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Fans React to Movie Trailer Haunting the Internet, Teases Mysterious NEON Horror Film


by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • NEON’s mysterious horror film trailer has created suspense and excitement among fans of the genre online.
  • The teaser is arguably for the film Longlegs, and it showcases a clever and atmospheric marketing approach.
  • If this proves to be Longlegs, the film features Nicolas Cage portraying a serial killer.

“Every year there is another.” That’s the tagline accompanying NEON’s mysterious new horror film trailer, which dropped on social media. Yes, the company is being very cryptic about the nameless movie in the 37-second teaser, which is currently haunting the internet with its mystifying footage. But the majority of genre fans are reacting positively to the suspenseful marketing ploy. Check out the brand-new video below:

After viewing the footage, it’s a safe bet to assume this is NEON’s first teaser for their 2024 horror film Longlegs. After all, the final shot in the trailer is that of a pair of long legs. If it is Longlegs, though, it’s an even more ingenious advertising scheme than originally thought because it doesn’t feature the film’s big star: Nicolas Cage. Regardless, fans are riveted by the almost aloof and atmospheric approach used to promote the movie. @Layna-eh5bd wrote in the comments on YouTube:

As someone who adores horror movies, this genuinely makes me so excited. I love a disturbing but open-ended trailer. The way it is made makes it way more disturbing, and I can’t wait for the whole movie!

Another YouTuber points out that NEON’s less-is-more approach to the nameless horror film’s trailer actually made this one of the user’s must-sees of 2024. @ChristopherPrescott90 writes:

“More studios should take note. I know nothing about this project, yet this teaser, which literally features TWO images, has just bumped it to my 2024 must-see list. I love when a studio is confident enough to take the ‘less is more’ approach because it tells me they have enough confidence in the project itself as to not completely oversell and spoil it before it even makes it to the big screen.”

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Is This Really the Teaser for Longlegs?

NEON Horror Movie

NEON is known for many horror films, but they’re being very coy about this new trailer, which may or may not be teasing Nicolas Cage’s Longlegs. In the psychological thriller, Cage portrays a serial killer who has eluded capture to this point in his nefarious career, but FBI Agent Lee Harker is hot on his trail. Harker is played by none other than Maika Monroe (It Follows, Greta, Independence Day: Resurgence). But if the wonderfully suspenseful footage is from Longlegs, NEON doesn’t reveal either Cage or Monroe in the trailer. Regardless, the mysterious marketing ploy seems to have won over the fans. @frantick writes:

I have no idea what this was but that was bone chilling

@josephdiforte7762 adds:

I wanna know who did that music, it’s f—ing creepy as shit

Perhaps the most interesting bit of commentary comes from @ericortiz7443, who suggests this might be a teaser for another of Monroe’s films, They Follow, which is the sequel to It Follows. However, other YouTubers quickly argued for the validity of this being first-look footage at Longlegs. @reuben03 writes:

IDK man that word at the end translates into longlegs perfectly.

@toddpinkstonisgod adds:

“…nah dude, it’s Longlegs. It’s gonna be a horror-thriller, Oz Perkins the director is a horror guy (Blackcoat’s Daughter, Gretel & Hansel, etc), there’s a long shot here of someone with LONG LEGS (get it?), and the cipher at the end is eight characters long and the two repeating letters in Longlegs (L and G) have the same symbols…easy to decode. It’s Longlegs, get over it!”

Longlegs is expected to drop later in 2024, and it will also star Alicia Witt (Urban Legend, Two Weeks Notice, 88 Minutes) and Blair Underwood (Sex and the City, Deep Impact, Madea’s Family Reunion). Oz Perkins (Gretel & Hansel, I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House) serves as the horror movie’s writer and director.

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