charter season.

While Captain Kerry trusts Fraser to deal with the stews, the interior, and the charter guests’ needs, it’s clear Barbie’s position may become a mutual decision between the two. As Fraser continues to observe Barbie to see if she remains an issue, he’ll be using a critical eye. Though Barbie’s work ethic is unmatched on the St. David, it’s apparent that her controlling nature and inability to give up her way of doing things may be too much for the rest of the crew to handle. It’s possible Barbie could be the first Below Deck season 11 cast member fired.

Below Deck

season 11 airs Mondays at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo, then airs the following day on Peacock.

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