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Han So-hee’s 8 Best K-Dramas, Ranked


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  • Han So-hee’s breakout role was in the k-drama “The World of the Married”, where she showcased her ability to tackle darker, thrilling material.
  • In the popular romantic k-drama “Nevertheless”, Han So-hee delivered a standout performance as Yoo Na-bi, a young woman who no longer believes in love.
  • In the thriller crime series “My Name”, Han So-hee impressed audiences with her portrayal of Yoon Ji-woo, a young woman seeking vengeance after her father’s death.



In the world of k-dramas, actress Han So-hee is quite accomplished, and for this reason, she has been a part of some truly great projects, from The World of Princes to Nevertheless, but which shows could be considered her best k-dramas? Han So-hee began her acting career in 2016 when she appeared in the band SHINee’s music video, “Tell Me What To Do.” From there, the South Korean actress earned a minor role in a k-drama that quickly developed into several supporting roles, and finally, main parts in popular k-drama series. In 2023, So-hee made her first film debut in the movie, Heavy Snow.

In just a few years, Han So-hee has really proven herself to be a star in the k-drama world. In total, So-hee has appeared in ten k-dramas and web series, and eight of these ten can be considered her best k-drama series so far. While some of these projects showcased her ability less well than others, in total, these are all k-dramas that have gained popularity among audiences or been especially important for Han So-hee’s career. In this way, they are the best for audiences to watch, and also the best for Han So-hee.

8 Reunited Worlds

Lee Seo-won

Han So-hee as Lee Seo-won in k-drama Reunited Worlds

It would be nearly impossible to discuss Han So-hee’s best k-dramas without mentioning the first project she ever worked on, Reunited Worlds. In 2017, So-hee portrayed the minor role of Lee Seo-won on this show. Reunited Worlds follows a young man who is tragically killed on his 19th birthday, but comes back to life 12 years later, and reunites with his past girlfriend, who intends to figure out what happened to her partner. Han So-hee’s role in particular was that of the main character’s brother’s girlfriend. Though her role was small, Reunited Worlds is where she truly got her start.

7 Money Flower

Yoon Seo-won

Han So-hee as Yoon Seo-won in k-drama Money Flower

Another k-drama that premiered in 2017 with Han So-hee in the cast was Money Flower. This series follows a man intent on avenging his family by rising to the top of an important business, however, his desires quickly get in the way of his plans. In the series, Han So-hee plays the supporting character, Yoon Seo-won. She is the secret girlfriend of the business’ scion, and also, a former information desk employee. Money Flower is a grittier k-drama that not only shows a darker side to Han So-hee’s career, but is also a clear step up from her start at Reunited Worlds.

6 100 Days My Prince

Kim So-hye

Han So-hee as Kim So-hye in 100 Days My Prince

One of the last k-dramas Han So-hee appeared in as a supporting character was 2018’s 100 Days My Prince. In it, she plays the character, Kim So-hye. 100 Days My Prince is a historical k-drama series that follows a crown prince that accidentally falls off a cliff and loses his memory for 100 days. In that time, he meets the young woman at the head of Joseon’s first detective agency. In 100 Days My Prince, Han So-hee’s character is the crown prince’s wife, who enters into a relationship with her father’s hired killer. With such a dramatic role, this k-drama is on the precipice of So-hee’s big break.

5 Soundtrack #1

Lee Eun-soo

Soundtrack #1

In 2022, Han So-hee starred in a Korean web series that streamed on Disney+ called Soundtrack #1. The series tells the story of two best friends, Lee Eun-soo and Han Seon-woo, who have known each other for approximately 20 years. However, when the two must live together for two weeks, they suddenly see a new side of each other. Han So-hee’s character, Lee Eun-soo is a lyricist. Although Soundtrack #1 is not mind-blowing in terms of its friends-to-lovers k-drama romance or its plot, it is still a sweet series that showcases So-hee’s ability to play a nice and likable romantic interest.

4 Gyeongseong Creature

Yoon Chae-ok

Flashforward to 2023 and Han So-hee has found her place as a certifiable k-drama lead in Gyeongseong Creature. The historical sci-fi k-drama takes place in 1945 in Gyeongseong, now known as Seoul, during the Japanese occupation of Korea. Two young adults face off against a strange creature in order to survive. In the series, So-hee plays Yoon Chae-ok, the female lead who is a specialist in finding missing people. With such a unique premise, and a cliffhanger ending that sets up season 2, Gyeongseong Creature is a testament to So-hee’s success in the k-drama world.

3 The World of The Married

Yeo Da-kyung

Han So-hee as Yeo Da-kyung in The World of the Married

The k-drama that saw Han So-hee’s first main role was 2020’s The World of the Married. Based on the BBC series, Doctor Foster, The World of the Married follows a beloved doctor and his aspiring director wife as their marriage falls apart due to the husband’s infidelity. Han So-hee plays Yeo Da-kyung, the woman with whom the doctor cheats on his wife with. Like Money Flower, The World of the Married proves that Han So-hee can not only take on darker, more thrilling material, but also that she has what it takes to be a k-drama lead. Ultimately, this series also became the highest-rated drama in Korean cable TV history.

2 Nevertheless

Yoo Na-bi

A closeup of a man and womans face while the woman holds a paintbrush in front of them in the K-drama Nevertheless

Following the sordid tale of The World of the Married, in 2021 Han So-hee took a role in yet another dramatic romance called Nevertheless. The series follows Yoo Na-bi, a young woman who no longer believes in love, and Park Jae-eon, a young man who loves to flirt and refuses to settle down. Though the two avoid love and relationships at all costs, their undeniable connection makes it hard for them to stay away from each other. Nevertheless is an extremely popular romantic k-drama, and Han So-hee’s performance as Yoo Na-bi is great. This is definitely one of her standout performances.

1 My Name

Yoon Ji-woo

My Name K-drama

Finally, there is 2021’s My Name. This thriller crime series sees Han So-hee as Yoon Ji-woo, a young woman who is seeking vengeance after her father’s sudden death. As a result, she joins up with a local drug crime gang and becomes a mole for them in the police force. However, Yoon Ji-woo’s string of lies cannot protect her forever, and neither can her unstoppable anger. My Name is one of So-hee’s most unique projects because it is unlike everything she has done in the past. However, Han So-hee proves that, no matter what the genre, she can still awe audiences with an amazing k-drama performance.

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