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How to Make (& Install) A Custom Intro Video

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Steam Deck users can take advantage of their handheld’s customizability to create custom startup and boot intros. Here’s how to get them working.

Much like a run-of-the-mill gaming PC, Valve’s Steam Deck handheld is a highly customizable piece of kit, allowing users with the technical know-how to tweak its settings, hardware, and software, including creating unique custom intro startup videos. Billed as a platform for avid PC gamers to carry their Steam libraries with them wherever they go, the Steam Deck is a marked change from other closed console platforms.



Valve has placed particular emphasis on the fact that users can do almost anything they like with their Decks, and users appear to have taken Valve up on that promise. With a thriving community running emulators and even introducing Game Boy cartridge compatibility on Steam Deck, creating custom startup intro videos seems almost quaint. However, it’s arguably an excellent step for users looking to make their Steam Decks their own.


10 Best Horror Games To Play On Steam Deck

The Steam Deck is an excellent way to play games in a new way, and these are great horror titles to play on the handheld gaming PC.

How To Install Custom Startup Intro Videos For Steam Deck

Valve Steam Deck With Custom Handheld History Startup Logo By KnightMD
Handheld History Steam Deck Boot Video – KnightMD, steamdeckrepo.com

Although Valve has touted the Steam Deck’s customizability, users should still be careful when tweaking hardware and software and keep backups.
Valve has issued warnings against opening Steam Deck
due to the risk of fire or electrocution in the past. While it seems highly unlikely that swapping in a custom startup intro video poses many risks, Steam Deck users should still exercise due caution when tweaking their handhelds.

Creating and installing a custom Steam Deck startup intro is fairly simple compared to running the Steam Deck as a Wii U gamepad. According to Kotaku, the process has a few prerequisites that users should be aware of. Any custom startup intro files should use the .webm file format and can only be up to ten seconds long. However, users can convert videos to .webm using video conversion programs such as Handbrake to prep their files for Steam Deck.

Start by accessing the Steam Deck desktop. Valve has outlined how to get to the desktop on Steam Deck in a FAQ, which involves going to the Steam menu and selecting Switch to Desktop. Next, users might like to connect a keyboard and mouse via the new Steam Deck Dock for convenience, although the Steam Deck trackpad and an on-screen keyboard will work just as well.


Steam Deck: How to Install Game Pass

To play Xbox Games Pass games on the Steam Deck, users must create and install a Microsoft Edge shortcut into their Steam Library in Desktop Mode.

Then open up the SteamOS file explorer and hit Ctrl-H to view hidden files before navigating to ~/.steam/root/config. In this folder, users should create a folder named uioverrides and another folder named movies inside it. From there, it’s a simple process of renaming the video file to deck_startup.webm and then just dragging and dropping the prepped .webm file into the folder. Users should see their custom startup intro play on the next boot.

Source: Kotaku, Valve

Steam Deck

Steam Deck

The Steam Deck, a handheld gaming computer, was released by Valve in February 2022. Similar to the Nintendo Switch, the Steam Deck has a docking mode that allows gamers to easily connect to a full-size monitor. The computer’s screen is 7 inches across, features 1280×800 graphics, and is run on Valve’s SteamOS.

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February 25, 2022

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