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How To Get (& Use) Yucca Fruit In Enshrouded


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Enshrouded is a survival action RPG that uses food items such as Yucca Fruit to restore vital resources for your character before you truly get to explore the world. The most valuable items you can often collect directly impact your character’s condition. Those looking to become Rested for the dangers ahead should consider stocking up on Yucca Fruit.



Yucca Fruits are found in the Kindlewastes area of Enshrouded, which happens to be one of the most dangerous late-game locations in the game. Hostile monsters can easily wipe out you and any other Flameborn here quickly if you aren’t prepared. Craft powerful gear and reach higher levels before traveling to this desert, or suffer the consequences and lose gear in the sand.


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Where to Find Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded

Enshrouded character looking out over starting zone landscape

Once you venture into the Kindlewastes, you can find Yucca Fruit on Palm Trees scattered throughout the region. The desert area does not have much vegetation, so these trees are almost like landmarks dotting the environment. Some trees are on top of rocky hills or cliffs, but many poke out from the large dunes that make up most of the Kindlewastes in Enshrouded.

Palm Trees won’t give you Yucca Fruit unless you cut them down with an Axe first. A simple Stone Axe can be made using 4 Twigs, 1 Stone, and 1 String from basic items found near the start of the game. Your Axe’s durability will get worn down by chopping a Palm Tree down, but the fruit that drops from the fallen vegetation is more than worth it in the long run.

How to Use Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded

Enshrouded campfire used to cook food items into better recipes for character buffs

Yucca Fruits are a food item used as an ingredient in some healthier recipes, such as the Fruit Bowl dish you can make. The Fruit Bowl grants a +6 Health Regeneration and +3 Stamina Recharge bonuses to your character, allowing them to replenish their resources in Enshrouded. Anyone looking to explore more of the world without getting tired will need plenty of Fruit Bowls while they travel.

Eating a Fruit Bowl will also satisfy your character’s hunger, which saves you from serious debuffs. Failing to eat at critical levels will weaken your character, and even cause them to die within seconds if you are traveling into a Shroud area. Managing to get and use plenty of Yucca Fruit in Enshrouded helps you survive longer as you attempt to establish a strong base or journey for legendary items.

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