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Could Nicolas Cage Be In A Star Trek Movie? The Actor Weighs In And Reveals His Dream Role


by Xtreme HD IPTV

With Section 31 in production, work being put in on a Jean-Luc Picard movie, and continued efforts to make a fourth movie in the Kelvin timeline a reality, there has been a lot of talk about Star Trek movies as of late. There’s still no telling what the next feature from the franchise to appear on a silver screen will be, but a new update from Nicolas Cage shows that there’s interest in his involvement. Cage recently revealed what he knew about the situation, and what he’d like to do if invited to join for a movie. 

Nicolas Cage was at the Saturn Awards and had a brief conversation with TrekMovie.com about his past comments about wanting to join the Star Trek franchise. Specifically, he was asked about a 2023 interview and whether he’d had any offers to join a project, and the actor said the following:

Well, I’ve been hearing some talk about it, but nothing real…since [the 2023 interview] there was a few comments from Paramount. But who knows?

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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