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How To Build (& Use) a Statue of Power


by Xtreme HD IPTV

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A unique structure called a Statue of Power may be built in Palworld to give a permanent stat boost to Pals on your team. This statue can also increase your overall capture rate, allowing you to obtain Pals that would normally be very difficult to catch. However, you have to reach a certain level before you can research the technology necessary to have a Statue of Power.



One Statue of Power already exists in Palworld, near the Desolate Church found on your map. A nearby waypoint for fast travel will let you get to this structure quickly, but you still need some resources to actually use some of its abilities. There are limits to how many upgrades you’re able to activate at any statue if you have the materials to take advantage of multiple buffs.


How to Get (& Use) Technology Points in Palworld

Technology Points and Ancient Technology Points are given to players in Palworld as a form of progression, allowing players to make special items.

How to Build a Statue of Power in Palworld

Palworld Statue of Power structure recipe with materials required displayed

Those looking to build their own Statue of Power at their base will need 20 Stone and 10 Paladium Fragments, but only when their character reaches Level 6. You must spend 2 Anceint Technology Points acquired from defeated bosses to unlock the recipe for a statue. Compared to other structures like an Egg Incubator to hatch different eggs in Palworld, this is a fairly cheap cost.

Stones may be found along the ground all over your map, and can be easily collected by breaking rocks with a Pickaxe. Paladium Fragments are typically items you can farm near the banks of rivers in the world.

Leveling up enough to have the Statue of Power recipe can be done through basic actions taken throughout your adventure. For example, battling and catching some of the coolest early-game Pals will increase your level. Crafting items, exploring dungeons, and adding simpler structures to your base are also excellent ways to gain experience in Palworld.

How to Use a Statue of Power in Palworld

Palworld Statue of Power capture power increase buff through sacrificing rare Lifmunk Effigies

Using a Statue of Power bolsters the base stats of Pals on your team, but only specific scores you choose to boost on an individual creature. The Attack, Defense, Work Speed, and Max HP of your Pals can be improved by 3% when you spend Pal Souls. These Souls are found in golden chests scattered in dungeons across Palworld‘s map for you to find along with other loot.

The first stat buff from the Statue of Power will cost one Small Pal Soul, but further increases will cost more expensive Souls. Spending Gold in the Reset Section can refund Pal Souls you have already used.

Using Lifmunk Effigies at a Statue of Power can make capture rates higher overall for every Pal you encounter in the wild. Finding an Effigy can be difficult, since hundreds of these collectibles are in hidden places on your map. Managing to obtain at least one or two from different dungeons in Palworld can make the Statue of Power you build have even more uses than just a stat bonus.

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January 19, 2024

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