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Death Stranding 2: On The Beach


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  • Death Stranding 2 premiered a strange trailer showcasing some of its story and characters.
  • The title “On the Beach” refers to the game’s central metaphor, but may also connect to its setting.
  • Other obfuscating elements include the Bridge Baby Lou, a man in Joker makeup playing an electric guitar, and tiny ventriloquist dummies.



Death Stranding 2: On the Beach just dropped a bizarre, ten-minute trailer on audiences with little to no explanation. The sequel to 2019’s Death Stranding, this is the second game directed by auteur Hideo Kojima following his departure from Konami and establishment of his own studio. Its second trailer premiered at PlayStation’s State of Play on January 31, 2024. This one revealed a lot more about its story, which was previously left to player imagination. The game is due to be released at some point in 2025, but until then, the latest trailer has given players plenty to ponder.

Creepy animatronics, hand-shaped cigarette lighters that double as scarves, an off-brand Joker who uses a (literal) electric guitar as a weapon…hey, is that George Miller? It’s easy to find oneself baffled to the point of speechlessness after witnessing the ten minutes of pure absurdity contained in Death Stranding 2‘s second trailer. With a closer look at some of the finer details, it’s possible to determine more about what exactly is going on in the sequel – even if doing so opens up more questions than it answers.


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What Does Death Stranding 2’s Title Mean?

“On the Beach” Explained

Amelie stands on the Beach, surrounded by dead fish and whales, staring out at a gray sky in a screenshot from Death Stranding.

First and foremost, Death Stranding 2‘s second trailer reveals the game’s subtitle: On the Beach. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges will be taking a vacation amid the sand (or does it?). The Beach is an important concept in the first Death Stranding, pertaining to its central metaphor. The “stranding” in the title refers to the phenomenon of cetacean stranding – more commonly known as beached whales. Just as whales become stranded on beaches, so do the dead become stranded in the living world. Both are hazardous to human life.

In the world of Death Stranding, the land is the realm of the living, and the sea is the realm of the dead, both literally and metaphorically. That’s why Sam is washed away by dark, inky water whenever his HP drops to zero. Sometimes, the dead emerge from the sea of the afterlife and become stranded – beached – in the world of the living. These creatures, the shadow entities Sam sees throughout Death Stranding, are known as “beached things,” or BTs.

However, it’s more than just a metaphor: The Beach is also a literal place that people and BTs alike can travel to. Just as the real-world beach is the point where the sea meets the shore, The Beach in Death Stranding is the point where life meets the afterlife. It’s similar to the concept of Limbo in Catholic theology: a state between life and death. Time doesn’t pass on The Beach, and people are able to stay there for decades without aging.

The Chiral Network that connects a disparate America in Death Stranding takes advantage of that, sending data back in time through The Beach so that it appears to have been transmitted instantly. Everyone has their own individual Beach at first, but as Sam eventually brings the United Cities of America together in Death Stranding, all Beaches are also connected. There may be unforeseen consequences of that in Death Stranding 2.

So, what does all that mean for Death Stranding 2‘s title? It’s likely that, at some point during the game, Sam will explore and learn more about The Beach. While the basic mechanics and lore details are pretty well explained (if very convoluted) in the first Death Stranding, there are many mysteries still to be solved. Based on Death Stranding 2‘s apparent setting, On the Beach may also have a more literal meaning.

Death Stranding 2’s Plot & Mexico Setting Explained

Sam looks around as he disembarks the ship in a screenshot from Death Stranding 2.

Death Stranding 2 picks up sometime after the original game left off: Sam has concluded his project to connect the disparate cities of the former United States, and the Bridges project has moved on. Now renamed, and seemingly under the control of Fragile and George Miller’s yet-unnamed character, Drawbridge attempts to get the rest of the world plugged into the Chiral Network. That experiment begins in Mexico, which hints at a dual meaning to the game’s title. Mexico is known for its white sand beaches, so there may be a connection to Death Stranding’s metaphysical Beach there.


Death Stranding 2 Can Revolutionize Climbing Next

The first Death Stranding game made walking feel new again. Now that the sequel is on the horizon, it’s time to consider new possibilities for travel.

Drawbridge operates as a mobile base, a flying vessel that travels from place to place dropping Sam as needed. It seems to have chosen Mexico simply for convenience – after all, it’s right next to the United Cities. Mexico’s situation at the time of Death Stranding is unknown, but it also appears to have BTs and Beaches.

Sam will expand the Chiral Network in an effort to replace human porters with robots, effectively removing humanity’s need to go outside. However, title cards in the trailer and on posters for Death Stranding 2 ask, “Should we have connected?” This likely refers to the events of the first Death Stranding, in which Sam brings much of America together with the Chiral Network. Drawbridge may come to regret this in Death Stranding 2.

Who Is The Baby In Death Stranding 2?

BB-28 & Lou Explained

Throughout the original Death Stranding, Sam is aided by a Bridge Baby referred to as BB-28. BBs are unborn fetuses kept in small, portable tanks, and carried by Bridges porters wherever they go. Existing somewhere between life and death, BBs provide a connection between their porters and BTs. This allows the porters who carry them to sense these dangerous lost souls and hopefully avoid them.

Despite constant discouragement, Sam eventually bonds with BB-28, coming to name her Louise – Lou for short. A baby does appear in the Death Stranding 2 trailer, but it may not be Lou. Before fighting Higgs, Sam accuses him of killing Lou. Higgs simply says, “You still don’t know, do you?

So, it seems that Lou has died between Death Stranding and its sequel – or at least Sam believes that to be the case. Sam will likely start out on a quest of revenge for Lou, only to figure out that the reality is much more complicated. He still has access to a BB in Death Stranding 2, although his BB pod appears to be empty. Whatever the case, Sam’s BB is able to connect to a ninja robot and use it to directly aid him in combat.

However, based on Higgs’ response, and a message from Deadman at the end of the trailer, there’s a strong possibility that Lou is still alive somewhere. There’s been a lot of speculation about whom the actors in Death Stranding 2 are playing, especially Elle Fanning. Fanning appears only briefly in the trailer, peeking around corners as Sam and George Miller’s character carry on a thrilling conversation about tar. Found in a chrysalis, it seems Fanning’s character was then adopted by Drawbridge. Could this be Lou reborn, or someone else entirely?

Who Is The Joker Guitarist Higgs In Death Stranding 2?

Higgs in full Joker makeup shreds a solo on his electric guitar, lightning bolts crackling around the neck in a screenshot from Death Stranding 2.

Perhaps the most delightfully strange moment in the Death Stranding 2 trailer was watching a man in full Joker makeup whip out an electric guitar and play a solo, causing lightning bolts to shoot out of its neck at a ninja robot with the voice of a squealing baby. Although he’s not totally recognizable from his appearance in the first game, the Joker guitarist is Higgs, a major antagonist in Death Stranding. Like Sam, Higgs was once a porter, but eventually became a separatist. Along with his faction Homo Demens, Higgs fights Sam for the independence of Edge Knot City.

As of the end of Death Stranding, Higgs remains on The Beach. However, Higgs will return in Death Stranding 2, having come back from The Beach to get revenge on Sam and Fragile.

What’s With The Hands & Puppets In Death Stranding 2?

Fragile gives a smug expression, stroking a tiny ventriloquist dummy with a hand wrapped around her neck in a screenshot from Death Stranding 2.

The final, inexplicable weird detail in the Death Stranding 2 trailer revolves around Fragile’s latest fashion accessories. She wears two moving hands around her neck like a scarf, and a ventriloquist dummy on her shoulder. Hands are a recurring motif in Death Stranding. They represent reaching out for connection, but also the incongruous nature of the living world and The Beach. The terms “chiral” and “chirality” come from the Greek kheir for “hand,” and are used in chemistry and other sciences to refer to certain structures.

Something is said to be chiral if it can’t be superimposed onto its mirror image without rotating it, much like there’s no way to lay one’s right hand on top of one’s left hand in perfect symmetry without putting the two palms together. The Chiral Network is so named because it connects The Beach and the living world, which are effectively mirror images of one another. All that is to say that Fragile’s hands are probably just a visual reference to a recurring theme.

As for the puppets, it’s harder to say. Fragile wears a ventriloquist dummy on her left shoulder, which she eventually grants to Sam. She describes it as a knowledgeable companion who’ll help Sam on his journey. Functionally, the puppet will probably work something like the codec calls in Metal Gear Solid. As an outside observer of the player’s actions, it’ll provide guidance and commentary throughout the game.

George Miller’s character appears to have a puppet of his own, but his resembles a black cat with bat wings. So, these entities appear to be customizable commodities, made to each person’s preference and used by members of Drawbridge for practical purposes. Higgs even comments on Sam’s puppet when they’re first reunited, calling it a “soulless husk.” This may also relate to Drawbridge’s attempts to replace human porters with bots.

Whatever the case, the Death Stranding 2 trailer has given players plenty to chew on. While many of its mysteries are easily explainable with a little knowledge of the previous game, there are still many questions to be asked. While there will probably be further trailers between now and then, most of these questions will likely go unanswered until Death Stranding 2: On the Beach‘s 2025 release.

Source: PlayStation/YouTube

Death Stranding 2 Poster

Death Stranding 2

Kojima Productions presents the follow-up to the quizzical Death Stranding from director Hideo Kojima. After the events of Death Stranding one, Sam and Fragile return to a new world that has begun to reconnect, but new dark foes await, including the return of the sinister Higgs. The game was first announced at the 2022 Game Awards.

Death Stranding

Kojima Productions

Sony Interactive Entertainment


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