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8 John Wick Replacement Movies That Are Currently In The Works


by Xtreme HD IPTV


  • The John Wick franchise is developing John Wick: Chapter 5, but there are other action movies coming soon to fill the void.
  • Den of Thieves 2: Pantera is set for release in 2024 and follows Gerard Butler’s character as he tracks down a double-crossing team member.
  • The Beekeeper, The Fall Guy, and Nobody 2 are other exciting action movies to look forward to, featuring Jason Statham, Ryan Gosling, and Bob Odenkirk.



Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers for John Wick: Chapter 4, Den of Thieves, and Nobody.

While the producers of the John Wick franchise are currently developing John Wick: Chapter 5, a string of interesting action movies are set for release either in 2024 or sometime in the near future, thus providing action movie enthusiasts with plenty of options to fill their John Wick void. Among many things, the John Wick franchise timeline is full of spectacular fight choreography, in-depth worldbuilding via the Continental and the universe’s many interesting characters, and for its bloody displays of violence. With the recent success of John Wick: Chapter 4, audiences can rest assured that they’ll see Keanu Reeves’ skilled assassin character take to the big screen eventually.

In the meantime, John Wick director Chad Stahelski and other prominent action movie auteurs are attached to a plethora of interesting action movies slated for release sometime in the near future. While the release dates for some of the more notable action movies are currently unknown, what is known is that each of them is supported by a dedicated team of action movie filmmakers interested in pushing the action genre’s envelope as displayed in their previous projects. While John Wick: Chapter 4 and the franchise as a whole have set a high bar for action movie filmmakers to surpass, the upcoming action movies still have the potential to succeed.


John Wick 5 Is Being Written, Studio Confirms More Spinoffs In Development

A Lionsgate executive provides an update on the status of the announced John Wick 5 and confirms that additional franchise spinoffs are in the works.

8 Den of Thieves 2: Pantera

Christian Gudegast’s sequel to his 2018 thriller Den of Thieves is slated for release sometime in 2024

Gerard Butler as Big Nick in a scene from Den of Thieves.

Den of Thieves follows an elite unit of the Los Angeles Police Department clashing with one of the county’s most notorious and organized bank robbers in writer-director Christian Gudegast’s tense, high-octane action thriller. Notable for its strong acting performances, gritty depiction of Los Angeles County, and tense shootouts, Den of Thieves ends on a cliffhanger when it is revealed that O’ Shea Jackson Jr.’s Donnie Wilson intended to double-cross his team from the very beginning. While there isn’t an ironclad release date yet, Den of Thieves 2: Pantera is slated for a 2024 release, and its premise centers on Gerard Butler’s Big Nick tracking Donnie down.

7 The Beekeeper

David Ayer’s The Beekeeper sees Jason Statham on a quest for revenge against a corrupt corporation

Jason Stathman as Mr. Clay in a scene from The Beekeeper.

Jason Statham’s upcoming The Beekeeper sees the action star as Mr. Clay, a highly-skilled individual formerly of the secret organization known as the Beekeepers, as he embarks on a one-man quest for vengeance against an evil corporation responsible for the deaths of his neighbors. The Beekeeper looks to make up for The Expendables 4‘s failure with its tongue-in-cheek trailer that plays into many of Statham’s greatest strengths and meme-worthy tropes as seen in his more recent fare. With a January 12, 2024 release, and Jason Statham already teasing The Beekeeper 2, The Beekeeper looks to be a fun and enjoyable addition to Statham’s prolific action movie library.

6 The Fall Guy

David Leitch’s action movie sees Ryan Gosling on an action-packed adventure to find a missing A-list actor

The Fall Guy sees Ryan Gosling as a retired stuntman named Colt Seavers who’s pulled back into the world of Hollywood after an A-list star goes missing from a blockbuster movie that his ex-girlfriend is directing. Coming hot off the heels of Barbie‘s success, The Fall Guy looks to be a self-reflexive action adventure journey that boasts just as much action as it does thought-provoking themes such as mental health and boundaries in a romantic relationship. Hitting theaters on May 3, 2024, The Fall Guy is also positioned to carry the momentum from director David Leitch’s 2023 action-packed adventure, Bullet Train, thus ensuring a similar quality as the action flick.

5 Nobody 2

Nobody sees Bob Odenkirk star as Hutch Mansell, a docile and meek family man living an ordinary life whose true character as a government assassin known as Nobody, is revealed after his house is burglarized by petty thieves. Despite Odenkirk’s reputation as one of Hollywood’s best comedic actors, Nobody sees the Better Call Saul star shed his humorous image in a movie rife with violence and break-neck action that rivals contemporary action movies like the John Wick and The Expendables franchises. Although details are tightly sealed, Nobody is positioned for a sequel after enjoying new life on Netflix in 2023.


8 Reasons Ana De Armas’ Ballerina Will Succeed, Despite John Wick’s 2023 Disaster

The highly anticipated John Wick spinoff Ballerina has a lot riding on its success, despite The Continental not faring so well with critics.

4 Rainbow Six

Rainbow Six will be a continuation of 2021’s Without Remorse starring Michael B. Jordan

Michael B. Jordan as John Kelly peers through bullet holes in Without Remorse.

Although Lionsgate is still deciding John Wick‘s franchise future, the perfect John Wick replacement movie has already been made in 2021 with the Michael B. Jordan-starring Without Remorse. Based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name, Without Remorse sees Jordan as John Kelly, an elite Navy SEAL who finds himself as part of a larger political conspiracy while on a quest to avenge his wife’s murder. While the details surrounding an official release date aren’t available, Rainbow Six will be directed by Chad Stahelski, and will see Jordan reprise his role as Kelly as he leads an elite team of military personnel against an international conspiracy.

3 Ghost of Tsushima

Ghost of Tsushima is the movie adaptation of the 2020 Sucker Punch Productions video game

Jin looks at his Ghost mask in Ghost of Tsushima's official promotional image.

Set in 18th century Japan, Jin Sakai must master the Way of the Ghost fighting style to defend Tsushima Island from invading Mongol forces. The critically acclaimed 2020 game received near-universal praise for its cinematic approach to video game storytelling, well-written characters, and bloody gameplay, thus ensuring a bright future for the action-adventure video game. Chad Stahelski will direct the Ghost of Tsushima movie as he’s confirmed the script is complete, but with his Rainbow Six plans among many other projects, it is uncertain when it will hit theaters. Nevertheless, Stahelski’s familiarity with the source material and his visual style are already great news for the adaptation.

2 The Highlander Reboot

The Highlander movie stars Henry Cavill and will reboot the long-standing franchise

Henry Cavill as Geralt in The Witcher and Freddie Mercury Queen Highlander music video

Highlander sees Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod, an immortal Scottish swordsman on a quest to defeat his fellow immortal opponents and claim what is known as “The Prize.” With minimal details available regarding the movie’s plot details, the Highlander reboots will star Henry Cavill, and is yet another one of Stahelski’s projects under his belt. Despite the lack of details regarding the Highlander reboot’s future, Stahelski’s already proven to be the best director for the new franchise with his work on the John Wick movies. Furthermore, Cavill’s affinity for swordsman characters and love of the original series confirm the Highlander reboot is in good hands.

1 Ballerina

Ballerina will be the first John Wick spin-off and is slated for a July 7, 2024 release

Perhaps the most promising movie to make up for John Wick 5‘s absence is the John Wick spin-off, Ballerina. Starring Ana de Armas as the titular Ballerina, the movie follows a similar plot to John Wick’s, with the Ballerina avenging her murdered family, set against the gritty and unique world of its predecessors. With a July 7, 2024 release date, Ballerina is set to be one of the summer’s biggest action-packed thrillers, and with Anjelica Huston and Reeves reprising their roles from John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum, the movie already seems to be taking great strides to expand the lore that Stahelski’s John Wick started.

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