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Every Union Member & Their Abilities Explained

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  • The Union in
    Undead Unluck
    is initially portrayed as antagonistic but is actually a heroic force working to defy the rules imposed by God.
  • Each member of the Union possesses a unique Negator ability that allows them to negate specific rules of the world and enhance their fighting style.
  • Undead Unluck
    stands out as an inventive manga in Weekly Shonen Jump with creative fights that showcase the full potential of each character’s abilities. The anime adaptation on Hulu is expected to highlight this creativity.



Warning: Contains MAJOR spoilers for Undead Unluck.The Union is the major force the heroes of Undead Unluck belong to. While initially presented as an antagonistic organization, it soon becomes apparent that they’re all meant to be heroic, and it’s only through their efforts that the world can escape the rules arbitrarily imposed on it by God.

Undead Unluck
is a manga series written and illustrated by Yoshifumi Tozuka, serialized on
Weekly Shonen Jump
from January 2020. An anime adaptation started airing in October 2023 on Hulu.

Naturally, every member of the Union in Undead Unluck is a Negator, a person granted the ability to negate specific rules about the world. Negator abilities are classified into self-targeting types and external-targeting types, and a person’s abilities can be further enhanced by their perceptions of how the rules and limitations of their powers work.

Undead Unluck's Andy shoots his finger while Fuuko clings to his back.

When all of that is combined with a variety of weapons and fighting styles, every Negator both in and out of the Union ends up with an incredibly unique fighting style, and it makes the action in the series some of the most unique to come out of a Weekly Shonen Jump manga in years.


Shonen Jump’s Most Underrated Manga Completely Reinvents Power Systems

Chapter 152 of Undead Unluck adds a whole other dynamic to an already innovative power system that leaves many others like it in the dust.

Fuuko Izumo is Undead Unluck’s Hero

Debuted Chapter 1 of the Manga & Episode 1 of the Anime

The first Union member to discuss is Fuuko Izumo, Rank X in the Union and the protagonist of Undead Unluck. Fuuko’s Negator ability, Unluck, causes misfortune to befall anyone who touches her, with the degree of misfortune changing depending on how much affection she holds for the target, and she eventually develops her Unluck to work on inanimate objects and manifest in ways specifically catered to her needs, as well. After entering the 101st loop, Fuuko becomes the leader of the Union and eventually becomes the best fighter out of the main cast, even mastering Shen’s Shin Hakkyoku fighting style.

Andy is Undead Unluck’s Deuteragonist

Debuted Chapter 1 of the Manga & Episode 1 of the Anime

Following Fuuko is Andy, Rank IX in the Union and the deuteragonist of Undead Unluck. As implied by the title of the series, Andy’s Negator ability is Undead; Undead allows Andy to regenerate from any wound, and he’s able to use this in combat by using the force of his regeneration to fire off body parts as projectiles, fly with jets of blood, and harden his blood into weapons, among other things.

It’s eventually revealed that Andy is the amnesiac alternate personality of Victor, one of the original co-founders of the Union and the former lover of its original leader, Juiz.

Julia U. Stitia (Juiz) is The Original Leader Of The Union

Debuted Chapter 8 of the Manga & Episode 5 of the Anime

Juiz wearing a helmet in episode 5 of Undead Unluck.

The original Rank I in the Union is Juiz, who also first founded the Union alongside Victor to combat God. Juiz’s Negator ability is Unjustice, which forces a person to do things that act in direct opposition to their sense of justice, and she also wields a sword that’s been enhanced with fire powers by the UMA Burn. Juiz has used the artifact Ark to travel to new time loops whenever the Union fails to kill God, but circumstances force her to give her seat to Fuuko for the 101st and—due to a lack of energy—final use of Ark near the end of the Ragnarok arc.

Shen Xiang is The Strongest In All Creation

Debuted Chapter 2 of the Manga & Episode 2 of the Anime

Shen Xiang smiles against a blue sky backdrop in Undead Unluck.

Rank II in the Union is Shen Xiang, an eccentric martial artist who desires to be the “strongest in all creationso he can defeat his former master, Feng Kowloon, and avenge his sister. In addition to being a master of the Shin Hakkyoku fighting style, Shen’s Negator ability, Untruth, forces anyone he looks at to move in the opposite manner to which they thought about moving, but only if the target is someone Shen is fond of.


Undead Unluck’s Biggest Manga Flaw Will Make It the Perfect Anime

Undead Unluck is unique because it would actually benefit from filler episodes should the manga ever receive an anime adaptation. Here’s why.

Shen dies during the Four Seasons arc, but he’s revived as a zombie, and Untruth, along with his position in the Union, is transferred over to his assistant and lover Mui.

Billy Alfred is The Kindhearted Traitor Of The Union

Debuted Chapter 8 of the Manga & Episode 5 of the Anime

Billy Alfred wears sunglasses and holds a gun in Undead Unluck.

Rank III in the Union is Billy Alfred, a blind man with a jovial attitude who acts as a surrogate father to fellow Union member, Tatiana. While Billy’s Negator ability was originally thought to be Unbelievable, which gave him an incredible skill for ricocheting bullets, that was just natural talent, and his true ability is Unfair, which allows him to copy the Negator abilities of any Negator who hates him. Billy is also secretly the leader of Under, another organization of Negators who oppose the Union to enact their own goals, although Billy only formed it so the Union wouldn’t have to die fighting God.

Phil Hawkins is The Emotionless Child Of The Union

Debuted Chapter 8 of the Manga & Episode 5 of the Anime

Phil Hawkins in Undead Unluck sucks his thumb while sitting at a table.

Rank IV in the Union is Phil Hawkins, an emotionless boy whose body appears to be entirely mechanical. Phil’s Negator ability, Unfeel, negates anything Phil might feel, including his own emotions, and with his body fused with the artifact Entruster, he’s able to fight with a variety of weaponry such as lasers and swords, with Phil suffering no drawbacks thanks to Unfeel circumventing the emotional toll of Entruster.

Phil is largely out of focus for a lot of the story, but the 101st loop does give him a larger role in the overall plot, including an exploration of his backstory.

Tatiana is The Union’s Untouchable Juggernaut

Debuted Chapter 8 of the Manga & Episode 5 of the Anime

Tatiana's giant eye looms in a black void in Undead Unluck.

Rank V in the Union is Tatiana, a young girl who was sold off by the mafia after her Negator abilities manifested and becomes something of a surrogate daughter to Billy. Tatiana’s Negator ability, Untouchable, projects an invisible barrier around her that pushes things away with incredible speed and force, and because it can’t be turned off, Tatiana needs to stay in a special suit of armor at all times to suppress her power that also acts as a fighting mech suit. At the time of writing, Tatiana is the only member of the Union to have not reappeared during the 101st loop and whose whereabouts are unknown.

Isshin (Haruka Yamaoka) is The Union’s Personal Blacksmith

Debuted Chapter 8 of the Manga & Episode 5 of the Anime

Isshin in his suit or armor seated at a table in Undead Unluck.

Rank VI in the Union is Isshin, a samurai-like person whose true identity is a shy, muscular woman named Haruka Yamaoka. Haruka’s Negator ability is Unbreakable, which makes anything she creates indestructible so long as she believes in herself, and Unbreakable is unique in that it is inherited exclusively by the people in her family, with Haruka being the 13th Isshin in her introduction.


Undead Unluck’s Hero Has Become The Manga’s True Villain

In chapter 110 of Undead Unluck, Undead Andy has no choice but to destroy the dreams of his on-and-off enemies and to abandon his friends.

Haruka’s role in the Union was taken by her grandfather, the 12th Isshin, in the 101st loop, but recent chapters had a teenage version of Haruka rejoin the Union as the 13th Isshin, once more.

Top Bull Sparx is The Union’s Speedster

Debuted Chapter 8 of the Manga & Episode 5 of the Anime

Top Bull Sparx sitting in a large chair and looking serious in Undead Unluck.

Rank VII in the Union is Top Bull Sparx, an energetic young boy with a surprising amount of maturity despite being younger than Fuuko. Top’s Negator ability, Unstoppable, allows him to run at super speed, but he can’t stop himself without first suffering an injury and making his body go through a dramatic change in shape, and he also has a special suit of armor that allows him to run thousands of kilometers per second without hurting himself.

While Top was initially absent from the 101st loop, he reappeared in recent chapters to help with the fight against UMA Beast.

Nico Vorgeil is The Union’s Resident Mad Scientist

Debuted Chapter 4 of the Manga & Episode 5 of the Anime

Nico Vorgeil in Undead Unluck using his fingers to force himself to smile.

Rank VIII in the Union is Nico Vorgeil, who also heads the laboratory of the Union. Nico’s Negator ability, Unforgettable, makes it impossible for him to forget anything from the moment it manifests, and that, unfortunately, happened right at the moment his wife died, making him unable to forget every detail of her dead expression.

Nico also uses his incredible intellect to fight with metal spheres that can do things like levitate and shoot lasers at people. Like Phil, Nico was initially a minor character, but he takes on a larger role in the 101st loop as one of Fuuko’s first recruits in the Union.

Chikara Shigeno is The Union’s New Recruit

Debuted Chapter 23 of the Manga & Episode 12 of the Anime

Chikara using Unmove and stopping a series of bullets in Undead Unluck.

The last Negator to join the Union in the 100th loop, and Rank XI in the Union, is Chikara Shigeno. Chikara is initially encountered by Fuuko and Andy when he tries to escape a black market auction of Negators and UMAs, and after working with them in a fight against Under, Chikara agrees to join the Union in their fight against God.

Chikara’s Negator ability, Unmove, allows him to freeze anything in his line of sight in place so long as he stays perfectly still, and because of his skittish nature, it’s initially hard for him to make any use of his ability.

Gina Chamber is The Union’s Most Tragic Member

Debuted Chapter 4 of the Manga & Episode 3 of the Anime

One of the deceased members of the Union is Gina Chamber, a woman who, despite looking and acting like a teenager, is well into her 60s. Gena’s Negator ability, Unchange, allows her to fix non-living things in place, and she uses her ability to create indestructible barriers and invisible weapons to attack people with.

Unfortunately Gina was killed in the early stages of the story so Fuuko and Andy could join the Union, but she ends up being one of Fuuko’s first recruits in the 101st loop, with the Union now structured in a way where people can join even if there aren’t any open seats at the Roundtable.

Void Volks is The Union’s Heavyweight Champion

Debuted Chapter 2 of the Manga & Episode 2 of the Anime

Void Volks in Undead Unluck has his eyes glowing as he stands in front of a bridge.

Another deceased member of the Union is Void Volks, a former heavyweight boxing champion who accidentally killed an opponent when his ability first manifested. Void’s Negator ability, Unavoidable, makes it impossible for an opponent to move out of the way when he takes a fighting stance, and he wears special armor to further increase his power, as well. Like Gena, Void was killed early in the story to make room for Fuuko and Andy in the Union, but he reappears in the 101st loop with more characterization and an extended role, and just like Gena, he won’t need to die to make room for new recruits.

Ichico Nemuri is The Union’s Fallen Scientist

Debuted Chapter 106 of the Manga

Ichico Nemuri manga panel where she is grinning with her eyes covered.

The last deceased member of the Union is Ichico Nemuri, a former member of the Union’s laboratory and Nico’s wife. Ichico’s Negator ability, Unsleep, forces her to be awake at all times, and while that might be useful for conducting research, the physical toll that took on Ichico eventually killed her sometime before the beginning of the story.

In the 101st loop, however, the introduction of the UMA Ghost allows people to gain the ability to astral project their souls, and whenever Ichico does so, her body can receive rest, thus avoiding the circumstances that led to her death in the previous loop.

Who Is Undead Unluck’s Strongest Union Member?

Undead Unluck’s Negators are All Strong, But Who is the Most Powerful?

Undead Unluck's Fuuko and other Union members pose against a blue backdrop.

Undead Unluck‘s Union features a wide variety of Negators, and that begs the question of who stands out as the strongest. Characters like Shen and Billy are incredibly powerful through their mastery of their Negator abilities, and if the Union in the 101st loop is taken into account, then someone like Rip is also a top contender thanks to the versatility of Unrepair. Andy has also repeatedly gotten stronger thanks to an ever-growing understanding of Undead, and thanks to his newfound control over his soul, Andy is even strong enough to hold his own against the Superior Rules.

Fuuko’s mastery of Unluck, combined with her martial arts skills, make her the most versatile Negator in the Union

Of all the Union members in Undead Unluck, the one who’s undoubtedly the strongest is Fuuko Izumo. While people like Andy and Shen might be better fighters than Fuuko, Fuuko’s mastery of Unluck, combined with her martial arts skills, make her the most versatile Negator in the Union, and she’s at the point where the Superior Rules are the only characters she can’t handle singlehandedly.

Recent developments have Fuuko poised to become even stronger by developing an even deeper understanding of Unluck, and once that happens, it will likely be even easier to see her as Undead Unluck‘s strongest Negator.

Undead Unluck releases new episodes Fridays on Hulu.

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