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Beetlejuice 2 Star Catherine O’Hara Teases ‘Crazy & Thrilling’ Reunion With Michael Keaton


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  • Catherine O’Hara teases a reunion scene with Michael Keaton in Beetlejuice 2, after never sharing a one-on-one scene in the original film.
  • O’Hara describes her face-to-face moment with Beetlejuice as “crazy and thrilling,” expressing excitement for the sequel.
  • O’Hara remains tight-lipped about other aspects of Beetlejuice 2, but praises Jenna Ortega’s addition to the cast.

Original Beetlejuice star Catherine O’Hara has teased a reunion scene with fellow co-star Michael Keaton in the upcoming sequel, Beetlejuice 2. O’Hara and Keaton starred together in Tim Burton’s classic comedy film back in 1988, but the pair never shared a one-on-one scene together. Instead, they were featured in group scenes featuring other members of the cast, but all that is about to change, albeit briefly.

Speaking with People, the 69-year-old star who will reprise her role as the eccentric Delia Deetz in Beetlejuice 2, mentioned that she was excited to film one scene in particular for the sequel that involved herself, and Michael Keaton, who plays the titular character. She called the whole thing “crazy and thrilling.” Check out O’Hara’s comments below, where she discusses the exhilarating moment:

“I had a little two-person moment with Michael as Beetlejuice. I’d been in the first movie in group scenes with Michael, but in this, I had an actual moment where the two of us just. And it was just so crazy and thrilling, really to just be face-to-face with Beetlejuice.”

When Beetlejuice was first released in 1988, O’Hara was just 33-years-old at the time, and Keaton, who will don the iconic black and white striped suit once more for the sequel, was just 35. Now, more than three decades later, O’Hara commented on Keaton’s appearance in the film, jokingly mentioning that he, as well as his legendary character, looks the same:

“He looks the same. Beetlejuice has aged very well.”

While O’Hara, who is currently co-starring in Argylle which releases in the United States on February 2, was willing to comment on her one-on-one scene with Michael Keaton, she remains tight-lipped on other aspects of Beetlejuice 2 saying, “I don’t want to blow it for anyone. I don’t want to spoil the fun for anyone.” O’Hara, however, did comment on the addition of Jenna Ortega to the cast, who joins the OG crew as the daughter of Winona Ryder’s character, Lydia Deetz: “Jenna Ortega’s great. Love her. What a cool young woman. Wow.”


Jenna Ortega Teases Wednesday’s Horror Vibes and a ‘Visually Exciting’ Beetlejuice 2

Jenna Ortega has teased two of her most highly anticipated projects, Wednesday and Beetlejuice 2.

Beetlejuice 2 Has Now Wrapped Filming

Filming got underway for Beetlejuice 2 in May 2023, but was suspended just a couple of months later thanks to the SAG-AFTRA strike. At the time, director Tim Burton said that the movie was already “99% done,” and that there were only a few scenes left to shoot. After more than four months, production resumed in Massachusetts, and on November 30, 2023, filming for Beetlejuice 2 officially wrapped. To celebrate, Burton shared a photo on his Instagram account, stating, “Just finished shooting Beetlejuice. Thank you to everyone involved.” Check out the photo below.

Rumors were swirling for a while that Warner Bros. might have to push Beetlejuice 2 back to Christmas 2024 thanks to the aforementioned SAG-AFTRA strike, but with Burton able to finish the film in a timely manner, it is still slated for its original release date of September 6, 2024. In addition to Catherine O’Hara, Michael Keaton, Jenna Ortega, and Winona Ryder, the sequel will also see the addition of Willem Dafoe, who plays a law enforcement officer in the afterlife, and Monica Belluci, who stars as the wife of Betelgeuse.

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