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How To Find (& Defeat) Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy


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One of the toughest bosses in Elden Ring, The God-Devouring Serpent boss, Rykard, is an optional boss you can encounter beneath the Volcano Manor. Much like other challenging boss bights, Rykard also has two phases and can be defeated in two ways. One of the ways will require you to complete a quest given by the Volcano Manor’s headmistress, Tanith.



You will first need to head towards Mt. Glemir in the Altus Plateau to reach the Volcano Manor in Elden Ring. You can either climb up the dangerous mountain or complete one of Rya’s requests in Liurnia. Once you reach the manor, speak to Tanith, who will be at the Manor’s Site of Grace. You will be assigned a few contracts, and once you complete them, Tanith will give you access to Rykard’s lair. This is the easiest way to encounter Rykard if you plan on taking on the boss.


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Rykard’s Location in Elden Ring

Praetor Rykard and the Volcano Manor Godskin Noble next to each other

If you do not want to complete Tanith’s contracts, you can encounter Rykard by entering the room on the right in the Manor’s side corridor. This door will open with the key given to you by Tanith. Upon entering the room, you will notice an Illusory Wall, which hides a passage that leads to the inner exterior of the Manor.

Following along the main pathway should lead you to the Temple of Eiglay, where you will face a Godskin Noble, an optional mini-boss in Elden Ring. This temple sits across in the southeast from the Prison Town Church. If you need some help defeating the Godskin Noble at the Temple of Eiglay, check out the video from GrubMagnet Gaming on YouTube below:

Once you defeat the noble, you can exit the area and notice a magma river. Cross this Magma river to reach a portal that will teleport you to the Audience Pathway. You can rest in this area as it serves as a precursor to an area where you will face Rykard.

You can cross the lava river while gulping down HP Flasks or take the heavily guarded route through the overpass.

How To Beat Rykard in Elden Ring

Two images of the Rykard Boss Battle In Elden Ring next to each other

Once you reach Rykard’s fight, he will be dormant in the room’s center. On the way, you will notice a lootable Great Spear held by a corpse. Collect the “Serpent Hunter” spear as it can used against the God-Devouring Serpent. This spear also has several special attacks that are highly effective against Rykard.

Furthermore, the Serpent-Hunter has no stat requirements, meaning any build can use the Great Spear to defeat the boss. Nevertheless, some players, such as spellcasters, might not realize this when they enter the fight. Check out the video from Shirrako below to see how to dodge Rykard’s attacks:

Equip the Serpent-Hunter and continuously use the staggering, slamming-stab ability on the giant serpent. Make sure to time the attacks properly to not let Rykard have a chance to retaliate. When fighting the Lord of Blasphemy with an ally wielding the Serpent-Hunter, this Elden Ring boss fight becomes even easier. Once the second phase begins, continue the exact attack as before to defeat Rykard.

This fight previously had a rare glitch which would prevent Rykard from dying after reaching 0% health. If this happens (demonstrated below in a video from
Filthy & Free Publishing
) simply restart the fight and try again.

Source: GrubMagnet Gaming/YouTube, Shirrako/YouTube

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