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How To Charge Controllers For Meta Quest 2


by Xtreme HD IPTV

The Meta Quest 2 provides a variety of excellent virtual reality titles for you to choose from, but it can be hard to play any game if you fail to charge your controllers. The headset that comes with this system also provides one controller for each hand that connects to produce an immersive experience. Keeping each controller active gives you complete freedom to manipulate worlds created within virtual reality titles.



Some consoles sell separate charging stations for their controllers, both wired and wireless in some cases. The Meta Quest 2 has additional products you could purchase that automatically charge your controllers in a dock designed to reactivate your virtual reality devices. With different sales for Meta Quest 2 that happen occasionally, this might be an option worth considering.


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Meta Quest 2 Headset and Controllers from Announcement Trailer

Unfortunately, you cannot charge Meta Quest 2 controllers without the support of a third-party dock sold separately from the main system. The standard controllers come with AA batteries that run out of power after being used for a long period. You must purchase new AA batteries to make your controllers work once again if you want to download and play any Meta Quest 2 games.

Depending on the brand of batteries you choose, your Meta Quest 2 controllers could last much longer than they did with the batteries provided with the system. You can buy rechargeable AA batteries to charge them completely detached from the main device. However, you qill likely need to buy a dock for those batteries at the same time as a way to set up that process.

Rechargeable batteries are usually very reliable tools for electronic devices, but they hold less and less power if they are used over a long period throughout their life.

Once you replace the batteries of your controllers, you should be able to play any RPG, FPS, or exercise game on the Meta Quest 2 that you have. Remember to take breaks from your virtual reality experiences for your own sake and to ensure your new batteries don’t have their power drained again right after they get replaced.

Thankfully, no games drain power more than others with the Meta Quest 2, so you shouldn’t need to charge your controllers again with new batteries frequently and, therefore, have plenty of time to play your favorite virtual reality titles.

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