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Detective Pikachu’s Justice Smith Offers Update On Potential Pokemon Sequel


by Xtreme HD IPTV

While movies based on video games have often had rough box office results, Detective Pikachu was, at the time, a somewhat rare unqualified win. With success like it had, becoming one of the most successful video game movies at the global box office, one might have expected a Pikachu sequel to have happened by now. There are many upcoming video game movies and series, but nothing from this franchise. Not only have we never seen Detective Pikachu 2 yet, but despite reports the movie was happening, one of its main stars doesn’t know anything about the sequel.

Justice Smith played the human lead character alongside Ryan Reynolds voicing the titular Detective Pikachu. Last year it was reported that Jonathan Krisel had been tapped to direct the long-awaited sequel. However, even though 10 months have passed since that news, Smith, who has admitted he’s frustrated no Detective Pikachu sequel has been forthcoming, recently told ScreenRant that he’s heard nothing about the movie, but he’s waiting for the call. Smith said…

I have not heard of any movement. I mean, I know what was released online, but no one has called me. So I’m just waiting for that call.

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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