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How to Craft Seals (Hammered & Engraved)

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If you like to go to dungeons in Fae Farm, you will need seals to unlock teleporters and wayshrines. There are different types of seals where. Some are Complex Gold seals, while others are simple copper ones. To get these seals, you will need to gather many valuable gems and ore so that you can craft the different recipes for each seal.



To put things into perspective, there are 26 seals you can craft in Fae Far. Some are quite common; some are Hammered, while others are Engraved. For Hammered and Engraved seals, you will require base seals and other resources to craft. For example, an Engraved Copper Seal requires a Copper Seal and 8 Rough Peridots.


Fae Farm Review: Fantasy At Its Finest

Fae Farm is a magical farming game that overcomes its handful of glitches through its boundless creativity, otherworldly ambiance, and sheer cuteness.

Everything You Need For Crafting Seals In Fae Farm

You will first need a Seal Crafting Station in order to get started with crafting Seals. To forge this station, you will need 20 Stones and 10 Copper Ore. Once you have made a Seal Crafting Station, as shown by Finaq in the above YouTube video, you can place it anywhere on your Homestead. As far as crafting Seals go, you can have up to 10 seals at a time in the queue.

The Seal Crafting Station in Fae Farm

As mentioned earlier, to craft Seals, you will need extra resources since Seals typically need an ore and a gemstone to craft. So you will need to collect enough emeralds or diamonds and ore so that you can craft the Seals you desire. You can find most of these resources in dungeons like Saltwater Mines. Apart from mining ore and gemstones, you can also make money fast in Fae Farm by collecting other resources you can sell later.

Whatever levels you can access in any given mine typically have the resources to craft the next set of seals.

All Seal Recipes & Uses In Fae Farm

A group of players stand before a large statue with green jewelry and purple moss

Seals serve different purposes in Fae Farm; some can activate dungeon floors, while others can activate wayshrines or get rid of whirlpools. Wayshrine seals do not have a Hammered or Engraved form and only need to be crafted once. More valuable seals like Copper, Iron, Feyrite, Silver, Orichalcum, and Gold Seals are usually specific to the dungeon and are Hammered or Engraved seals. You will need to craft 12 versions of each basic seal to make Hammered and Engraved seals.




Copper Seal

Floors 1-4 of Saltwater Mines

Hammered Copper Seal

  • Copper Seal
  • Rough Citrine x8

Floors 5-8 of Saltwater Mines

Engraved Copper Seal

  • Copper Seal
  • Rough Peridot x8

Floors 9-12 of Saltwater Mines

Iron Seal

Floors 13-16 of Saltwater Mines

Hammered Iron Seal

  • Iron Seal
  • Rough Aquamarine x8

Floors 17-20 of Saltwater Mines




Engraved Iron Seal

Floors 21-24 of Saltwater Mines

Feyrite Seal

Floors 1-4 of Floating Ruins

Hammered Feyrite Seal

  • Feyrite Seal
  • Rough Amethyst x8

Floors 5-8 of Floating Ruins

Engraved Feyrite Seal

  • Feyrite Seal
  • Rough Rose Quartz x8

Floor 9-12 of Floating Ruins

Silver Seal

Floors 13-16 of Floating Ruins

Hammered Silver Seal

  • Silver Seal
  • Rough Sapphire x8

Floors 17-20 of Floating Ruins

Engraved Silver Seal

  • Silver Seal
  • Rough Emerald x8

Floors 21-24 of Floating Ruins




Orichalcum Seal

Floors 1-4 of Scorched Caverns

Hammered Orichalcum Seal

  • Orichalcum Seal
  • Rough Ruby x8

Floors 5-8 of Scorched Caverns

Engraved Orichalcum Seal

  • Orichalcum Seal
  • Rough Garnet x8

Floors 9-12 of Scorched Caverns

Gold Seal

Floors 13-16 of Scorched Caverns

Hammered Gold Seal

  • Gold Seal
  • Rough Diamond x8

Floors 17-20 of Scorched Caverns

Engraved Gold Seal

  • Gold Seal
  • Rough Obsidian x8

Floors 21-24 of Scorched Caverns

Citrine Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Citrine x15

Saltwater Mines Wayshrine




Peridot Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Peridot x15

Homestead Wayshrine

Aquamarine Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Aquamarine x15

West Town Wayshrine

Topaz Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Topaz x15

Spooky Woods Wayshrine

Amethyst Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Amethyst x15

Floating Ruins Wayshrine

Rose Quartz Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Rose Quartz x15

Elven Village Wayshrine

Sapphire Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Sapphire x15

Fae Acres Wayshrine

Diamond Seal

  • Copper Ore x5
  • Iron Ore x5
  • Rough Diamond x15

Scorched Caverns Wayshrine

Video Credit: Finaq/YouTube

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September 8, 2023

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