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Don’t Expect To See This Main Stranger Things Character In Every Season 5 Episode


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  • Max’s character may not appear in every episode of Stranger Things season 5 since she’ll likely still be in a coma.
  • Sadie Sink, the actress who plays Max, has been confirmed to appear in the final season, and her recent presence in London doesn’t necessarily mean Max dies early on in season 5.
  • Max’s absence will make her eventual return in season 5 more powerful, due to potential lasting injuries and an emotional reunion with the gang.



Stranger Things season 5 is officially underway, but there’s one main character who likely won’t appear in every episode of the hit Netflix series’ upcoming final season. After season 4 proved to be the show’s most eventful and revealing season yet, the Duffer Brothers revealed that the next season of Stranger Things would also be the last. Production on Stranger Things season 5 was initially delayed as a result of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes, but as of January 8, filming has officially begun in Atlanta.

The Duffers have said that Stranger Things season 5 will be returning to the series’ roots and resemble season 1 more than the other seasons. The main cast of Stranger Things is also confirmed to be returning for season 5 and the core group will be the main focus of Stranger Things‘ grand finale. However, there’s one main character who is not expected to star in every episode of Stranger Things season 5 because of the events of season 4.

Stranger Things seasons 1-4 are available to stream on Netflix

Max’s Fate In Stranger Things Season 4 Means She’ll Be Absent For Some Of Season 5

Max was still in a coma by the end of season 4

Sadie Sink as Max in a hospital bed in Stranger Things season 4

Recent photos of Sadie Sink with the cast of the Stranger Things prequel stage production in London raised questions about her involvement in Stranger Things season 5, but there’s really no need to panic. For one, Sink was featured in a cast photo from the first day of production for season 5, indicating that the Max actress will definitely appear in the final season of Stranger Things in some capacity. The Duffers also already debunked concerns about Max’s fate in Stranger Things season 5 when they confirmed that Max is still alive and will be returning in season 5.

Sink’s presence in London while Stranger Things season 5 is filming in Atlanta doesn’t necessarily mean Max gets killed off early on in the season, especially considering how Stranger Things season 4 ended. In the finale, Max was incapacitated by Vecna’s curse and ended up in a coma with no sign of when she would awake. While Stranger Things season 5 is expected to have a time jump, it’s very possible that Max will still be in a coma for at least the first few episodes and awaken later in the season.

If that’s the case, Max will likely not appear in every episode of Stranger Things season 5, meaning Sink wouldn’t have to be present for the whole duration of filming. Max’s role is likely to be minimal at the beginning of the season while she remains comatose. As Max recovers, the rest of the Stranger Things gang will have to carry on without her in their fight to defeat Vecna.


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Sadie Sink’s Absence Will Make Her Stranger Things Return Even More Powerful

The longer Max is gone, the more impactful her reunion with the gang will be

Sadie Sink as Max with bleeding eyes in Stranger Things season 4

While the Duffer Brothers have avoided killing off main characters in the past, it’s fair to assume that nobody is safe in the final season, including Max. That said, Max will still get her big moment in Stranger Things season 5 even if she does die eventually. Max has to awake from her coma at some point, but it could be months or even years before that happens. However long her absence lasts, Sink’s eventual return as Max in Stranger Things season 5 is guaranteed to be a major moment.

The extent of Max’s lasting injuries is unknown at this point, but it’s very possible she’ll suffer permanent brain damage and even partial or full paralysis. Part of Max’s storyline could involve adjusting to her new reality and learning to live with these disabilities. Just like Eleven’s return at the end of season 2, Max’s eventual reunion with her friends in Stranger Things season 5 will also be nothing short of moving. The longer Max is gone, the more emotional and impactful her return to the screen in Stranger Things will be.

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