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Are Min-Woo And Si-Eun Still Together?


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  • Lee Jin-seok and An Min-young left Single’s Inferno together, but their relationship status is unclear.
  • Choi Min-woo and Yu Si-eun are the first couple in the show’s history to choose each other, but never went to paradise together.
  • Min-woo and Si-eun appear to still be close, as they follow each other on Instagram and share photos together.



Single’s Inferno season 3 ended with Lee Jin-seok and An Min-young leaving the island together, but are they still a couple? This season of Netflix’s Korean dating show brought together 12 single contestants: six males and six females. The singles live in rough conditions, in shipping container houses, on “Hell Island,” and have to cook their food outside. They try to get to know each other while competing for dates and other rewards, including trips to a luxury hotel.

Initially, Single’s Inferno season 3 featured two Inferno locations, so models Choi Min-woo and Yu Si-eun didn’t meet until the camps combined. They are the first couple in Single’s Inferno history to choose each other in the end, even though they never went to paradise together; it wasn’t because they didn’t want to go. They both intended to choose each other to take to paradise but never got the opportunity. This forced them to make the inferno into their paradise, which helped them bond.


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Are They Still Together?

Single's Inferno Season 3 Couple

The status of Min-woo and Si-eun’s relationship hasn’t been officially confirmed, but they appear to remain very close. They follow each other on Instagram and have shared photos together, along with the rest of the cast of Single’s Inferno season 3. They have also shared fan edits of their romantic finale to Instagram Stories. It’s unclear whether these hints mean the couple is still going strong, but it seems unlikely.

If they were still dating, they would have made it clear by now. It was understandable to stay quiet about their status before the season concluded, but now their silence on the matter can only mean that they’re not together. Even though they may not have found love together, they continue to be on friendly terms and have formed lasting bonds with each other and even their castmates.

Min-woo And Si-eun’s Journey

Min-woo and Yu Si-eun were one of Single’s Inferno season 3’s love triangles. The pair hit it off early in the season, even spending a night in paradise together. Nonetheless, model Kim Gyu-ri liked Min-woo too. In fact, during the first episode of the season, Gyu-ri selected him to go to paradise with during the first coupling up session, though he didn’t reciprocate. Gyu-ri’s interest in Min-woo didn’t stop there. When she unexpectedly won a physical challenge during episode 6, she got the first choice of who she wanted to take to paradise. In a repeat of the premiere episode, Gyu-ri selected Min-woo, and they had a great time together.

Gyu-ri’s newfound connection with Min-woo threw his relationship with Si-eun into question. After losing the competition to Gyu-ri, Si-eun was concerned that one of the other women would choose to take Min-woo to paradise. She pulled him aside to have a private chat, during which she revealed to him that she had wanted to go to paradise with him. He revealed he wanted to talk to her more than the other girls. Though he had a good time with Gyu-ri, Min-woo’s heart was always with Si-eun, and they chose each other during the finale of Single’s Inferno.

What We Know About Min-Woo

Single's Inferno's Choi Min-woo seated, shirt open

Min-woo was the first male cast member to be introduced during the premiere episode of Single’s Inferno season 3. Min-woo describes himself as “shy and introverted” on the show. Posts on Min-woo‘s Instagram reveal that he has modeled, both on the runway and in print, and has even appeared on the pages of Esquire Hong Kong. During the first matching session, he was selected by Kim Gyu-ri, but he chose Min-young, who created one of the first Single’s Inferno season 3 love triangles. Though Min-young initially chose someone else, she ended up really liking Min-woo as much as he liked her.

What We Know About Si-Eun

Single's Inferno season 3's Yu Si-eun with giant flower

27-year-old Si-eun is a freelance model in the wedding, fashion, and beauty industries, an influencer, and a media personality who was the runner-up for Miss Korea 2022. With no shortage of confidence, Si-eun says she has been popular since she was little. She’s also well known for looking a lot like Jennie from the popular K-pop girl band Blackpink. Si-eun liked Min-woo since the two Single’s Inferno camps combined, but circumstances got in their way throughout the season. In the end, Min-woo and Si-eun chose each other and left the island together.

What Have They Been Up To?

Single's inferno season 3 cast

Min-woo’s Instagram shows that he is living a full and active life. He continues his modeling career, posting portraits and pictures of himself representing Korean brands. He also posts photos of himself traveling and enjoying unique experiences. He’s even shared photos he took while filming Single’s Inferno and spending time with his cast mates since production wrapped. A few weeks ago, he posted a video montage of his experiences during 2023, which shows he had a full year of modeling, traveling, eating good food, and spending time with loved ones.

Si-eun has also continued her successful modeling career since production wrapped on Single’s Inferno season 3. She often posts photos of herself modeling for Korean brands, including wedding dresses and formal gowns. Si-eun often posts photos of herself with her Single’s Inferno castmates. She recently posted footage of her with several of them at a professional basketball game, watching fellow islander Lee Gwan-hee play. Min-woo was also in the photograph, but the vibe between them seemed more platonic then romantic.

Single’s Inferno seasons 1-3 are currently streaming on Netflix.

Source: Choi Min-woo/Instagram, Yu Si-eun/Instagram

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