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Chicago Fire’s First Looks Already Answer Some Cliffhanger Questions, But Can The Season 12 Premiere Work Without Casey?


by Xtreme HD IPTV

Chicago Fire has been missing from primetime with new episodes for many months due to its longest hiatus since the COVID production shutdowns, but the wait is nearly over. With One Chicago arriving in the 2024 TV schedule in the not-too-distant future and no shortage of cliffhangers that need to be resolved, the Season 12 premiere of Fire is bound to be an intense experience. NBC has released early photos from the episode, called “Barely Gone,” and some already work to resolve cliffhangers. Others… well, those make me wonder if the episode can work if Jesse Spencer isn’t on hand as Matt Casey. 

So, with the upcoming return of the original One Chicago show, let’s revisit the Season 11 cliffhangers and check out the pictures that resolved them!

Will Severide Return As Squad Lieutenant?

Taylor Kinney as Severide in Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere

(Image credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)

The Season 11 finale ended with Stella determined to go and retrieve her husband after he secretly decided against coming back to Chicago; with no details at the time about whether Taylor Kinney would return as a series regular from his leave of absence, there was no guarantee that Severide would be back as the leader of Squad 3. Fortunately, early photos for Season 12 not only confirm that Severide will indeed be back in action as lieutenant, but he’ll be helping Firehouse 51 in what looks like a serious crisis. 

Welcome back to fighting fires in the Windy City, Severide! I’m not sure what this means for Cruz after he stepped into a leadership position to fill Severide’s boots while he was out, but I’m definitely glad to have Taylor Kinney coming back to primetime. 

A firefighter is down in Chicago Fire Season 12 premiere

(Image credit: Adrian S Burrows Sr/NBC)

Is Mouch Going To Die? 

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