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If You Love Movies, You Should Join Letterboxd in 2024 if You Haven’t Already


by Xtreme HD IPTV

It’s the new year, and for a few years now, Letterboxd has become the social media platform for cinephiles all over the world to rank and review the films they watch. But now it’s more than just that. Letterboxd now has a presence at film premieres and film festivals. Their “four favorites” question for actors and directors is always expected when conducting interviews for the content of the app. Users can also share what they log on their Instagram stories. And if you want to pay a tiny fee to the site, you can really get the word out to a bigger audience about how big of a movie lover you are.

Letterboxd has grown so much over the years. So if you have not yet subscribed to the basic stuff or upgraded to be a patron of the site, you should get on that in the new year. Here are a few reasons why it’s time to make a profile and start logging films with the best app for movie lovers out there.

Hone Those Film Critic Skills

Funny Letterboxd review by Closer Look Media on Joker (2019)

Each one of us is a film critic at heart. We sit in a theater or scroll through Netflix and see a preview of something and decide if we want to see it. And when we sit down and watch movies, some stuff works for us; sometimes it doesn’t. Rather than post a review on Facebook for your aunt to read and leave a comment that has nothing to do with your critique, you can throw something up on Letterboxd and maybe interact with other cinephiles because of the film.

Now, this is the base level of what the app is used for. If anything, logging and reviewing what you watch is how you start out on the site before you start exploring what else is on it for you. You can give serious critiques or funny one-liners about a film, like in the photo above. Either way, it may get you noticed by many others.

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A screenshot from Letterboxd Journal

Over the last few years, Letterboxd has become more than just a social media app. It is now a member of the press. Journal, the Letterboxd magazine, has become a place for original, produced content for the site. The publication is loaded with essays and interviews about movies and why we love them. It’s also one of the landing pages to catch new episodes of The Letterboxd Show, the app’s original podcast.

It’s an arm of the brand that has become a major contributor to its growth over the years and has kept movie lovers up-to-date on many things in the world of cinema. Journal started out as just a simple blog for its users and has now grown into a massive wormhole of interviews, lists, and little subcultures of cinephilia like “Horrorville” and festival news. And when you do sign up, don’t forget to get their newsletter, Call Sheet.

Scorsese Uses Letterboxd

Screenshot of Martin Scorsese's Letterboxd account

Okay, who knows if he’s actively on there on a daily basis. But in the days leading up to the release of his new film, Killers of the Flower Moon, it was announced that Martin Scorsese had a profile there. Since this is one of the greatest directors of all time, it’s highly doubtful you will catch him logging some movie he was watching late one night.

However, when he joined, his profile provided us with lists and movies to watch to either get ready for his next film or just to get inside the director’s head. Scorsese is an encyclopedia of knowledge in terms of cinema. His studies of films show in his own work. So having him have a profile on the app is a real treat. You can give yourself a Scorsese-inspired film festival just by tracking down the movies on the lists he has provided.

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Letterboxd Showtimes are new in 2024

A bit of news dropped this past month. Letterboxd is now going to let you know about showtimes in your area for movies. Yes, you probably have a movie theater app, but if you love movies as much as any Letterboxd user, you might as well let them continue to corner the market even more and let them tell you where to see that new film you finally have time to check out. Patron members in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, and Letterboxd’s home base country of New Zealand can now look into where films are currently playing. This feature began on Christmas Eve and rolls out into the new year and beyond. It’s another great attribute of the app that’s new and fresh. Letterboxd already has a partnership with a site like Just Watch that tells you where you can stream movies, so this only adds to it if you want to go out to the cinemas.

Letterboxd has had over a decade on our cellar devices, but it feels like as of late it has become one of the biggest post-Covid entities in the world of digital media. We all spent months at home watching whatever we could on our TV screens, and we needed a place to share that experience. Although it had already been around, Letterboxd was something that kicked into high gear from that and rose out of the ashes to bring movie lovers together. 2024 has shaped up to become a spectacular year for the service.

Who knows what will be said about it in another five years? Cinema and movies in general need a positive impact. We lost a lot of theaters over the years. It’s a communal setting that has been threatened due to past tragedies. We need positive reinforcement around the moviegoing experience. And Letterboxd is right there at the forefront of all of that.

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