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Captain America Reveals His Very First Weapon


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  • Steve Rogers, before becoming Captain America, used a baseball bat as a weapon to combat Nazis, showing his resourcefulness and determination.
  • Steve’s willingness to use whatever is on hand and his determination to fight for what’s right make him a hero, even before the super soldier serum.
  • Captain America’s iconic shield is effective because its wielder knows how to use it to its full potential, showcasing Steve’s skill and understanding of his weapons.



Contains spoilers for Captain America #5!!

Captain America is one of Marvel’s best hand-to-hand brawlers and is well-known for wielding his shield, but both were acquired skills. Steve didn’t have his shield in hand until the super-soldier serum did its work, yet he wasn’t always empty-handed. He opted for a different weapon in his first major confrontation: a baseball bat.

Steve Rogers will lead the charge empty-handed if he has to, and that quality never changes. Fortunately, it rarely comes to that.

In Captain America #5 – by J. Michael Straczynski, Lan Medina, Espen Grundetjern, and Joe Caramagna – a flashback depicts Steve Rogers’ pre-serum, attempting to thwart the false flag bombing of a Nazi rally. He flees after discovering the plot, barely making it out alive, only to return with Meyer Lansky and his men to prevent disaster.

Captain America #5, a side by side panel of Captain America in his suit with his shield and young Steve Rogers with a baseball bat.

Although Steve can hardly stand, Lansky insists that he’s “solid steel” inside and gives him a baseball bat to wield as he joins the fray against the Nazis guarding the building. It’s a far cry from Captain America’s one-of-a-kind shield, but he puts it to use with the same confidence and purpose.


Captain America Explains Why His Shield Works Better for Him Than Anyone Else

Captain America’s iconic shield is great at defense and offense, but only because its wielder knows how to use it to its full potential.

Captain America’s Formative Years Required Improvisation

Captain America #5, Meyer Lansky defends Steve Rogers right to go up against the Nazis as they drive to the rally.

Steve Rogers didn’t always have the resources of a superhero or an ultra-skilled team behind him. Yet even without the power of the serum, he stood for what he believed in regardless of who backed him up or stood in opposition. He regularly attended Nazi rallies to heckle and debate and put himself in harm’s way on multiple occasions to defend those who couldn’t defend themselves. Surviving those incidences often required quick thinking, luck, and serious improvisation. Armed with a purpose and facing a crowd of enemies, it’s no wonder that Steve didn’t hesitate to pick up a baseball bat to get the job done.

While he’d already been in plenty of scraps and fistfights by that point, walking into an armed group with the purpose to disrupt, after being shot at earlier, is a clear defining point in Steve’s life. He never planned to turn back, but from the point that he picked up the baseball bat and charged out of the car, Cap removed the option for himself. Meyer Lansky was correct to say that he had a right to be there, whether he looked the part or not, and nothing could have stopped him. Steve Rogers will lead the charge empty-handed if he has to, and that quality never changes. Fortunately, it rarely comes to that.

Steve Rogers Was a Hero Before Captain America

Captain America #5, a Nazi asks Steve Rogers to stop a bomb from detonating at a rally.

Super soldier serum healed the various physical ailments and issues Steve suffered from, but he was a hero long before he underwent the experiment. Even when he is obviously outmatched, he has always been willing to use whatever he has on hand to fight for what’s right, whether it’s words or his own two fists. In his pre-serum days, he looked like he was a gust of wind away from being blown over, but that never slowed him down, and he’ll need that kind of backbone to face The Emissary. Once Captain America sets his mind toward making a difference, he uses every tool available and turns it toward his cause.

Captain America #5 is available now from Marvel Comics.


Captain America holds his shield above an image of young Steve Rogers with bullets flying toward him.

  • Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
  • Artist: Lan Medina
  • Colorist: Espen Grundetjern
  • Letterer: Joe Caramagna
  • Cover Artist: Taurin Clarke

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