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Cobra Commander vs Nemesis Enforcer Sets Up G.I. Joe’s Ultimate Villain Fight


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  • Cobra Commander #4, set to be released in April, continues the story of Cobra Commander’s search for Energon and his encounter with classic G.I. Joe characters.
  • The cover of Cobra Commander #4 teases the return of the controversial villain, the Nemesis Enforcer, but it is unclear whether he will be an ally or enemy to Cobra Commander.
  • The Energon Universe series continues to surprise fans with shocking revelations and introduces new elements to the G.I. Joe franchise in a whole new context.



WARNING! Potential spoilers ahead for Cobra Commander #4Cobra Commander launched its first issue with a host of shocking revelations, but the Energon Universe series has more surprises in store for fans. Cobra Commander #4 is set to be released this April, and the cover promises the return of one of the most controversial villains in G.I. Joe history: the Nemesis Enforcer.

Picking up the story of Cobra Commander’s search of Energon, the fourth issue of Cobra Commander is set to be released on April 17. Having left the secret society of Cobra-La to explore the wider world, the Commander is set to encounter many classic characters for the first time.

Cobra Commander #4 (2024)

Cobra Commander #4 Cover

Release Date:

April 17, 2024


Joshua Williamson


Andrea Milana, Annalia Leoni

Cover Artists:

Andrea Milana, Annalisa Leoni

Variant Covers:

Chris Burnham & Brian Weber, Taurin Clarke, Ben Oliver

THE ENERGON UNIVERSE IS IN DANGER. Cobra Commander has found a new ally-willing or not-that may just make him unstoppable. Unless, of course, someone is one step ahead of him…

Looking at the winged silhouette on Andrea Milana and Annalisa Leoni’s cover, it can only be one character: the Nemesis Enforcer, the deadly elite guard of Cobra-La ruler, Golobulus. However, the issue’s synopsis is vague as to whether he’ll be an ally or enemy to the Commander.

Will Cobra Commander Fight the Nemesis Enforcer In New G.I. Joe Continuity?

G.I. Joe's Nemesis Enforcer

The introduction of Cobra-La has proven controversial with some fans, as they see the entire concept of a hidden society of snake-men a step too far into the supernatural for the franchise. Nemesis Enforcer certainly looks unlike any other G.I. Joe character, with his giant bat-like wings and enlarged spikes jutting from his elbows. The original action figure came in a three-pack with the snake-bodied Golobulus and a Cobra-La guard, looking unlike every other Joe figure on the toy aisles at the time. With a new Nemesis Enforcer figure announced to be a part of the popular G.I. Joe Classified toyline, the character’s appearance in the Energon Universe is very timely.

Cobra-La is a controversial retcon origin for Cobra Commander first introduced in 1987’s G.I. Joe: The Movie

Ever since Jetfire appeared at the end of Void Rivals #1, the Energon Universe keeps surprising fans at every turn. Cobra Commander #1 had several shock reveals: in addition to the re-introduction of Cobra-La, the issue also revealed that Megatron has been a prisoner of Cobra Commander and held in Cobra-La for years after being found in the ice. In addition to all that, the gun Cobra Commander is wielding on the cover looks very familiar, lending credence to a popular fan theory that the Commander is using Megatron as a weapon in his gun alt-mode.

Cobra Commander Has More Surprises In Store For Fans

With the G.I. Joe and Cobra organizations not in existence yet in the Energon Universe, the creators are putting the pieces in place to build a whole new era for the G.I. Joe franchise. With classic characters appearing left and right across all EU titles, fans have their work cut out for them in keeping up with what is perhaps the most exciting line in comics today. Fortunately, the books released thus far have been amazing, and the surprises that have come in series like Cobra Commander ensure that G.I. Joe fans can enjoy the classic franchise in a whole new context.

Cobra Commander #4 is on sale April 17 from Skybound Entertainment.

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