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Edwina Dorbor Reveals If The Bachelor Deceived Viewers Over Sydney & Maria Feud


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  • Edwina Dorbor confirms that the way Sydney and Maria’s feud is portrayed on The Bachelor season 28 is accurate.
  • Sydney’s behavior has become more aggressive towards Maria, escalating the drama between them.
  • While Maria may have been blunt, she was not bullying other contestants, and Sydney’s involvement has made things difficult for Maria moving forward.



The Bachelor’s Edwina Dorbor shared her thoughts on just how much of Sydney Gordon and Maria Georgas’ feud was real on recent episodes of the series. Edwina, who’s been tangentially involved in the argument between Sydney and Maria, has been active on social media since the season’s premiere, sharing her thoughts on the way The Bachelor season 28’s episodes have been edited. While she’s explained that some of the events on the series happened a bit differently in real time, Edwina’s been quiet about the feud between Maria and Sydney until the most recent episode of the series. Things got more heated between the women, causing Edwina to speak up.

According to The Express, Edwina responded to a question asked on Instagram to share about the way the feud has been edited. “Are they portraying this Sydney Maria stuff correctly or are we missing stuff…Cuz wth is Sydney so tore up about,” a follower asked. “Lol it looks pretty accurate to me,” Edwina responded, making it clear that way Sydney is being portrayed on the series is actually true to what happened on The Bachelor season 28. While Maria was initially getting the villain edit, things seem to have shifted as Sydney’s behavior became more aggressive toward her competitor.

Sydney & Maria’s Bachelor Feud Explained

Sydney Gordon from The Bachelor Season 28
Custom image by César García

The drama between Sydney and Maria has been playing out over the course of The Bachelor season 28 thus far, with Sydney originally believing she was coming to Madina Alam’s defense when Maria commented on the woman’s concerns about her age. Maria, who was simply trying to eschew Madina’s insecurities, was offended that Sydney was acting like she’d done something wrong. While Madina was the subject of their argument at first, Sydney took things further in the most recent episode of the series when she went to the Bachelor himself, Joey Graziadei, letting him know that Maria was “bullying” other women on the show.

While Sydney’s intentions may have been pure in the beginning of the drama, it appears that she has it out for Maria in the most recent episodes of The Bachelor. Though Maria may have been blunt in her opinion and delivery with Madina, she wasn’t bullying her fellow contestant. Rather, she was simply sharing that she shouldn’t be worrying about her age, even as the oldest woman on The Bachelor season 28. Though Maria may have appeared harsh, Sydney didn’t need to step in and has made things even more difficult for Maria moving forward in her relationship with Joey.

As The Bachelor season 28 continues, many will be watching the issues between Sydney and Maria play out. While some are hopeful that Sydney’s time with Joey doesn’t last, others are hopeful that Maria will be eliminated from the series first. Despite the issues between Sydney and Maria, Joey is still looking for love and continuing on his journey on The Bachelor.

Source: The Express

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