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Ant-Man Gets His Coolest Costume of All Time, Evolving His MCU Design

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  • Ant-Man’s new costume in
    #1 combines the best of both his comic book and MCU designs.
  • Giant-Man’s new look in the Ultimates will please fans with a blend of traditional and modern elements.
  • Ant-Man’s evolution as a character in the Marvel Universe is showcased through his costume changes in



Ant-Man just got his coolest costume ever, and it is the perfect evolution of his MCU design. Ant-Man became one of the MCU’s most unlikely success stories thanks to his 2015 film and its two subsequent sequels. Ant-Man’s costume underwent a huge change in the transition to live-action. Now, in a first look at the cover to Ultimates #1, he unveils a new outfit that improves on his MCU look.

Marvel shared a first look at the cover for Ultimates #1, which will be written by Deniz Camp and drawn by Juan Frigeri, on their website. The cover spotlights the new incarnation of the Ultimates, shining a light on new versions of Captain America, Thor, Sif and the Wasp. Hanging in the background is a new Giant-Man, wearing an outfit similar to the one Ant-Man wore in his MCU appearances.

Cover for the new Ultimates #1, featuring Sif, Thor, Wasp, Giant Man, Iron Man and Captain America.

Marvel revealed no other information on the new Giant-Man, leaving fans waiting until Ultimates #1 hit stands.

Ant-Man is One of the Foundational Characters of the Marvel Universe

Yet the MCU Short-Changed Ant-Man A Bit

Paul Rudd as Scott Lang emerging from the dirt in Ant-Man

Ant-Man is one of the oldest characters in the Marvel Universe, tracing his roots back to 1962’s Tales to Astonish #27. Scientist Hank Pym discovered a way to shrink objects, and used the technology to fight crime. Alongside his former wife Janet Van Dyne, AKA the Wasp, Ant-Man helped found the Avengers, and was a pillar of the team for many years. In the years since his debut, Hank Pym has held many names, including Giant-Man, Goliath and Yellowjacket, but Ant-Man remains his best known identity. Now, Giant-Man will form the basis for a new Ultimates team.

Judging from the cover, Giant-Man’s new look is clearly based on the character designs from the MCU. In the comics, Ant-Man wore a shiny metallic helmet with a mouthpiece he used to control ants, along with a bright red costume. When Ant-Man made the leap to live action, his outfit changed to fit the MCU’s aesthetic, which skewed in a more military-like direction. The bright colors of Ant-Man’s outfit were converted to drabber colors and his helmet was streamlined as well. While Ant-Man looked undeniably cool in the MCU, his uniform was not comics’ accurate.


Ant-Man Secretly Has the Power to Take Down a Marvel God

While Ant-Man is an undeniably brilliant and powerful Avenger, he has one ability that secretly has the power to literally take down a Marvel god.

Ant-Man’s New Look Will Please Fans Old and New

Ant-Man’s New Uniform Looks to His Past While Also Looking to the Future

Split Image of MCU's Ant-Man and Giant Man from Marvel Comics

Now, in the new Ultimate Universe, Ant-Man is getting the best of both worlds. The helmet still bears some of the militaristic design that is an MCU trademark, but also features insect-looking eyes that give it an otherworldly look and remind fans of Ant-Man’s powers. Ant-Man’s MCU design stressed practicality, asking what he might look like if he lived in the real world. His design for Ultimates #1 mixes this with a more traditional comic-book style, creating maybe the best look for Ant-Man yet.

Source: Marvel

The Ultimates #1 is on sale June 5 from Marvel Comics!

The Ultimates #1 (2024)

Cover for the new Ultimates #1, featuring Sif, Thor, Wasp, Giant Man, Iron Man and Captain America.

  • Writer: Deniz Camp
  • Artist: Juan Frigeri
  • Cover Artist: Dike Ruan

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