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7 Best Weapon Upgrades For Ellie In TLOU2


by Xtreme HD IPTV

When you play as Ellie in The Last Of Us Part II, you’ll want to pick weapon upgrades that not only improve your chances of survival but transform Ellie into the vengeful warrior of the apocalypse we all want to play as. Ellie has access to six different weapons over the course of the game. While the Silenced Submarine Gun can’t be upgraded, the others can be improved to make Ellie as badass as possible.



Ellie has five upgradable weapons; the pistol, the rifle, the shotgun, the revolver, and the bow. Each fits well in different play styles, from stealthy approaches with the silent bow to violent brawls with the shotgun. Each weapon has a special upgrade that not only makes it easier to wield but improves the power fantasy of Ellie’s mission.

7 Draw Speed (Bow)

The bow is a go-to weapon for players who prefer a stealthy approach against large enemy numbers in The Last Of Us Part II. Most of the time, when you’re using the bow, you’ll be sniping enemies from afar. Sometimes, however, you may feel inclined to use your bow in a high-stress situation. Improving the bow’s draw speed will turn Ellie into a sharp-shooting old school warrior woman.


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The draw speed upgrade costs 50 Parts to obtain. The upgrade gives +70% Drawing Speed and +50% Nocking Speed, allowing Ellie to fire more arrows per minute. Not only will this extra speed make Ellie look super cool, it will allow her to take out more targets without switching to another weapon.

Where To Find The Bow

The bow shows up during Ellie’s second day in Seattle, during the Hillcrest level. This level shows Ellie exploring the titular district. As you explore some of the homes in the area, you’ll eventually find a Stalker wandering inside. If you manage to defeat this enemy, you’ll get a crisp wooden bow. The great thing about the bow is that you can craft arrows for it and keep it with you for the majority of the game.

6 Scope (Rifle)

Ellie carrying a rifle through a woodland area in The Last Of Us Part 2.

The scope upgrade for the rifle is another key upgrade for stealth-oriented players. By spending 80 Parts on this upgrade, Ellie can scan the battlefield and fire at enemies from relative safety, giving her an advantage at the start of a long fight. Since the rifle has a slow rate of fire, it is better to use in long-range fights rather than up close and personal. As such, if you prefer to use the rifle over the bow for sniping enemies, the scope is a must-have upgrade.


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The rifle is automatically added to Ellie’s inventory near the start of the game, making it even more important to upgrade. This weapon will carry you through many of Ellie’s fights.

5 Reload Speed (Revolver)

The revolver packs a strong punch and gives Ellie a vengeful cowboy feel as she blasts her way through humans and zombies alike. If you want Ellie to feel like a true gunslinger (and give you a few extra seconds in a fight), upgrade the revolver’s reload speed.

Rather than reloading bullets one at a time, Ellie can shove them all in at once, increasing the speed by 85%. This massive boost saves almost twice the time and makes Ellie twice as efficient with this classic gun.

The reload speed upgrade costs 50 Parts and should be purchased as soon as you collect the revolver. The revolver itself is another unskippable weapon. While exploring Joel’s house, you’ll open a red box containing his watch and the revolver, making it one of your essential early-game weapons.

4 Capacity (Pistol)

The Last of Us 2 Ellie Violent Ending

The pistol is the last of the three starting weapons for Ellie in The Last Of Us Part II and is the go-to weapon for fire-fights and fast-paced, noisy combat. As such, all of its upgrades are key to helping Ellie survive the zombie apocalypse.


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Out of all these upgrades, improving the pistol’s capacity will go a long way to making Ellie feel badass. Cool guys don’t load their guns, so the less Ellie has to reload, the cooler you’ll feel in a fight.

Like most other upgrades on this list, the capacity upgrade costs 50 Parts and increases the magazine count by 4.

3 Stability (Shotgun)

When it comes to feeling like a badass warrior, the shotgun is hard to beat. This pump-action weapon can decimate enemies and barely needs an upgrade. Still, if you really want a cool upgrade, you can improve the shotgun’s stability. Shotguns are infamously unstable weapons with a strong kickback. By reducing recoil by 40% and increasing stability by 35%, Ellie will have a better handle on her powerful shotgun. All you need is 40 Parts to afford the upgrade.

Where To Find The Shotgun

The shotgun is another weapon that requires a bit of digging to obtain. There are a few different opportunities for Ellie to collect the shotgun, but the first appears during Seattle Day 1, when Ellie and Dina are exploring Downtown Seattle. When looking at the Downtown Seattle map, you’ll want to follow the highway south and explore the building along the bottom of the map to the left of the highway. This is Westlake Bank, which just so happens to be full of infected.

Once you clear out the infected inside Westlake Bank, head to the back of the bank and find a large locked vault. The combination to the vault is 60-23-06, as found on a note within the bank itself. Once you unlock the vault, you’ll find the skeleton of a bank robber clutching the shotgun. With that, you’ll have the shotgun at your side for the rest of Ellie’s adventures.

2 Fire Rate (Pistol)

Ellie points her pistol at someone offscreen in a dark room in The Last of Us Part II

As said earlier, each pistol upgrade is critical to making this go-to weapon as good as it can be. Once you’ve upgraded the pistol’s capacity, save up the Parts to improve its fire rate. Since the pistol is the main weapon of choice when you’re under heavy fire, it is important that it can fire as quickly as possible.

A 45% fire rate bonus will help Ellie rip through her enemies as she chases her obsession to the end of the apocalypse. The great thing about this upgrade is that it only costs 40 Parts to unlock.


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1 Fire Rate (Shotgun)

The Last of Us 2 Remastered's Ellie aims a shotgun in the No Return mode.

If the shotgun is the most badass upgradable weapon Ellie can wield in The Last Of Us Part II, it’s not surprising that one of its upgrades makes the top of the list. The shotgun’s powerful shots are counteracted by a lower fire rate than other weapons. However, if you really want Ellie to feel like a warrior, you can boost her shotgun’s fire rate by 55% for the low cost of 40 Parts.

The shotgun is a slow weapon that takes a skilled hand to master. With this upgrade, Ellie becomes a master of this difficult weapon and a true badass in The Last Of Us Part II.

Sources: SolidPerry/YouTube, FPGoodGame/YouTube

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