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Fool Me Once’s Most Suspicious Character Gets Passionate Defense From Book Author


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Warning: SPOILERS ahead for Fool Me Once!




  • Author Harlan Coben defends the suspicious character Shane in Fool Me Once, explaining his actions and role in the series.
  • Despite initial suspicion, it is revealed that Shane was not involved in the murders.
  • Coben’s explanation adds layers to the story and suggests Shane’s actions may have been those of a concerned friend or a suspicious investigator.

Harlan Coben, author of the source material for Netflix’s miniseries Fool Me Once, jumps to the defense of a suspicious character featured in the series. The show focuses on the widowed Maya Stern, who believes her murdered husband is still alive after seeing him in her home on nanny cam footage. As the mystery unfolds, the story becomes connected to another murder, alongside a plethora of characters with their own secrets.

Once of these Fool Me Once characters, Shane, gets a defense from Coben, who puts the story into his perspective.

The author lists off the number of issues Shane has to deal with, such as his role in the military police and Maya’s seemingly eccentric behavior. By listing off the number of issues he has to deal with, it becomes clear why he seemed so suspicious at first.

Shane’s Role In Fool Me Once Explained

This collage shows Maya with her hand on her mouth next to Shane, Judith, and Eva from Fool Me Once.

Shane’s mysterious behavior in Fool Me Once made him a possible suspect for what was transpiring throughout the series. His actions included stalking Maya by placing a tracker on her car and trying to control what she was doing. In the end, though, it turned out he wasn’t involved in either Joe or Claire’s murders, despite initial suspicion he was somehow involved.

While Coben’s explanation offers more context to what Shane was doing throughout the show, he could have instead directly expressed his concern for Maya’s investigation. However, it’s just as possible he was suspicious of her involvement in the murders, not wanting to directly confront her for his own safety. This adds layers to the story explaining his concerning actions while also offering a new perspective on them.

Either way, the ending of Fool Me Once establishes Shane was not involved in the murders, absolving him of any guilt. Coben’s explanation makes this even clearer, although it doesn’t fully explain if he was acting in the capacity of a concerned friend or a suspicious investigator. However, his actions make him a core red herring in the story, even if he was a suspicious actor until almost the very end.

Fool Me Once is available to stream on Netflix.

Source: Harlan Coben/Twitter

Fool Me Once Netflix TV Series Poster

Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once is a drama thriller television series based on the Harlan Coben book of the same name created by Danny Brocklehurst. Created for Netflix, the series follows the Stern family as they experience two murders that shake them to their core. However, closer investigation uncovers a strange connection between the two incidents, setting the family down a dangerous path to the truth.

Release Date
January 1, 2024

Michelle Keegan , Adeel Akhtar , Richard Armitage , Joanna Lumley



Danny Brocklehurst , Harlan Coben

Danny Brocklehurst

David Moore , Nimer Rashed

Danny Brocklehurst

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