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Gladiator 2’s Story Confirms Lucius Really Is Copying Russell Crowe’s Maximus


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  • Gladiator 2’s protagonist, Lucius, will have a very similar story to Maximus in the first film. Critics argue that this lack of originality may be a problem for the sequel.
  • Despite the potential risk, Lucius’ underdog story of regaining power and finding his mother may still resonate with audiences and be a fan-favorite.
  • One major difference between Lucius and Maximus is that Lucius has a living mother, which adds a different dynamic to the plot and may raise the stakes in Gladiator 2.



Though anticipation is high for Ridley Scott’s long-awaited sequel, Gladiator 2, a recent update on the film’s storyline reveals that, despite having a new main character, Gladiator 2’s protagonist, Lucius, will have a very similar story to Maximus in the first Gladiator movie. Gladiator is a historical epic film directed by Ridley Scott and released in 2000. The story follows Russell Crowe’s Maximus, a successful Roman general who, after being picked as the emperor’s heir over the emperor’s son, is sold into slavery and forced to become a common gladiator. However, his skills in the arena once again threaten the throne.

After more than 20 years, receiving a Gladiator sequel in Gladiator 2 is a major joy for fans of Ridley Scott and the original film. Gladiator was truly an epic of its time, acting as the peak of the 2000s love for sword-and-sandal movies. In this way, Gladiator 2 is already set up to succeed. However, the movie isn’t totally free of criticism. And in fact, the film has already raised some eyebrows with a recent update that reveals what exactly Lucius’ story will look like in Gladiator 2. At face value, it looks a bit too similar to what has already been done before.



Oh, Gladiator 2 Is Suddenly A Lot Less Exciting Now

Gladiator 2 is being touted as one of the most anticipated movies of 2024, and rightfully so, but one 2023 movie has made it a little less exciting.

Gladiator 2’s Lucius Story Is Almost Identical To Maxmius’ In The Original Movie

According to a short interview clip with Ridley Scott, released by Rotten Tomatoes on X, Gladiator 2’s Lucius seems to have a story that is quite similar to Maximus’ in 2000’s Gladiator. In the video, Scott explains that Lucius’ story begins after he has been stranded in the wilderness for 15 years. Apparently, at the age of 12 and after the events of Gladiator, Lucius is estranged from his mother, Lucilla, and is lost in the woods. Then, over a decade later, he returns to Rome, unsure of whether his mother is still alive, and seeking a new life after losing everything in the woods.

Paul Mescal of Normal People and Aftersun will portray Lucius in Gladiator 2.

Although the circumstances are different, Lucius’ story is nearly identical to Maximus’. At the start of Gladiator, Maximus is at the top of the world. He is the emperor’s best general, and he is on his way to becoming emperor himself. However, very suddenly, Maximus loses it all and is exiled to slavery instead. Thus, the rest of his story is focused on him regaining the power he once had and avenging his family. Lucius has a similar battle to face. After losing his place among Rome’s leaders, he must fight back against his traumatic circumstances to regain his title and find his mother once again.

Gladiator 2 Using Lucius To Retell Maxmius’ Story Is A Risk

Russell Crowe as Maximus looking weak and despondent in Gladiator.

Ultimately, having Lucius’ story be so similar to Maximus’ is a major risk for Gladiator 2. The most obvious reason for this is that Gladiator 2 could feel too much like the first Gladiator. While it is important for sequels to have the same essence of their preceding movie, it is also important for the sequel to raise the stakes. If the second movie tries to do exactly what the first movie did, then audiences will not be excited by what they’re seeing because they have already seen it before. When it comes to Gladiator 2, this could be a major problem. The movie needs to set itself apart.

But then again, there is something to be said for the storyline that Lucius and Maximus share. Both characters seem to have an underdog story. Despite being a slave and a gladiator, Maximus manages to rise through the ranks and take down his enemies. Although Lucius was exiled to the wilderness during his formative years, he will still try to win back his rightful place at the top. Ultimately, this is a storyline that is used often in cinema and is something of a fan-favorite. Audiences love to see down-on-their-luck characters overcome impossible odds. Therefore, Lucius’ story may be smarter than it seems.

Lucius’ Gladiator 2 Story Is Different To Maximus In 1 Major Way

Lucilla looking sideways in Gladiator

As much as Lucius and Maximus share similar story elements, there is one significant difference between the two characters’ plots. Namely, Lucius has family that Maximus never did. A major part of Maximus’ story is that his family was murdered, and this fuels him to be the intense fighter that he is. However, Lucius’ mother is alive, and this will motivate him in a different way. He will likely want to reunite with her, but also, his enemies will use her against him. In many ways, this changes the dynamics of Gladiator 2, and hopefully helps raise the stakes.

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