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Amy Robach Gets Emotional While Discussing How Her And T.J. Holmes’ Careers Were ‘Unfairly Taken’ From Them Amid Their Relationship


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The fallout from Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes’ reported work relationship during their tenure at Good Morning America. Not only was the atmosphere at ABC News reportedly tense in the immediate aftermath, but the turn of events also led to Holmes and Robach ultimately signing exit agreements. After the news broke in late 2022, much of the following year included rumors about the couple’s next job moves. While the two have since found employment, they’re in a different line of work. Now, Robach is getting candid about their journalism careers having been “unfairly taken” from them amid their relationship. 

As of right now, T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach have new gigs as podcasters and are hosting their iHeartRadio show Amy & T.J. They’ve recently addressed a number of topics, including the mental health struggles they faced amid the GMA drama and the reports that their colleagues “abandoned” them. During the latest episode, Robach got real about whether she now feels “pressure” to stay with Holmes after everything that’s transpired. That’s not the case for her, though she explained that she does feel a personal burden in another regard:

I don’t feel the pressure from the public to stay with you. I know that I know you well enough and I’ve spent enough time with you, and I knew how I felt. And love sometimes is a choice, when it’s hard. It’s not just a feeling. Lust is a feeling, but love is a choice, I believe, and I have chosen to love you. So I don’t feel pressure from the public to be with you. I would be devastated just personally, because I want to be with you and I chose you. But I feel the pressure of our careers that I believe were unfairly taken from us. And I really want to be able to do what I love, and I want to be able to do it with you. So that’s more the pressure I feel.

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