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Ebraheem & Zeina’s Feud Explained


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  • Zeina and Ebraheem’s fallout is the main conflict in Dubai Bling season 1, causing drama and feuds among the group.
  • Ebraheem continues to provoke Zeina with passive-aggressive behavior, refusing to take accountability for their broken friendship.
  • Attempts at reconciliation between Zeina and Ebraheem in season 2 only make things worse, as Ebraheem believes he is always right and refuses to make peace.



Dubai Bling on Netflix is one of the most intriguing TV shows you will ever come across, and there is drama between cast members Zeina Khoury and Ebraheem Al Samadi to unpack. The show follows the lives of super-rich friends living in Dubai, showcasing their lifestyle, interpersonal relationships, family, friend feuds, and social events. Season 1 had some notable feuds that brewed up during the show,and things even got physical at one point. Zeina and Ebraheem’s fallout was the apparent culprit to affect the group in season 1 the most.

The pair have been going at each other once again in season 2. Zeina and Ebraheem are not yet ready to bury the hatchet and rekindle their once-existing friendship. Towards the end of season 1, Zenia fought with both Ebraheem and Danya Mohammed, and what had started as a verbal altercation spilled over to the current season.


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Ebraheem Al Samadi Invaded Zeina Khoury’s Office

Ebraheem Al Samadi Dubai Bling

Danya gasses Ebraheem Al Samad up a lot. The invasion of Zenia’s office was a revenge mission for Ebraheem, and he asked Danya to accompany him to Zenia’s office. Ebraheem stated, “She (Zenia) came to my workplace wanting to cause trouble. I will get back at her.” Ebraheem didn’t believe that Zenia owned the company.

Therefore, he asked Zenia whether he could buy the company, and when she hesitated, Ebraheem asked her to call and tell the company owner there was a new business person interested in a business deal. The confrontation was so nasty that both Ebraheem and Danya accused Zenia of pretense. Furthermore, the duo, Danya and Ebraheem, asked Zenia about her salary and stated that the company was “worth less” with Zenia in it.

During this confrontation Ebraheem, accused Zenia of being “two-faced.” As if that wasn’t enough, Ebraheem stated that Zenia was selling herself on Instagram, pretending to deal with real estate properties. The Dubai Bling feud is still ongoing, such that in season 2, Danya and Ebraheem didn’t attend Zenia’s event launch.

Ebraheem Provokes Zeina With Passive-Aggressive Behavior

Ebraheem Dubai Bling

Ebraheem is the real villain on the show. He barely takes accountability for his role in breaking up his friendship with Zenia. In season 2, after Marwan “DJ Bliss” Parham Al Awadhi tried to reunite them, Ebraheem started the conversation on the wrong foot. At one point, he said, “We both don’t like each other,” something Zenia dismissed, indicating he was not genuine. He also accused Zenia and her husband of yelling and pointing fingers at him when they were supposed to make up at Mona’s party, and he had to stand up for himself.

Ebraheem does a lot of things for the show. That is the reason why, in season 1, after apologizing in public, he went ahead and made passive-aggressive comments about Zenia in private. Therefore, his apology was technically a non-apology in both seasons.

Ebraheem & Zeina Tried To Make Peace

Netflix’s Dubai Bling cast members Ebraheem and Zeina have strong personalities. It might have been one of the reasons why it backfired when the pair tried to reunite. Their smallest arguments escalated quickly into hot drama, making it hard to believe they were once tight friends. In season two, reconciliation still looks complicated since Zenia does not appreciate Ebraheem’s gossiping character. Bliss tried to help squash the beef between Zenia, Danya, and Ebraheem, and they agreed to do so during Mona’s fragrance launch party.

The previous apology in season one wasn’t genuine since it didn’t align with his actions. This trial to make up in season two makes things worse, since they keep going head-to-head with Ebraheem stating that Zenia cannot enforce her beliefs on him. The Dubai Bling cast members seem to have much to solve, and it might take time before they become friends again. Ebraheem feels he is always right, making it impossible to make peace.

Dubai Bling season 2 is available for streaming on Netflix.

Sources: Dubaiblingnetflix/Instagram

Dubai Bling TV Show Poster

Dubai Bling

Dubai Bling is a Netflix reality tv series that focuses on the Dubai elite’s expensive, high-speed, and posh lifestyle. Following eight people with different backgrounds, such as a DJ and an influencer, Dubai Bling will explore the daily lives of the cast as they shop for luxury cars and new fashion while travelling to some of Dubai’s most exotic restaurants and hotspots. Competition between friends and their social status will elevate tensions and enflame old rivalries as their histories come to light. 

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