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Batman Didn’t Even Invent One Of His Most Iconic Gadgets


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  • Batman’s iconic Batarangs, which he uses for various purposes, were not originally invented by him, but rather gifted to him by a circus Boomerang performer, whom he teamed with to catch a criminal
  • Detective Comics #244 reveals the surprising origins of the Batarang, which most fans would understandably expect to have been designed by Bruce Wayne himself.
  • While Batman has often relied on others for gadget building, recent comics have emphasized Bruce Wayne as a visionary inventor; still, it’s important to remember that even his most iconic gadget was not of his own design.



No matter what situation Batman finds himself in, he’s always got a gadget to get out of it – and while there is no more iconic device at his disposal than the Batarang, even some hardcore fans might be shocked to find out he didn’t invent this effective projectile weapon himself.

Detective Comics #244 – by Bill Finger, Sheldon Moldoff, and Charles Paris – contained the surprising origins of the Batarang.

Detective Comics #244, criminals are using Batarangs, stolen from Batman

This led to Batman explaining to Dick Grayson how the first Batarang was ever made; it turned out the first Batarang was made by a circus Boomerang performer, who helped Batman catch a criminal.

A Boomerang Expert Gave Batman The First Batarang

A boomerang expert gave Batman the first Batarang, after they caught a criminal together

Batman’s Batarangs are an iconic part of the Dark Knight’s repertoire, and have appeared in just about every single adaption of Batman that has ever been made. Batman has used them for a wide variety of things, most notably taking down criminals from afar, but also things like spying on people, and even using them as remote-controlled drones; the list of uses for the Batarang is extensive. Batarangs are synonymous with Batman, which is why it’s all the more shocking that he didn’t even make them. Detective Comics #244 featured a group of criminals who stole Batman’s weapons, namely the Batarangs, and to use them to commit crimes.

In order to solve exactly who could be doing this, Batman decided to go over every single Batarang he’s ever used fighting crime, and match each up with the ones the criminals were using. This led Batman down memory lane, as he explained such iconic Batarangs as the “Seeing-Eye Batarang” and the “Magnetic-Batarang.” It is at this point that he reveals he did not create the device, but rather he was gifted the first-ever Batarang after training with a Boomerang performer at a circus. While this revelation may be surprising to newer fans, it is more in line with Batman’s comic history than many might realize.

Modern Batman Needs To Be Able To Accept Help More

Boomerang Expert Makes The Batarang in Detective Comics #244

While most fans know that Batman has often delegated gadget building to other people, this has been toned down in recent years. Batman’s recent newest gadgets even came from Multiverse versions of himself, continuing to place more emphasis on Bruce Wayne as a visionary inventor. Earlier in his career, Batman would have people like Lucius Fox help design his equipment, or even just accept tools from random people he met. As comics move more into having Batman deal with everything himself, it can be fun to look back and remember that not even Batman’s most iconic gadget was originally of his own design.

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