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Did James Gunn Just Tease The DCU Will Include A Non-Justice League Team Of Heroes?


by Xtreme HD IPTV

For as much as we know about the new DCU under James Gunn, there’s a lot that is still very much a mystery. Gunn has unveiled a lot of his first chapter of the DCU, Gods and Monsters, and we know there will be some larger story going on. We might have assumed that the story was going to take us to the formation of the traditional Justice League, but James Gunn may have just teased us with the superhero team that is coming, and it’s not quite the same one.

James Gunn posted an image to his Instagram Story (via ScreenRant) which is an image not of the Justice League, but Justice League International, a slightly different variation on the classic team. The image that Gunn posted, from a 2022 comic book story, does include several characters that we know will be introduced in upcoming DC movies and TV series. This including Batman, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and Booster Gold. Several heroes and villains are already part of the Superman: Legacy cast. Blue Beetle is also a member of the team, and we know that Xolo Mardiueña’s Blue Beetle is one of the few elements from the previous DC franchise that will continue forward in Gunn’s story.

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