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8 Times Robyn Brown Came Off As Manipulative (& Made Herself Look Bad)

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  • Robyn Brown manipulates others with fake tears, showing false concern without any genuine emotion.
  • Robyn portrays herself as a victim in the Brown family, seeking sympathy for situations that don’t truly affect her.
  • Robyn’s contradictory views on polygamy and past allegations from her ex-husband’s family paint her as a manipulative and possibly abusive individual.



Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has made herself look like a manipulator and liar numerous times since the start of the show. The 45-year-old initially seemed like a genuine person who truly cared about her family and loved ones. She wanted to be in a polygamous family and showed respect for her husband, Kody Brown, and his other three wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine Brown. Unfortunately, Robyn’s care and demeanor didn’t help her family. Instead, her closeness to Kody only made the other wives jealous, leading them to leave Kody ahead of Sister Wives season 18.

Robyn revealed many interesting details when she did the Sister Wives one-on-one interviews. She opened up about her new monogamous life with Kody and how he’s been feeling since his divorce’s. The mom of five shared that her husband had been trying to sabotage their relationship because of his other failed marriages. She also shared that Kody had become bitter due to the collapse of his polygamous relationship. Kody admitted his faults and shared that he never loved Meri, Janelle, and Christine. He claimed he only truly loved Robyn, which wasn’t a shock to viewers.


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8 Robyn Brown Manipulates Others With Her Tears

Robyn Brown Cries Without Tears

While Robyn has always portrayed herself as the nicest in the family, she has let her mask slip a few times since 2010. Many have recently noticed that Robyn shows false concern when she cries without tears. In 2023, she cried about the demise of her polygamous relationship and showcased her hurt by breaking down in front of the cameras. However, many didn’t believe she was genuine and were shocked Robyn had no tears streaming down her face during her emotional performance.

7 Robyn Brown Fakes Concern For The Brown Family

Robyn Brown Prefers Some Brown Family Kids Over Others

While other Sister Wives like Christine showed concern for their own needs, Robyn always acted as if she cared more about others than herself. However, fans haven’t been able to take her seriously due to her behavior and recent actions. Since 2010, Robyn has put down her Sister Wives and their children on the show. On one side, she has claimed she cared for them; on the other, she has taken indirect digs at them. When the family moved from Las Vegas to Arizona, Robyn made a post praising specific Brown family kids, but not everyone.

6 Gwendlyn Brown Doesn’t Think Robyn Shows Genuine Emotion

Gwendlyn Throws Shade At Robyn’s Crying

Sister Wives Gwendlyn Brown montage in hat purple background

Some Sister Wives’ family members have noticed Robyn faking her niceties. In early 2023, Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, called out Robyn for fake crying. Gwendlyn took to her Patreon account and shared her reaction to Sister Wives season 17 reunion. Gwendlyn said, “was it just me, or were there like no tears,” pointing out that Robyn had no tears whatsoever during her breakdown. Gwnedlyn then sarcastically took a shot at Robyn for faking emotions. She said, “that must suck. Crying, and no tears,” implying Robyn wasn’t genuine.

“that must suck. Crying, and no tears”

5 Robyn Brown Portrays Herself As A Victim

Robyn Brown Wants People To Feel Sorry For Her

Originally, Robyn made herself look like she was all about her family. However, things changed with time, and so did her attitude. Over the last few months, she has embarrassed herself by pretending to be the Brown family victim. When Christine left Kody, Robyn tried to make it seem like the situation impacted her the most. She cried and complained about her feelings, even though the breakup affected Christine and Kody, not her. In later episodes, Robyn again pretended she was the biggest victim but didn’t do anything to help Kody make amends with his other wives.


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4 Robyn Showed Fake Concern For Meri

Robyn Never Went Out Of Her Way To Help Her Sister Wife

Montage Of Sister Wives Robyn Kody Brown
Custom Image By César García

Robyn’s supportive behavior toward other wives also looks like a manipulation tactic. The best example is her treatment of Meri Brown and her lack of concern for her. If Robyn truly cared for Meri, she would’ve helped include her more and pushed Kody to take her back. However, she didn’t do anything because her affection for Meri was superficial. Even when Kody proposed to Meri to live in his barn and tried to give her a smaller portion of Flagstaff property, Robyn did nothing to help out her former sister wife.

3 Robyn Brown Claimed Kody’s Sabotaging The Relationship

Kody Still Seems Madly In Love With Robyn & Isn’t Leaving Her

Montage of Sister Wives' Robyn and Kody Brown
Custom Image by César García

Robyn has cried a lot on camera, acting like she’s the one who was the most affected by Kody’s breakups with Meri, Janelle, and Christine. She has even claimed that Kody is trying to sabotage their marriage. However, Kody hasn’t mistreated Robyn; in fact, he’s still with her, showing how dedicated he is to the marriage. If Kody wanted to sabotage the relationship, he would’ve done so. However, the fact that he hasn’t done anything to damage his relationship hints that Robyn is likely manipulating the situation to gain sympathy.

2 Robyn Was Initially Pro-Polygamy, Then She Wasn’t

Robyn Hid Her True Intentions All Along

Robyn and Kody Brown Sister Wives high drama montage

Robyn has shared contradicting views about polygamy since joining Sister Wives. Initially, she claimed she only wanted a plural marriage, so she joined Kody’s family instead of being monogamous. However, Robyn later claimed it would be disrespectful if Kody brought another wife into the family, implying that her ultimate goal was monogamy. Robyn’s words over the years make it seem like she has a hidden agenda. It looks like she’s with Kody only for selfish gain. Robyn likely switches between polygamy and monogamy to fit heroverall agenda.

1 Robyn’s Ex-Husband’s Family Alleges She A “Narcissistic” Liar

Robyn Is Accused Of Being Verbally Abusive

Robyn’s past family has also made some allegations against her, revealing her true nature. In 2023, Instagram blogger withoutacrystalball posted a report stating what Robyn’s ex-husband’s family thinks of her. The blogger wrote, “they allege that Robyn has narcissistic personality disorder,” adding that they’ve called Robyn a manipulator and liar. Robyn’s former family has also alleged Robyn was “physically and verbally abusive” and tried to turn her kids against their father. It doesn’t look good whether the allegations are entirely true or partly true. The Sister Wives star is likely hiding her real character underneath her fake nice attitude.

Sister Wives is available for streaming on Discovery+ and TLC Go.

Source: @withoutacrystalball/Instagram

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