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Fast & Furious 11 Shake-up Rumors Suggest Slashed Budget, No Jason Momoa and the End of Vin Diesel’s Run


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  • Fast 11 may be Vin Diesel’s last ride in the Fast and Furious franchise, hinting at an end to the series.
  • The next film is expected to have a smaller budget and return to the franchise’s roots, featuring one big heist or race.
  • The absence of Jason Momoa’s character from the sequel raises questions about how the story will progress after the cliffhanger ending of Fast X.

According to a new report, Fast 11 might be Vin Diesel’s last ride in the long-running Fast and Furious franchise. Rumors are also swirling that Fast X villain, Jason Momoa, will not be returning for the sequel, causing a lot of unanswered questions since the latest film in the saga ended on a big cliffhanger. While Fast X was at first reported to be split into three films to close out the franchise, with its disappointing box office results, there is also speculation that Universal will make Fast 11 the series’ final movie.

Based on a speculative report from Jeff Sneider (via The InSneider), the franchise will be going “back to basics” for the next film, following a $340 million dollar budget for Fast X. Fast 11 is expected to come in at “$200 million or less,” and will see the franchise return to its roots, featuring one big heist, or race. Sneider reports that this will be the “last job” for Vin Diesel, who has portrayed Dominic Toretto in every main Fast and Furious movie since its inception in 2001, even appearing in The Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift in a cameo role. Naturally, these rumors are just that until they gain any official comments from Universal, director Louis Leterrier or anyone involved in the production.

News from The InSneider also reveals that Universal may choose a new villain for Dom and his family, opting not to bring back Jason Momoa’s character of Dante Reyes. Reyes was the main antagonist for Fast X, who sought revenge on Dom and his crew following the events in Fast Five. Fast X’s cliffhanger ending saw Reyes trap Dom and his son in a dam wired with explosives, begging the question of how the next film will function without him?

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When Will Fast 11 Be Released?

Fast & Furious 10

Fast & Furious 10

Release Date
May 19, 2023

Less than a month after the release of Fast X in May 2023, Vin Diesel took to Instagram to share a photo of himself and Jason Momoa, revealing that Fast 11 has a release date of April 4, 2025. He stated in the post that Fast X was just part one, and how Momoa “ended up creating a scene stealing character.” Check out Diesel’s full post below:

In June 2023, Universal announced a new Fast and Furious spinoff movie that will star Dwayne Johnson, who will reprise his role of Luke Hobbs. In a mid-credit scene at the end of Fast X, a showdown was teased between Johnson and Momoa’s character of Reyes, meaning there could be a resolution to the end of Fast X before the release of Fast 11, as the Luke Hobbs spinoff is expected to premiere prior to the sequel, and serve as a bridge between the two. Titled Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Reyes, Johnson will work together with Diesel, who isn’t expected to appear in the film, but both will serve as executive producers.

In a post on X, Johnson revealed that he and Vin Diesel have put the past behind them, referring to their public feud, and that the pair will lead “with brotherhood and resolve.” He also said that he’s built a career on an “audience first mentality” which will aid him with the new Luke Hobbs film. Check out Dwayne Johnson’s full post on X:

Given this new report, it remains to be seen how all the pieces will fit together to bring closure to the Fast and Furious franchise if the rumors all turn out to be true, but whatever happens, audiences will still have a couple of more films to enjoy, and satiate their high-octane fix.

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