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Every TV Series Coming to Peacock in February 2024


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by Xtreme HD IPTV

Every month, we are treated to a plethora of newly released TV shows, many of which run for a few months before being put on hold. While there are many streaming services available these days, each platform caters to a specific type of audience. Peacock features an array of iconic TV shows from NBC and Bravo, as well as a few originals each month.

These often range from crime mysteries to soap operas, but viewers are also treated to weekly sports like the PGA Tour, Big Ten Basketball, and Six Nations Ruby. In January 2024, the streamer released series such as the successful Night Court, Ted, and The Traitors. As it is a tradition, we have several more exciting additions planned for the following month. To that end, here is the list of every TV series coming to Peacock in February 2024.

Kings from Queens: The Run DMC Story

Streaming Feb. 1

King from Queens: The Run DMC Story is an upcoming three-part docuseries about one of the most influential rap groups of all time, Run DMC. This never-before-told story will follow Joseph Simmons, Darryl McDaniels, and Jason Mizell following their fateful encounter on the streets of Queens. The trio would eventually go on to create one of the most overlooked genres of music: rap rock.

Their influence in the 1980s was highly influential, breaking racial barriers, bringing music lovers together, and garnering immense international acclaim. However, the band experienced various changes following a few occurrences, including the murder of their DJ. Nevertheless, the band remained together until 2002, occasionally reuniting until 2012. The new docuseries, which will be released on Peacock on Feb. 1, will recount the events from the lens of the band members, incorporating exclusive interviews.

Stream on Peacock

Couple to Throuple, Season 1

Streaming Feb. 8

Even though many reality TV series are aired each month on various streaming services, there appears to be no end to the new arrivals. In that regard, Couple to Throuple is a new reality television series that introduces a novel concept of dating featuring three people in a relationship rather than two. This new initiative from a dating competition fosters new paths for love interests, particularly those of various genders, making it a safe space for everyone. Hosted by Scott Evans (Access Hollywood), Couple to Throuple will premiere on Peacock on Feb. 8.

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Vigil Season 2 (All Episodes)

Streaming Feb. 15

Vigil is a binge-worthy crime mystery series that premiered in December 2021 and was subsequently nominated for two BAFTA Awards for its outstanding production design. After a lengthy wait, the fans of Vigil will be able to watch all episodes of the second season on Peacock this February. In the second season of Vigil, Amy Silva (Suranne Jones) and Kirsten Longacre (Rose Leslie) return to action as they work on an investigation concerning a Scottish military facility, as seen in the trailer released by Peacock.

With a lot on the line from the facility’s authorities, the duo finds it increasingly difficult to solve the mystery behind the fatalities, but they must finish it before anything else slips out. Apart from the returning cast, including Suranne Jones, Kirsten Longacre, and Gary Lewis, the second season will include new cast members Dougray Scott, Romola Garai, Amir El-Masri, David Elliot, Chris Jenks, and others.

Stream on Peacock

L’il Stompers Season 1 (All Episodes)

Streaming Feb. 29

Although not everyone admires this children’s animation series, L’il Stompers was a comforting series that premiered in late 2023. Created by Philip Stamp, the series has thus far released seven episodes, with the rest of the six episodes of this thirteen-part series set to air on Feb. 29 on various streaming services, including Peacock.


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L’il Stompers follows a group of miniature dinosaur companions who love playing games and exploring what’s around them together while striving to become the best versions of themselves. The group consists of Chase, an agile velociraptor who enjoys making new friends, Collins, a strong brachiosaurus who is always nice to others, and DeeDee, a brave and optimistic dilopharus who is always eager for more adventures. If you enjoy watching animated shows about dinosaurs, L’il Stompers is one option, though it’s heavily intended for a young audience.

Stream on Peacock

While these are some of the new TV shows coming to Peacock in February, there are also several long-running series that will receive weekly episodes. Chicago Fire, Days of Our Lives, The Real Housewives of Miami, and Law & Order are some of the regular shows that will run on a weekly basis throughout February. So, if you’re up-to-date on any of these programs, you can watch them on Peacock.


Release Date

King From Queens: The Run DMC Story

Feb. 1

Couple to Throuple

Feb. 8

Vigil Season 2

Feb. 15

L’il Stompers

Feb. 29

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