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2023 Challenged Red Hood More Than Ever Before


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  • Red Hood is finally set to get his own slice of Gotham in the upcoming series “The Hill”, allowing him to fight crime his way and build his own supporting cast.
  • In 2023, Red Hood sought revenge on the Joker, but Batman intervened and tried to strip away his ability to be a hero.
  • “The Hill” represents Jason Todd’s next step as a hero, providing him with a chance to finally find his place in the DC Universe.



Red Hood is one of DC’s most tragic heroes, and part of this is because DC has never really been able to decide what to do with him. 2023 proved to be not only the most challenging year of Jason Todd’s life, but it was also one that finally set him on a path to life outside the Bat-Family and maybe finally finding his place in the DC Universe.

In the new year, upcoming series Red Hood: The Hill – by Shawn Martinbrough and Sanford Greene – promises to move Red Hood out of Batman’s shadow and into his own section of Gotham City, where he can fight crime his way and get his own supporting cast, something Jason has sorely needed for a while.

Red Hood: The Hill #2 Rossmo variant cover

Before being given his own section of Gotham, Jason had to endure one of his worst years ever. Jason Todd went through a lot in 2023, from finally deciding to hunt down and kill the Joker, to having Batman literally mess with his mind, to moving out of Batman’s shadow and finally operating on his own.


“Welcome to the Hill”: Red Hood Returns to His Old Neighborhood in New Solo Series

Red Hood has bounced all over the DC Universe as both a hero and a villain, and now he’s finally getting his own slice of Gotham in a new solo series.

This Year, Red Hood Finally Decided To Go After Joker

Harley Quinn speaking with Red Hood about the Joker.

The most important moment in Jason Todd’s history was when he was killed by The Joker. Jason was dead for a long real-life amount of time, and when he eventually returned, his character had changed forever. Gone was the joyous boy who thought being Robin was a magical thing, instead Jason had become a cynical villain who wanted nothing more than to punish Batman for allowing the Joker to live after killing Jason. Jason took on the moniker of Red Hood and became a serious villain for the Bat-Family, and now it seems 2023 has brought an equally important transformation for Jason once again.

In 2023, Red Hood went after Joker for revenge, doing absolutely everything he could to end Joker’s life once and for all. Jason got close several times, but before he could continue, he was captured by Batman, who forced his no-kill rule on Jason, using a machine to edit his brain. This completely took away Jason’s ability to be a hero. Anytime Jason tried to do anything, he’d be overcome with fear. This seemed to permanently end Jason’s career as a hero, but despite the overwhelming fear, Red Hood still tried to sacrifice himself to save innocent people, proving he’ll always find a way to be a hero.

“The Hill” Will Be Jason Todd’s Next Step As A Hero

Batman captures Jason Todd and edits his brain to make him retire from being a vigilante

After a tumultuous year, Jason given his own section of Gotham City by DC, letting him finally branch out as a hero in his own way. This is a major change for his character, and exactly what the character needs. Jason Todd was originally killed off because no one cared for him as Robin, and ever since he came back he has struggled to find a place in the DC Universe. It seems the only thing Jason could really do was go through another transformation. He’s tried to settle his grudge with the Joker, he’s overcome the fear Batman instilled in him, and now, Red Hood is ready to become a hero unlike anything he’s ever been before.

Red Hood: The Hill #1 is on sale on February 13th from DC Comics!

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