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Bachelor Nation Is Hoping Joey Graziadei’s Latest Castoff Is The Next Bachelorette, And I Couldn’t Agree More

by Xtreme HD IPTV

Spoiler alert! This story discusses the Hometown episode of Joey Graziadei’s season of The Bachelorette that aired March 4.

And then there were three. Joey Graziadei visited the families of his final four contestants on the March 4 episode of The Bachelor, before narrowing the field down to three for Fantasy Suites. While many members of Bachelor Nation were upset to see who Joey sent home this week, hope remained alive that this might be the contestant chosen to lead her own season of The Bachelorette. This particular woman would certainly be my pick as well, so let’s take a look at what some fans are saying.

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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