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After One Chicago Trailer’s Tense Stellaride Moment, Chicago Fire Boss Previews What’s Ahead With Taylor Kinney’s Return


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by Xtreme HD IPTV

NBC has been missing any fresh Windy City action for months due to the prolonged One Chicago hiatus, but Chicago Fire is on the way back in the 2024 TV schedule to finally shed some light on Kelly Severide’s return to Firehouse 51 and wife Stella Kidd. A recent trailer for One Chicago (seen above) shows an interaction between the two lieutenants that is more than a little tense, and I seized my chance to ask Fire showrunner Andrea Newman about it.

Taylor Kinney returns to Chicago Fire in the Season 12 premiere for the first time since back in March 2023, when an episode established that Severide had gone to Alabama for OFI training to accommodate the actor’s leave of absence. Severide’s absence combined with his later radio silence was tough on his wife, and Stella leaving to retrieve her husband was one of the Season 11 finale cliffhangers

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by Xtreme HD IPTV

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