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  • Rick and Morty season 8 is confirmed, along with seasons 9 and 10.
  • Season 8 won’t premiere until 2025 due to Hollywood strikes in 2023.
  • Season 8 is likely to have the same cast as season 7, with a return to the show’s existential and dark storytelling.



Rick and Morty season 8 has officially been confirmed, and updates are already pouring in about the future of the popular animated series. Debuting back in 2013, the raunchy cartoon follows a nihilistic scientist named Rick Sanchez as he takes his overly anxious grandson Morty on adventures in different dimensions. Co-created by Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, Rick and Morty quickly set itself apart from other adult animated shows with its heady concepts and pitch-black humor.

Despite nearly universal acclaim across its first six seasons, Rick and Morty was nearly completely derailed when serious allegations were leveled against co-creator Justin Roiland. This prompted his firing from the series and necessitated a search for new voice actors who could step into the roles that Roiland portrayed. When season 7 began in late 2023, it was obvious that Rick and Morty was different after Roiland’s exit, but the popular sci-fi comedy lost none of its worldwide appeal. As such, Rick and Morty has not only been green-lit for season 8, but seasons 9 and 10 as well.

Rick And Morty Season 8 Latest News

Rick works at his workbench while Jerry looks on in Rick and Morty season 7

With season 7 out of the way, fans eagerly await news about the next outing, and the latest updates find a release window for Rick and Morty season 8 has been revealed. While a more specific release date won’t come for some time, it has been announced that season 8 of the iconic science fiction comedy series won’t arrive until 2025. The series is no stranger to delayed releases but has been on a consistent yearly basis since season 5. The delay is likely due to the Hollywood strikes of 2023.

The WGA strike began in May 2023 and was resolved in September 2023, while the SAG-AFTRA strike began in July 2023 and was resolved in November 2023.

Rick And Morty Season 8 Is Confirmed

Rick examines a cob in Rick and Morty

In 2018, Rick and Morty was given a 70-episode renewal order which would lock the series in for exactly 10 seasons. Despite challenges that the series has faced since then, Rick and Morty is still on track to fulfill that order, which will bring the Dan Harmon co-created series up to 100 total episodes. It is unclear if the show will end after season 10, but the order means that season 8 is definitely on the way.

Rick And Morty Season 8 Cast

Morty looks excited in a classroom in Rick and Morty season 7 episode 8

Though nothing has been confirmed, the cast of Rick and Morty season 8 likely won’t be much different from the cast of season 7. Newcomers, Ian Cardoni and Harry Belden will most likely reprise their roles as Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, respectively, as they were both handpicked to replace Justin Roiland who previously voiced both characters. Other long-time main cast members who are expected to return include:


Rick And Morty Role

Chris Parnell

Jerry Smith

Spencer Grammer

Summer Smith

Sarah Chalke

Beth Smith

Tom Kenny

Various Characters

Kari Wahlgren

Various Characters

Rick And Morty Season 8 Story

Muscular Summer holding Rick in the air in Rick and Morty season 7, episode 7

While it is impossible to predict what will happen in Rick and Morty season 8, Dan Harmon’s comments about it being a return to form does offer some clues. One certain thing is that Rick and his grandson will get into a host of interdimensional trouble, with a distinctly existential edge. Season 7’s dour tone isn’t unusual for the series, which often uses humor to tell much deeper tales. Season 7 has also set up several things that may be paid off in the future, but nothing has been confirmed.

  • Rick and Morty Poster

    Rick and Morty

    Rick and Morty is an adventure/Sci-Fi animated series that follows the intergalactic, inter-dimensional adventures of super-genius Rick Sanchez and his less-than-average grandson Morty Smith. Rick’s daughter, Beth, his granddaughter, Summer, and his hated stepson, Jerry, also take center stage more often than not. Hailing from creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, the series blends comedy with science fiction as a way of exploring a wide variety of themes aimed at an adult audience.

    Spencer Grammer, Kari Wahlgren, Chris Parnell, Sarah Chalke, Ian Cardoni, Harry Belden

    Animation, Adventure, Comedy


    Release Date:


    Main Genre:

    Dan Harmon, Justin Roiland, Tom Kauffman, Eric Acosta

    Cartoon Network

    Streaming Service(s):
    Hulu, Max

    Rick and Morty

    Dan Harmon, Ryan Ridley, Lee Hardcastle

    Dan Harmon

    Justin Roiland, Dan Harmon

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