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Deadpool Gets EXPLOSIVE InHyuk Lee Variant Cover for New Comic Run


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  • Deadpool #1, set to release on April 3, 2024, will offer fans another wild and action-packed adventure.
  • InHyuk Lee’s variant cover for the debut issue intensifies anticipation, showcasing Deadpool effortlessly slicing through grenades and bullets.
  • The all-star creative team, including writer Cody Ziglar and artist Rogê Antônio, guarantees an epic and beloved series that stays true to Deadpool’s enduring appeal.



In April, Deadpool will make a triumphant return in a brand-new solo ongoing comic run, and leading the charge is an explosive foil variant cover by InHyuk Lee that is sure to make the inaugural issue a coveted gem for Marvel comic collectors everywhere. However, Lee isn’t the sole A-Lister lending his talents to this highly anticipated comic series.

Similar to Taurin Clarke’s cover for Deadpool #1, crafted by esteemed writer Cody Ziglar and beloved artist Rogê Antônio, Lee’s variant cover mirrors a grenade-heavy and explosive motif, placing Wade Wilson squarely in the spotlight. This thematic consistency suggests that fans can anticipate an ultra-violent narrative brimming with Deadpool’s trademark crude humor, explicit content, and unabashed carnage that invariably accompany his adventures.

DEADPOOL #1 (2024)

Deadpool #1 cover featuring Wade, gernades, and katanas full

Release Date:

April, 3, 2024


Cody Ziglar


Rogê Antônio

Cover Artist:

Taurin Clarke

Variant Covers:

InHyuk Lee

Cody Ziglar (MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN) has a wild ride planned for the Merc with the mouth! Introducing a terrifying new villain who won’t stop until he catches Wade in his DEATH GRIP. But all work and no play makes Deadpool a very dead boy!

With the comic set for release on April 3, 2024, enthusiasts eagerly await to immerse themselves in yet another wild and adrenaline-fueled journey alongside the Merc with a Mouth.

Deadpool #1 Gets a Special Foil Variant Cover by Artist InHyuk Lee

InHyuk Lee's New 'Deadpool' #1 Foil Cover featuring Wade, Katanas, and gernades

Lee’s stunning artwork for this debut issue of the Deadpool series intensifies the already soaring anticipation among fans. The depiction of Wade effortlessly slicing through bullets and grenades with a pair of katanas, triggering explosions all around him, evokes a visceral and undeniably badass image that ignites excitement at first glance. With masterful precision, Lee’s variant cover encapsulates a key aspect of Deadpool’s appeal as a fan-favorite character—presenting a scene of unparalleled competency tinged with a hint of insanity, where only Wade would dare to confront explosives with two swords.

In addition to the insights provided by the released cover art, Marvel has confirmed the overall trajectory of the series, which includes Deadpool facing off against a new archenemy named Death Grip. Furthermore, Wade will have a reunion with his daughter Ellie, laying the groundwork for a storyline centered around father-daughter dynamics. It will be intriguing to witness how Ziglar integrates the introduction of a new villain and the inclusion of Deadpool’s daughter, all while staying faithful to Wade’s trademark irreverence and less-than-family-friendly appeal.

Marvel’s 2024 Deadpool Comic Run Brings Together an All-Star Creative Team

Incentive Cover for Deadpool #1 2024 featuring Wade with Katanas sticking out of his body

The assembly of this All-Star team of creators ensures that this will be an epic and beloved series, especially since Cody Ziglar, known for his stellar work on Miles Morales: Spider-Man, is spearheading the project, which instantly promises a story and dialogue that resonates deeply with fans. Additionally, Rogê Antônio, celebrated for his contributions to some of Venom and Carnage’s bloodiest recent adventures, is the ideal artistic choice for a Wade Wilson series. With the inclusion of InHyuk Lee’s Deadpool foil variant cover, there’s no doubt that this series will be nothing short of spectacular.


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Deadpool #1 will be released on April 3, 2024, from Marvel.

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