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Confirmation, Dwayne Johnson’s Fast Saga Plans & Everything We Know


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  • Hobbs & Shaw 2 is confirmed and in development, with the story still being written.
  • The next movie in the Fast and Furious franchise will be a Hobbs solo movie which makes Hobbs & Shaw 2 less clear.
  • Hobbs & Shaw 2 will subvert expectations and could serve as a finale for the Hobbs character.



Although Hobbs & Shaw was a hit spinoff from the Fast & Furious franchise, Hobbs & Shaw 2 still has yet to come to fruition. 2019’s Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw stars Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham as mismatched special-ops mercenaries Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw, respectively, who reluctantly team up to take down a cybernetically enhanced terrorist. The pair had been introduced separately in the Fast & Furious movies before they joined forces in a subplot of The Fate of the Furious.

After Hobbs & Shaw grossed more than $760 million worldwide (via Box Office Mojo) — Universal was quick to start work on a sequel. In November 2019, shortly after Hobbs & Shaw’s profitable box office run, producer Hiram Garcia announced (via ComicBook.com) that the studio was “extremely happy” with the film’s commercial performance and that they were “having conversations” about a sequel. But Hobbs & Shaw 2 still has yet to be produced, and Johnson and Statham have filled up their schedules with other projects. Will the Hobbs & Shaw sequel ever get made?

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Hobbs & Shaw 2 Latest News

The most recent Hobbs & Shaw 2 updates aren’t about a Hobbs & Shaw sequel at all but are adjacent to it, as it’s been confirmed the Fast Saga will be gaining a Dwayne Johnson-led Hobbs solo movie. In a Fast X post-credits scene, Dwayne Johnson returns as Hobbs after stating that he would never go back to the franchise. He is threatened by Dante Reyes (Jason Momoa) after Hobbs killed Dante’s father, Hernan, in Fast Five. The post-credits scene sets up an epic face-off between the two, and now it has been revealed that it wasn’t setting up Fast & Furious 11, but a Hobbs solo movie.

Johnson announced that the next movie in the Fast and Furious franchise will be the Hobbs spin-off movie. There isn’t a release date for the Hobbs spin-off movie yet, but the film will reportedly act as a bridge between Fast X and Fast and Furious 11, which means that it’ll have to be fast-tracked into production given that Fast & Furious 11 will be released in 2025. However, Hobbs’s solo movie could be released after the series finale and act as a prequel, as the franchise has a notoriously messy timeline.

Hobbs & Shaw 2 Is Reportedly Confirmed

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham walking with weapons in Hobbs and Shaw

Hiram Garcia, one of Dwayne Johnson’s partners and closest collaborators at Seven Bucks Productions, confirmed (via TheWrap) that Hobbs & Shaw 2 is in active development: “We never like to announce anything like that prematurely… but we are writing the story.Since the script is still being developed, production could be a while away, but the sequel is happening.

Hobbs & Shaw 2 Cast

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in the rain in Hobbs and Shaw

Since Hobbs & Shaw 2 isn’t officially going ahead yet, a cast hasn’t been announced for the sequel, but it’s possible to speculate based on who starred in the first movie. Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham are expected to reprise their roles in Hobbs & Shaw 2, given that their characters’ names are in the title. Producer Kelly McCormick hinted that Ryan Reynolds or Kevin Hart could bring back their characters from the first Hobbs & Shaw movie for larger roles in the sequel.

The extended families of both Hobbs and Shaw were featured prominently in the first film, from Cliff Curtis and Roman Reigns as Hobbs’s brothers to Vanessa Kirby and Helen Mirren as Shaw’s sister and mother, respectively. They could all return in Hobbs & Shaw 2, even if it’s just for brief cameos. In a Facebook Q&A, Dwayne Johnson said the Hobbs & Shaw sequel would introduce new characters to the ensemble, though the actor hasn’t been revealed yet.

Hobbs & Shaw 2 Story Details

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham with guns in Hobbs and Shaw

While the plot synopsis for Hobbs & Shaw 2 is being kept under wraps, the development of a story treatment is well underway. Dwayne Johnson pitched a Hobbs & Shaw 2 story idea that will subvert the expectations of a Fast & Furious movie. He explained, “There’s an idea that I had that I called [Universal Pictures chairwoman] Donna Langley… and I said, ‘I have this idea and this direction for [Hobbs & Shaw 2],’ and I pitched.” Johnson has described his pitch for the sequel as “the quintessential Hobbs movie.

Johnson also said that his concept for Hobbs & Shaw 2 will be “the antithesis of what Fast & Furious movies generally are in that they continue to go on and go on and go on.” It sounds like Johnson is envisioning a Logan-style finale that will definitively conclude Hobbs’s on-screen journey. Ever since his debut in Fast Five, Hobbs has been characterized as an invincible Superman who has escaped death countless times. In Hobbs & Shaw 2, Johnson explains, “you watch a man walk off into the sunset.” If he doesn’t go down in a blaze of glory in the sequel, he’ll at least retire.

  • Hobbs and Shaw 2

    Hobbs & Shaw 2 is the sequel to the first spinoff of the Fast and Furious franchise, starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham as Deckard Shaw. Development began right after the release of the first movie, but the main Fast Saga is expected to end before the sequel is finished.

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