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How C.T.’s Betrayal Of Phaedra Could Win Him The Traitors Season 2

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  • C.T. and Phaedra formed a strong bond early on in The Traitors season 2, but C.T. made a strategic move to vote her out.
  • Phaedra’s background in non-competitive reality TV led her to take C.T.’s gameplay personally, causing tension in their friendship.
  • With Phaedra banished, C.T. now has a clear path to victory as the Faithful work together to identify the remaining Traitor.



The Traitors season 2 has seen a friendship develop between The Challenge legend Chris “C.T.” Tamburello and RHOA alum Phaedra Parks, but his betrayal of her in the last episodes of the series could be the move that wins him the game. The unlikely pair bonded early on in their time in the castle, meeting up on the first day of The Traitors season 2 to compare notes about the other players. While C.T. has been a Challenge legend for the last two decades, Phaedra has moved from The Real Housewives Of Atlanta to Married To Medicine in recent years.

After the pair struck up their unlikely friendship, it was clear they would be protective of each other. Phaedra, who was one of the original Traitors in the game, consistently knew to keep C.T. in the game, if not to throw suspicion on him, then to let him win money for the prize pot in the more physical missions. While C.T. appears to be a more physical player in the game, he’s been a strategist on The Challenge for nearly his entire time on the show. After heavy speculation, C.T. had to turn on Phaedra to advance in the game.


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C.T. And Phaedra Bonded Quickly In The Castle

The Traitors US Season 2 Phaedra

In the initial moments of the game, C.T. and Phaedra bonded over their speculation on who the Traitors would be. Before the cast met with host Alan Cumming to discuss the possibility of becoming Traitors, the pair took to the breakfast nook to sus out the competition. Sharing laughs, it was clear that they were going to get along both in the game and out of it. C.T., who has been known for his physical performance on The Challenge for ages, found Phaedra to be smart and interesting and was hopeful he’d be able to work with her moving forward.

As A Traitor, Phaedra Protected C.T. In The Turret

The Traitors US

When Phaedra was made a Traitor, she knew that having an ally like C.T. would be beneficial to her game. As a Traitor, she worked hard to keep assets in the game, people who could be physically strong and take on leadership roles in missions. While C.T. was a strong player, he also had a bit of suspicion on him in the castle. She knew it would be smart to keep him around for the game. When C.T.’s name came up in the Traitors turret, which wasn’t frequent, she advocated to keep him safe rather than letting him get murdered.

C.T. Began To Be Suspicious Of Phaedra’s Motives

After some time in the castle, C.T. was able to observe each of the other players’ games more closely. While Big Brother’s Dan Gheesling and Survivor’s Parvati Shallow were both somewhat more obvious Traitors, C.T. didn’t have much suspicion on Phaedra until after the pair were both banished from the game. Instead, he’d focused on physical missions that would earn the prize pot money, and doing his best to keep himself safe in the game. While most of the men in the castle were on Peter Weber’s side, C.T. was aligned with more of the women in the deceptive game.

Another Challenge legend, Trishelle Cannatella, was working alongside Peter but did her best to confer with C.T. so they could keep each other safe. Trishelle had a strong suspicion after Parvati left the game that Phaedra was a Traitor, and she explained that she wanted C.T. to go along with her and cast a vote to get Phaedra banished. While C.T. wasn’t certain he believed Trishelle, C.T. decided he didn’t have much to lose in the game. He tried to get other Faithful on board, feeling like there was a chance Phaedra was one of the last remaining Traitors.

C.T. Voted For Phaedra, Taking The First Strike

The Traitors' Phaedra Parks with shots of cast members at the roundtable behind her
Custom Image by César García

During the last round table, C.T. cast his vote for Phaedra to be banished. There was a large divide between Phaedra and Peter, with the Faithful in a struggle about who would be banished. While C.T. had originally been ready to vote for Peter, Trishelle was convincing enough to get him to change his vote for Phaedra. During the round table, he explained that there was too much evidence against her not to vote for her. Unfortunately, Peter was the person taken out of the game during the banishment, leaving those who voted for him shocked when he was Faithful.

C.T. Tried To Be Upfront With Phaedra

Montage Of The Traitors Season 3 Cast Member
Custom Image By César García

After the round table, C.T. tried to be straightforward with Phaedra about his vote. The division in their backgrounds came into play, as C.T. didn’t think voting for Phaedra was a personal move in any way. Used to games of strategy and betrayal, C.T. understood that in order to move forward in the game, he had to take out someone he believed to be a Traitor. Phaedra, unfortunately, comes from a background of unstructured, non-competitive reality TV. This isn’t an issue, but the way Phaedra has acted throughout the game has made things difficult for the more strategic game players.

As someone who doesn’t have a background in reality TV competition, Phaedra has been more prone to taking things personally on The Traitors season 2. When C.T. cast his vote, Phaedra felt that could have something to do with their friendship. The Challenge veteran did his best to explain that he was simply playing the game, and while Phaedra tried to make it seem like he was okay about the shift, it was clear that she felt betrayed by C.T. choosing to vote for her. Phaedra was banished from the castle in the next round table by a near-unanimous vote.

With Phaedra Banished, C.T. Has The End In Sight

With Phaedra having been banished from The Traitors season 2, C.T. officially has an easy path to the end with a win in sight. The majority of the Faithful have been convinced that the cast has one more Traitor left in the game, and the only remaining Traitor, Kate Chastain, has not been doing well in hiding her new role. With C.T. leading the charge as the Faithful work toward the end of the game, it seems likely that if the Faithful ban together with C.T. leading the way, they’ll be able to take the win in the end.

The Traitors

airs new episodes each Thursday at 9 p.m. EST on Peacock.

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