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Into the Inklands Starter Decks Review


by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands introduces over 200 new cards, Locations cards, and characters from films like Atlantis.
  • Two new Starter Decks are releasing with the set, featuring unique foil cards and support for different Ink types.
  • The Starter Decks have impressive artwork, are suitable for beginners and veterans alike, and can be played without previous sets.



The third set for Disney Lorcana will be arriving soon, introducing more than 200 new cards to the popular TCG. This latest entry, Into the Inklands, also introduces Locations cards and features characters from Disney films like Atlantis: The Lost Empire, movies that haven’t previously been featured in Disney Lorcana. As usual, two new Starter Decks are also releasing with the new set of Disney Lorcana cards.

The two Into the Inklands Starter Decks have their own unique foil cards, with each deck focusing on two of the Disney Lorcana‘s Ink types. In this case, one deck is Ruby/Sapphire and the other is Amber/Emerald, combinations that haven’t been featured in any Starter Decks to date. Each deck also offers something a little different – for example, the various DuckTales cards in the Ruby/Sapphire deck help players get the most out of items.


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Screen Rant can exclusively reveal seven new cards from the upcoming Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands expansion, which is arriving soon.

Disney Lorcana: Into The Inklands Starter Deck List & Cards

Each Into the Inklands Starter Deck has unique cards specific to their Ink, as well as foil cards. Ruby/Sapphire has foils of Scrooge McDuck – Richest Duck In The World and Moana – Undeterred Voyager. The Amber/Emerald deck has foil cards of Peter Pan – Lost Boy Leader and Pongo – Determined Father. However, each deck features some form of the following:

  • A Starter Deck of 60 cards, including 2 foil cards
  • 11 Damage Counters
  • 1 Paper playmat
  • 1 Paper tracker token
  • 1 Booster pack of 12 random cards
  • Game rules

The full deck list can be found below, including the card name and how many of each card is present inside these pre-made decks. An asterisk (*) denotes a card that was available from a previous set, such as Cogsworth – Talking Clock or Dragon Fire. However, both Starter Decks are mostly comprised of new Into the Inklands cards.

Amber/Emerald Starter Deck

Ruby/Sapphire Starter Deck

5x Dalmatian Puppy – Tail Wagger

3x Della Duck – Unstoppable Mom

3x Kira – Atlantean

3x HeiHei – Accidental Explorer

1x Lucky -The 15th Puppy

3x Kakamora – Menacing Sailor

2x Nani – Protective Sister

3x Maui – Soaring Demigod

1x Pluto – Determind Defender

2x Minnie Moust – Always Classy*

3x Pluto – Friendly Pooch

1x Moana – Born Leader

1x Pongo – Determined Father

3x Moana – Undeterred Voyager

3x Rolly – Hungry Pup

1x Simba – Scrappy Cub

2x Tinker Bell – Generous Fairy

3x Wendy Vanderquack – Enthusiastic Duck

3x Wendy Darling – Talented Sailor

2x Dragon Fire*

2x Never Land – Mermaid Lagoon

2x Voyage

3x Cubby – Lost Boy

1x Maui’s Fish Hook

2x Don Karnage – Prince of Pirates

2x Sumerian Talisman

2x Flotsam – Riffraff

3x Agrabah – Marketplace

1x Helga Sinclair – Vengeful Partner

2x Cogsworth – Talking Clock*

2x Horace – No Good Scoundrel*

2x Dewey – Showy Nephew

2x Jasper – Common Crook*

2x Duke Weaselton – Small-Time Crook*

2x Jetsam – Riffraff

2x Flintheart Glomgold – Lone Cheater

2x Kit Cloudkicker – Tough Guy

3x Flounder – Voice of Reason*

1x Peter Pan – Lost Boy Leader

3x Gramma Tala – Keeper of Ancient Stories

1x Robin Hood – Daydreamer

1x Gyro Gearloose – Gadget Whiz

1x Starkey – Devious Pirate

1x Huey – Savvy Nephew

2x Wildcat – Mechanic

3x Louie – Chill Nephew

2x Hypnotize*

2x Maid Marian -Delightful Dreamer

3x Improvise*

1x Scrooge McDuck – Richest Duck In The World

2x Strike A Good Match

2x Scrooge McDuck – Uncle Moneybags

3x De Vil Manor – Cruella’s Estate

2x Vault Door

3x Patch – Intimidating Pup

2x Motunui – Island Paradise

In terms of which Starter Deck is best, it really just comes down to player preference. I tended to enjoy the Ruby/Sapphire set better simply because it felt like a more powerful deck. The Amber/Emerald deck certainly has its merits, though, and I found their foils to be more helpful overall and the cards here felt more aggressive in the games I played than the Ruby/Sapphire cards did. So, there really is no wrong choice here.

It is not necessary to have cards from
The First Chapter
Rise of the Floodborn
to begin playing
Disney Lorcana
. Newcomers are free to start with
Into the Inklands

Into The Inklands’ Locations Cards Spice Things Up

Disney Lorcana Locations Cards From Into The Inklands Never Land and De Vil Manor

Locations cards are new to Into the Inklands, and like Items, they stay in play after being used. They give special abilities and can be interacted with by certain character cards. For example, the Motonui – Island Paradise glimmer means a character that’s banished while visiting is put back into the player’s inkwell facedown and exerted. De Vil Manor – Cruelle’s Estate can be beneficial to use with Peter Pan – Lost Boy Leader because Peter Pan can move to a Location and gains lore equal to a Location’s lore once per turn. I found Locations to be a nice addition to the Disney Lorcana TCG, and I look forward to learning the mechanic better once the complete set is out and there are more Locations to experiment with.

Final Thoughts On Into The Inklands’ Starter Decks

Into the Inklands Disney Lorcana Cards showing off Pluto, Peter Pan, Kira, and multiple Dalmations.

The Starter Decks for Into the Inklands features some of the most impressive artwork to date for Disney Lorcana, an impressive feat considering how many great cards have been released so far. The TaleSpin cards feel especially nostalgic, and it’s great to see Atlantis: The Lost Empire getting some love. Either of the new decks work as an excellent starting point for newcomers, and while the emphasis is on beginners, there are plenty of solid cards included that even veterans may want to scoop them up.

The two Starter Decks for Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands were provided to Screen Rant for the purpose of this review.


Original Release Date
August 18, 2023


Ryan Miller , Steve Warner

Player Count

Length per Game
20-30 Minutes

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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