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Charlie Sheen and Zach Braff Could Be in Extended Family Season 2

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  • Extended Family
    boasts a star-studded cast with possible celebrity cameos from former co-stars like Zach Braff and Charlie Sheen.
  • Real-life connections between the actors and producers add depth to the sitcom’s unconventional family dynamic.
  • Jon Cryer is open to working with Charlie Sheen again, teasing a potential “Urkel-like” moment on the new series that lays ghosts to rest.

Some call it fan service, but one of the most fun parts of being a pop culture fanatic is when a surprise guest turns up in an episode of television or a film. It’s even better when the guest appearance or supporting character has some real-life connection and meaning behind the scenes to the project or actors they work with. That may be the case with the new NBC sitcom, Extended Family, which features talent from some of the biggest shows of the 20th century. Mike O’Malley (Glee), Jon Cryer (Two and a Half Men), Abigail Spencer (Suits), and Donald Faison (Scrubs) took the stage at the TCA Winter Tour to promote their new show and teased a couple of juicy cameos — former co-stars Zach Braff and Charlie Sheen.

Based loosely on the true story of co-executive producers George Geyer, Emilia Fazzalari, and Boston Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck, Extended Family is the story of an unconventional family as they try to navigate modern life. Jim (Cryer) and Julia (Spencer) say the best thing that happened to them was the day they divorced, and now they co-parent, taking turns living in the family home with their two kids. However, things get complicated when Julia finds new love in Trey (Faison), who happens to be the owner of Jim’s favorite sports team, the Boston Celtics. Together they must learn to negotiate a changing world and a new family dynamic.

Extended Family poster

Extended Family

Release Date
December 23, 2023



Mike O’Malley

An episodic series is prime real estate for celebrity friends to make guest appearances, especially with the wealth of former co-stars with this cast, and so the question was put to the cast whether they might pull some strings.

“If we come back, Season 2, Zach Braff is on the show,” laughed Faison. “I promise you that. You heard it here now.”

Braff and Faison have remained close friends since the conclusion of their nine-season run on the NBC hospital comedy, Scrubs (as seen in their recent T-Mobile commercials). More fraught was the relationship between Cryer and his former Two and a Half Men co-star, Charlie Sheen, who was famously fired from the CBS series after eight seasons. Cryer addressed the idea of including Sheen on Extended Family, “There have been discussions. We need an Urkel, and I think Sheen could be that if we brought him on the show.”

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Jon Cryer Isn’t Sure About Working with Charlie Sheen Again

Sheen and Cryer worked together on Two and a Half Men for eight years from 2003-2011. Sheen played Charlie, a jingle writer living a hedonistic lifestyle that comes to an abrupt halt when his newly divorced brother, Alan (Cryer), and nephew Jake (Angus T. Jones) move into his beachfront home in Malibu. The series was a huge success for CBS. However, behind the scenes, Sheen was a chaotic presence whose entry into rehab cut short the eighth season of the series. Following years of turbulence due to his substance abuse and marital issues, coupled with comments towards series creator Chuck Lorre, Sheen was fired from the series in 2011 and replaced with Ashton Kutcher, who saw the series through four more seasons.

In recent years, Sheen has patched things up with his former boss, Lorre, and so talk has turned to a return to the series he nearly imploded. In a recent interview with the ladies of The View, Cryer addressed the rumors, and expressed his concerns. “When Two and a Half Men was happening, Charlie was like, the highest-paid actor in television,” Cryer commented. “Yet, he blew it up, so you kind of have to think. I love him, I wish him the best, he should live in good health for the rest of his life, but I don’t know if I want to get in business with him for any length of time.”

When pressed, Cryer did say he might be willing to work with Sheen on a more limited basis, and a cameo on Extended Family would certainly allow for that. Perhaps the best way to lay the ghost of Two and a Half Men to bed would be that “Urkel” like moment on Cryer’s new series.

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