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Every Upcoming & Rumored Conjuring Movie (What’s Next For The Conjurverse?)


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  • The next movie in The Conjuring franchise is confirmed as The Conjuring 4, titled The Conjuring: Last Rites, and is currently in development.
  • A television series set within The Conjuring universe is also in development for Warner Bros.’ Max streaming service.
  • While there is no official confirmation, there are rumors of a potential fourth Annabelle film, but no details or release plans have been announced yet.



Whatever the next movie in The Conjuring franchise is will always be among the most anticipated upcoming horror releases, as the hit horror shared universe from James Wan continues to draw in new fans with its intricate lore and interconnected storytelling. Alongside the main trilogy of The Conjuring movies focusing on Ed and Lorraine Warren (Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga), the Conjurverse has spawned two spin-off series — the trilogy of Annabelle films, and the equally terrifying The Nun and The Nun II. There’s also the standalone spin-off The Curse of La Llorona, making for a grand total of nine Conjuring movies so far, and more are planned.

It’s unsurprising that WB and New Line are still planning new Conjuring movies. The third Annabelle movie — Annabelle: Creation — took the Conjurverse over the $1 billion mark at the global box office, and current numbers show that interest in the franchise remains strong. 2021’s The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It proved to be a hit too, as did 2023’s The Nun II. As a proven hit for Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema, it’s clear that the studios are far from done with the Conjurverse, as The Conjuring 4 is confirmed and on the way — and it’s not the only upcoming Conjuring project either.


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The Conjuring: Last Rites

The Conjuring 4 Is Confirmed As The Next Conjurverse Movie

Ed and Lorraine Warren in The Conjuring

The next upcoming Conjuring movie is The Conjuring 4, which has the full title of The Conjuring: Last Rites. The movie was confirmed in October 2022 and features a script by David Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick. It could “potentially wrap up” the story of the Warrens according to James Wan (via Collider). So far, there’s no scheduled release date for Last Rites, but it’s widely expected that The Conjuring 4 will be released sometime in 2025.

No specifics are known about the story details for the new Conjuring movie other than it will follow another supernatural case for the Warrens. The only cast members confirmed to appear are Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. It’s not clear if anyone else from the other Conjurverse movies’ casts will join them. While it might be the last story for the Warrens, that doesn’t mean there won’t be other upcoming Conjuring movies, as the franchise could continue on the big screen with any number of the other characters and supernatural beings introduced.

Since each new Conjuring movie is based on real-life high-profile cases that the Warrens have investigated, speculation on The Conjuring 4‘s story has run rampant. That being said, the most likely cases that The Conjuring 4 could cover would be the Smurl haunting or the Snedeker house. The Snedeker house was investigated in 1986, and was a funeral home that was said to be crawling with demons, resulting in a family being haunted. The Smurl haunting was a similar case, with Jack and Janet Smurl reporting that there was a demon living in their house until 1989. Either way, The Conjuring 4 is sure to follow all things that go bump in the night.


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The Conjuring TV Show

The Conjurverse Is Heading To The Small Screen Too

Ed and Lorraine Warren looking scared in The Conjuring

A television series set within The Conjuring universe is also in development in addition to the next Conjuring movie. Not a lot of details have been revealed about the project yet, but it is an original series for the streamer Max (formerly HBO Max). James Wan and Peter Safran are both in talks to produce The Conjuring TV series, but it’s not clear how involved either of them would be in the details of the show.

The only story detail about the Conjuring streaming series is that it will “continue the story established in the feature films.” With a film franchise that features demonic entities appearing as nuns, evil dolls, and a husband and wife team investigating hauntings, it’s not clear which feature films will be directly related to the series. There’s been no talk of writers or cast yet either, however, neither of those aspects will likely be resolved until after the Writer’s Guild strike has concluded. As a result, it’s likely the series won’t premiere until at least 2025.


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The Nun 3?

A Sequel To The Nun 2 Is Still Uncertain

The most recent Conjuring movie to hit theaters was The Nun II in 2023. As yet, there hasn’t been any word on whether it will be followed up by The Nun 3 or not. The Nun II post-credit scene appeared to be setting up The Conjuring 4 rather than the next The Nun movie (although either way, it didn’t give away any plot details).

The Nun II director Mike Chavez spoke to GamesRadar around the release of the movie and indicated that — from his perspective at least — there’s room for the feared demon Valak to return in The Nun 3. Whether it will move ahead or not is uncertain, although if The Conjuring 4 is a box-office hit, the chances of The Nun 3 happening will likely be much higher.


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A New Annabelle?

There’s No Annabelle 4 Confirmed Yet

There’s no official word on whether a new Annabelle movie is in development, so Annabelle Comes Home could very well be the last movie in The Conjuring spin-off series. However, Peter Safran has appeared open to the prospect of the movie happening, and there have indeed been rumors of a fourth film in the Conjurverse’s most successful offshoot. If so, it would either have to take place before Annabelle Comes Home, or it would need to find another way for the doll to escape the Warrens’ occult museum and wreak havoc once again.

The Canceled Devil Made Me Do It Spin-Off

David Osborne’s Demon Isn’t Getting Its Own Conjuring Movie

David Glatzel in The Conjuring 3

The Conjuring 3 was originally intended to continue the trend set by the first two movies by launching a new spinoff through a now-deleted demon character. The Conjuring did it with Annabelle, and The Conjuring 2 did it with The Nun, so a plan was in place for The Devil Made Me Do It to spawn yet another Conjuring spin-off. The writers conceived a demon (played by Davis Osborne) for the new Conjuring movie that they believed would be perfect for a standalone story in the Conjurverse.

Unlike Eugenia Bondurant’s Occultist, the proposed demon character was inspired by the real-life “Devil Made Me Do It” case. He was supposedly one of the evil spirits heard on the David Glatzel exorcism tape. If included, the demon would have filled a co-antagonist role alongside Occultist, but this idea was ultimately scrapped. The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It director Michael Chaves said that rather than use both and risk the story being too complex, they decided to commit to one human villain.

Chaves’ comments reveal that scenes with Davis Osborne’s demon were shot but had to be cut, with Osborne getting a bit role as a prison infirmary patient in its place. However, the character could theoretically appear in a future Conjurverse movie or in the upcoming Conjuring series.

The Canceled Crooked Man Movie

The Creepy Conjuring Character Isn’t Getting His Own Film

The Crooked Man in The Conjuring 2

The Nun wasn’t the only project spawned from the Warrens’ trip to London and the battle with Valak in The Conjuring 2. There was also The Crooked Man, which is based on the creature of the same name that came to life from a music box during the movie. James Wan and Conjurverse producer Peter Safran were both said to be involved in making The Crooked Man, which Wan likened to a “dark fairytale” story. However, Wan confirmed in 2022 that The Crooked Man had been canceled.

At one point, The Crooked Man was an incredibly anticipated new Conjuring movie. In 2017, it was said to still be in the early stages. According to Safran, The Nun took priority over The Crooked Man, but the project ended up being scrapped altogether. It’s unclear why The Crooked Man was never made, but Wan did hint that the decision was outside his control. Chances are studios axed the movie, with early responses being they didn’t want to move forward with production without a good story.

Whatever happens with the next Conjuring movie, it seems unlikely that series creator James Wan will return to the director’s chair. In 2016, he publicly stated that he would not be directing another Conjuring movie due to scheduling conflicts. Wan’s busy slate could also help to explain why there has been little public development on upcoming Conjurverse movies. But like a good horror villain, it is likely The Conjuring will keep coming back again and again, and the franchise doesn’t seem to be tailing off any time soon.


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