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Charlie Sheen Is Back with Two and a Half Men Creator Chuck Lorre for a New Max Comedy Series Bookie


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  • Chuck Lorre’s latest series, Bookie, brings together Lorre and Charlie Sheen, marking a new chapter in comedic television.
  • Lorre chose to cast Sheen, with whom he had a tumultuous history, based on the actor’s past sports betting experiences.
  • Sheen’s involvement in Bookie brings a sense of authenticity and humor to the role, and his character stays within comedic lines, distancing himself from past controversies.

Chuck Lorre’s new series Bookie has scored a second season order at Max. The first season of the sports-related comedy saw Lorre being reunited with Charlie Sheen for the first time since their falling-out while working on Two and a Half Men. While Sheen is only a guest star in the series, there is no doubt that the publicity around his reconciliation with Lorre played some part in the increased interest in the show.

With Bookie, Chuck Lorre taps into the evocative pull of nostalgia, uniting a pair of television giants whose history is marked by both creative triumphs and high-profile disputes. The Max comedy series, co-created by Lorre and Nick Bakay, is taking a bold step by casting a familiar face in an unconventional role that reflects a notorious history while crafting a narrative on second chances. The show stars Sebastian Maniscalco as Danny, the bookie of the title, and Omar Dorsey as his working partner Ray, who are constantly trying to maintain their illegal sports betting business.

Announcing the renewal, Amy Gravitt, Executive Vice President, HBO Programming, Head of HBO & Max Comedy Series said:

The collaboration between Chuck and Sebastian has proven to be a winning hand and we’re looking forward to continuing the story with this incredibly talented cast and crew.

Channing Dungey, Chairman, Warner Bros. Television Group alaborated on this, saying:

“There’s no doubt that Chuck and Nick’s Bookie won big this season as they took us on a hilarious ride into the underbelly of illegal sports gambling, featuring a cast led by another dynamic duo: Sebastian Maniscalco and Omar J. Dorsey. I’m looking forward to watching more of their antics in Season 2. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew, and thanks to our partners at Max.”

After appearing as himself in the premiere and season one finale as himself, there has been no word on whether Sheen will guest star again in the second season.


Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre to Reunite for New Series Following Two and a Half Men Fallout

Sheen starred in Lorre’s sitcom for eight years before being fired for making disparaging comments about the series creator.

Comedic Redemption: Sheen’s Fresh Take in Bookie Balances Wit with Wisdom

Charlie Sheen and Chuck Lorre in Bookie
Max / Warner Bros. TV

The show’s creators had one caveat: Sheen expressed his desire not to portray the “drug-addled Charlie” of the past. In a move respecting the actor’s journey and public image, Lorre made adjustments, ensuring Sheen’s character stayed within comedic lines, far from the shadows of darker times. Sheen’s participation brought a sense of authenticity and humor to the role, one that he embraced wholeheartedly, including taking jabs at his past. His return in later episodes, providing marital advice while attempting to settle debts with celebrity memorabilia, adds a layer of charm and wit to Bookie, further cementing his crucial role in the series.

Bookie is not just another comedy. It’s rooted in Bakay’s firsthand knowledge of sports betting, a world that intrigues Lorre, who is always on the lookout for characters operating in the shades of society. Maniscalco, known for his stand-up prowess and roles in Green Book and The Irishman, takes the lead as Danny, a bookie facing an uncertain future with the potential legalization of sports betting in California. The series also stars Omar J. Dorsey, Jorge Garcia, Andrea Anders, and Vanessa Ferlito, bringing together a dynamic cast that promises to deliver both humor and heart.

The series aims to demystify the stereotypes surrounding the betting world while engaging with themes like trust, pressure, and the desire to remain inconspicuous. Bookie navigates through these nuanced territories with an awareness of the fine line between the high stakes of gambling and the humanity of those involved in it.

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