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20 Scariest Evil Power Rangers in the Franchise’s History

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The Power Rangers, multicolored defenders of Earth since their debut in 1993. Since Mighty Morphin Power Rangersfirst season, these superheroic teens have faced all manner of threats, from cackling witches to giant monsters, using all kinds of weapons and Zords to keep evil at bay. These “teenagers with attitude” are beacons of good and hope, putting their lives on the line for the safety of the planet. That is, until they aren’t. Sometimes, these young heroes are drawn to the darkness, dipping their toes into evil and posing a threat to the world unlike any other in their respective seasons.



A common trope of the Power Rangers franchise is the evil Ranger. Ever since the series’ first season, nearly every Ranger team has faced a threat wearing the same spandex and helmets that they themselves wear. Whether they are forced into villainy by magic or brainwashing, or they choose the path of evil of their own free will, these evil Rangers often pose some of the greatest threats to their season’s Ranger team.

The following 20 are some of the worst and scariest evil Rangers in the franchise, fearsome foes that have stood in the way of the heroes since the very beginning of the series.

20 Lord Zedd, the Z-Ranger – Power Rangers Comics

The most recent “evil” Ranger on this list, Lord Zedd’s appearance as the Z-Ranger in 2023’s Power Rangers comics immediately shocked fans. The Emperor of Evil has fought against the Rangers for over two decades. In the most recent arcs of the comics, though, Zedd’s evil allies have turned against their former master. Badly wounded, Zedd was forced to turn to the Rangers to help quell the insurrection. As Rita sends an army of Putties to attack the Ranger Command Center, Zedd reveals a secret morpher, and with the trademark phrase, “It’s Morphin Time,” Zedd transforms into a new breed of Power Ranger.

The Z-Ranger Has Yet to Show the True Evil of Which He Is Capable

Technically speaking, Lord Zedd’s Ranger form is a bit of a cheat for this list, as he actually uses his newfound powers to help the Rangers. With that said, given Zedd’s role as the self-proclaimed Emperor of Evil, the Z-Ranger deserves at least a shout-out on this list. Really, his new abilities have yet to be fully revealed at the time of this writing, but given his newly explored origins as a Guardian of Eltar and Zordon’s mentor, this morphinominal change of pace is an exciting step for the comic book series.

While he is fighting beside the Rangers at the moment, the time will likely come where he will use his new powers to take on the Ranger team.

19 Jarrod and Camille – Jungle Fury

In the world of Power Rangers Jungle Fury, the Pai Zhua school of martial arts was instituted as the last line of defense against the powerful evil spirit Dai Shi. In the modern day, one of its finest students is Jarrod, a young martial arts prodigy wielding the Lion Animal Spirit. Due to his arrogance and bullying, though, Jarrod was overlooked as one of the school’s guardians, and in his anger, he released Dai Shi from its imprisonment. Possessed by the ancient evil, Jarrod joins forces with Dai Shi’s follower Camille, the two harnessing their inner Animal Spirits to summon incredible power as the Lion and Chameleon Warriors.

Jarrod and Camille Were the High Points of Jungle Fury

While Jungle Fury doesn’t have the lasting legacy of other Power Rangers seasons, none of that fault lies with the season’s primary villains. Jarrod and Camille aren’t technically Rangers, bearing the title of Lion and Chameleon Warriors, but their designs still represent some of the absolute best in the franchise. Taking inspiration from Chinese decorative armor, these two warriors look like nothing else in the franchise.

The more personal angle, with Jarrod being a long-time friend of two of the main Rangers, also helped raise the stakes in every battle, giving the Rangers another reason to fight outside the “save the world” angle.

18 Robo Rangers – Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel

Many seasons of Power Rangers have some form of crossover episode, but viewers weren’t expecting the massive scope of “Dimensions in Danger,” the 10th episode of Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel and the series’ 25th anniversary event. Rangers across the multiverse have been kidnapped by the villainous Lord Draven, and the Ninja Steel Rangers have been recruited to help rescue them. When they arrive in Draven’s dimension, though, they discover that the madman has used his technology to create Robo-Ranger replicas of the kidnapped heroes, building an army of evil Rangers to help him conquer the multiverse.

The Robo-Rangers Had a Ton of Potential as a Multiversal Threat

“Dimensions in Danger” was an excellent throwback for longtime fans of the franchise, reintroducing 10 fan-favorite Rangers in an epic clash on par with Super Megaforce’s “Legendary Battle.” In this context, the Robo-Rangers aren’t the most fearsome threat. In reality, they aren’t that involved with the events of the episode.

The only Robo-Ranger with any real focus is Tommy Oliver’s Black Dino Ranger clone, which was easily beaten back by Tommy’s own Master Morpher. With that said, seeing a massive legion of Rangers gathered to destroy the multiverse is a terrifying sight, and the episode did a good job stressing the danger they posed.

17 Shredder/ Casey Jones – MMPR / TMNT Comics

One of the most exciting events in Boom Studios’ excellent run on Power Rangers comics is the two part Mighty Morphin Power Rangers/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. This crossover sees the Rangers teaming up with the Heroes in a Half-Shell in order to take on some of their greatest foes. In the first crossover, the team is forced to battle Shredder in order to regain the stolen Dragon Power Coin, which has granted the villain the power of the Morphin Grid. In the second, Casey Jones is kidnapped and brainwashed by Shredder and Krang, who utilize a combination of Dimension X and Morphin Grid energies to transform him into Ranger X.

Shredder and Ranger X were the Perfect Villains for the MMPR/TMNT Crossovers

Put simply, Shredder’s Green Ranger form and Ranger X are two of the coolest new additions to Ranger lore. Artist Dan Mora killed it with these two designs, brilliantly blending Ranger aesthetics with each character’s base design. More importantly, though, they are both incredible threats that completely warrant the Rangers/Turtles team-up in order to defeat them.

Casey’s time as an evil Ranger was even more satisfying given his eventual redemption, echoing archetypal narrative beats for Power Ranger storytelling. Shredder and Casey were perfect villains for these excellent crossover events and wholly deserve their spot on this list.

16 Ollie Akana – Cosmic Fury

The newest entry on this list, Ollie Akana made his debut as the Tricera Fury Blue Ranger in Power Rangers Dino Fury, but during the opening episode of its sequel Cosmic Fury, he is doused with a serum that corrupts his connection to the Morphin Grid and turns him evil. Despite attempts to restore him to the side of good, Ollie remains a devout follower of Lord Zedd and one of his most powerful generals. Gaining black armor and a Tricera Blaster, Ollie leads Zedd’s armies into battle against his former allies. In the final episodes, the team manage to sever Ollie’s connection to the Grid, bringing him back to the side of good in time for the final battle.

Ollie Akana Add New Depth to Cosmic Fury

Cosmic Fury was always going to have an evil Ranger. As an anniversary season, it was filled with references to the entire history of the franchise, and Ollie’s tenure in Zedd’s army acts as a throwback to all the evil Rangers that came before. What shocked fans about his moral shift was the complete lack of marketing surrounding it.

All the promotional material pointed to Ollie being another member of the team, so imagine viewers’ surprise when he not only turned evil but remained evil for almost the entire season. It was a shocking surprise but not an unwelcome one as it created some intense and emotional character beats throughout the story.

15 Roxy and Blaze – Beast Morphers

In the world of Power Rangers Beast Morphers, scientists in the city of Coral Harbor have discovered a means of tapping into the Morphin Grid’s power, providing the city with infinite clean energy called Morph-X. However, an evil computer virus named Evox seeks to use this energy to increase his own power. Roxy and Blaze were originally intended to become Power Rangers, but a run-in with Evox left the pair comatose. Evox transformed the pair’s consciousnesses into corrupt Cybervillain avatars, granting them powers through stolen Morph-X on the condition that they aid it in its hunt for more of the mysterious energy.

Roxy and Blaze Provide a New Twist to the Traditional Evil Ranger Story

Roxy and Blaze are unique among evil Rangers in that they are one of the primary threats throughout their season, providing a much-needed dose of humanity to the robotic villains. Roxy especially has some great character interactions with her former boyfriend, Ravi, adding a more personal element to the good/evil conflict, and the rivalry between Blaze and Devon leads to some great moments throughout the seasons.

More than that, they also have two of the best evil Ranger designs in the series, brilliantly blending the aesthetics of the seasons’ villains and Rangers into two sleek motifs that feel truly unique within the franchise.

14 Void Knight – Dino Fury

Very little is known about the mysterious Void Knight at the opening of Power Rangers Dino Fury. He is seen breaking into the secret underground Ranger base in order to steal a cache of Sporix. His fight with the new Rangers results in the release of the Sporix into the city, forcing him into a race against the Rangers.

The viewer learns that Void Knight is Tarrick, an extraterrestrial hoping to utilize the Sporix in order to save the life of his wife, Santaura. After Santaura’s resurrection and fall to evil, however, Tarrick attempts to right his wrong by gifting the Dino Knight Morpher to Zayto, but his wife’s powers transform him into the even more powerful Void King.

Tarrick is One of the More Multidimensional Baddies on This List

Tarrick’s story in Dino Fury helps set him apart from many of the other evil Rangers on this list. While many are pure evil or brainwashed to perform evil acts, Tarrick willingly turns to evil in order to save the life of someone he loves. His entire arc revolves around an end-justifies-the-means mentality, creating sympathy for the character as the season progresses.

More than that, he always attempts to choose the less violent path, never allowing children to be harmed in pursuit of his goals. This helps humanize this villain, adding new dimension to the character that helps make him stand out from the other purely evil monsters listed here.

13 A-Squad – Power Rangers SPD

In the future world of Power Rangers SPD, the Space Patrol Delta is a police unit meant to keep the peace among the varied alien species now inhabiting Earth. The A-Squad were the first and best team of Rangers in SPD’s ranks, acting as the main line of defense for the planet until their sudden disappearance during a battle with Emperor Gruum.

However, as the B-Squad continued to protect the planet in their stead, they eventually resurfaced, though they quickly revealed that their original disappearance was a ploy. In reality, they had betrayed the SPD in order to join the Emperor Gruum’s forces, acting as his new elite fighting unit.

The A-Squad Were the Series’ First Traitors

The A-Squad changed the game upon their reveal. Not only was their “disappearance” the inciting incident of the series, putting the main team of Rangers in the spotlight, but they were also the first Rangers to openly defect. They weren’t designed for evil or brainwashed (though this was the original plan).

No, they simply wanted to join the winning side of the war, making them the first traitorous Rangers in the franchise. With their powerful weapons and hi-tech armor, they were a force to be reckoned with, destroying or decommissioning two different Megazords during their evil tenure and nearly decimating the B-Squad team on several occasions.

12 The Ranger Slayer – Go, Go, Power Rangers Comics

In Boom Studios’ excellent Mighty Morphin Power Rangers’ comics, an alternate reality exists where Tommy Oliver never returns to the side of good. After conquering his world, the newly dubbed Lord Drakkon utilizes the powers that once controlled him in order to add a powerful warrior to his ranks.

Kimberly Hart, possessed by the power of a corrupted Pterodactyl power coin and the newly forged Bow of Darkness, is sent across time and the multiverse to kill their younger selves. However, during the battle, Drakkon’s twisted hold on his former ally is broken, setting the Ranger Slayer on a path of vengeance against her former master.

The Ranger Slayer Expertly Puts the Spotlight on Kimberly Hart

The Power Rangers comics have done a great job expanding on the role of Kimberly Hart, building on the strong foundations established by Amy Jo Johnson in the original series, and the Ranger Slayer is a fascinating exploration of the character’s darker side. It gives a new perspective to her relationship with Tommy Oliver, twisting it in order to give her one of the most interesting arcs in the comics.

From a mind-controlled pawn to a redemption-seeking antihero to a leader of two separate teams of Rangers, the Ranger Slayer is an incredible addition to the lore surrounding one of pop culture’s most beloved characters.

11 Rita Repulsa – Power Rangers

In 2017, director Dean Israelite rebooted the Power Rangers franchise, expanding on the TV series’ foundations to create a big-budget superhero epic based on the original season. Millions of years ago, the Power Rangers, led by Zordon, were tasked with defending the immensely powerful Zeo Crystal. However, one of their own, the Green Ranger Rita Repulsa, betrays them, but after a climactic clash with Zordon, she is sent to the bottom of the ocean. In the modern day, Rita has risen again, and using the power of the Green Power Coin, she seeks to resurrect her minion Goldar and recover the Zeo Crystal from Zordon’s new team.

Green Ranger Rita is a Fantastic Twist on the Original Villain

While the fanbase was mixed about this reboot, many were pleasantly surprised at the change in Rita Repulsa’s origins. Given her original connection to the corrupted Dragon Power Coin in the first season, it only made sense for the film to make her the original Green Ranger.

It gave her a more personal connection to Zordon and the Rangers, and it provided an explanation as to why she could single-handedly best these superpowered teens. The reason it works is that it doesn’t overlook her original character motifs, especially her magic. The film simply ties them into the green Power Coin, creating one of the deadliest evil Rangers of all time.

10 Koragg – Power Rangers Mystic Force

In a season focused on the themes of the fantasy genre, the black knight archetype was a guaranteed inclusion. While clad in purple instead of black armor, Koragg the Knight Wolf fits the role well, acting as one of the primary antagonists of Power Rangers Mystic Force.

Possessing the mage Leanbow, the Knight Wolf utilizes powerful lupine magic alongside his expert sword fighting skills to harm the Ranger team, but when these don’t prove enough, he also has another option. By growing in size and summoning the powerful horse spirit Catastros, Koragg can assume the form of the Centaurus Wolf Megazord, the Morlock’s most powerful weapon.

Koragg Brings the Sword to This Sword and Sorcery Tale

Koragg is one of the franchise’s best evil Rangers, especially considering the length of his villainous role. It wasn’t until the very end of the season that Koragg received his eventual redemption, but before that, he proved a constant thorn in the side of the Rangers. What sets him apart from other villains, though, is his sense of honor. While a monster, he is a knight through and through, meaning that there are boundaries that he won’t cross.

Combined with his interesting backstory and his mysterious connection to this season’s Red Ranger (Nick even becoming Koragg at one point), he is more than just a terrifying threat in this monster-of-the-week series.

9 Thunder Rangers – Ninja Storm

When the villainous Lothor made his return at the opening of Power Rangers Ninja Storm, he cut a path of destruction through the two biggest ninja schools in the world. While the Wind ninja were given Ranger powers and dedicated themselves to defeating the demonic threat, Hunter and Blake Bradley of the Thunder school took a different path.

Convinced by Lothor that the Wind Rangers were responsible for their school’s destruction and the loss of their closest friends, they donned Ranger suits of their own, developed powerful insectoid Zords, and took the fight to their Ranger foes across seven hard-hitting episodes.

The Thunder Rangers Improved on Past Evil Rangers Tropes

Ninja Storm is one of the most beloved seasons among fans, largely because of its excellent character work and twists on established archetypes. A lot of the season’s success comes down to the arrival of the Thunder Rangers.

Yes, they were another pair of brainwashed Rangers that eventually found redemption, a common trope of the franchise since the very first season, but it was done in a way that expanded on the trope’s best aspects. Hunter and Blake were good friends of the Wind Rangers, adding another layer of stakes to the already intense battles between the two Ranger teams before their eventual reconciliation.

8 The Dark Rangers – Power Rangers Comics

During the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Lord Zedd attempted to use the Rangers powers against them, creating a team of Dark Rangers out of Putties. Needless to say, they failed miserably. In the recent Power Rangers comics, though, Zedd decided to try again.

Using the power of the Green Chaos Crystal, he infused four of his top generals with great power, transforming Goldar, Baboo, Squat, and Finster in a new breed of Dark Ranger. In search of a Red Ranger, Zedd crafts a replica Rita Repulsa out of Putty clay, granting her the power of the Red Ranger and sending her to battle the heroes in his stead.

The Dark Rangers Added a Horror Twist to the Power Rangers Comics

The Dark Rangers are a rather new development, and they have already been defeated in the comics. That isn’t to say that they didn’t leave an impression on the fanbase. Put simply, these Dark Rangers are incredibly cool, twisting the base designs of Rita’s henchmen into something straight out of a horror movie.

They didn’t have the chance to really live up to the narrative impact of other evil Ranger teams, but there is always a chance that they could make a return at some point in the future. They even got their own Megazord, the Mega Terrorzord, which is little more than a fleshy kaiju design that feels so unique compared to anything else in the franchise.

7 Zen-Aku/Merrick – Power Rangers Wild Force

Power Rangers Wild Force centers around a millennia-old conflict with a mysterious species called the Orgs. These monsters spring up from deep within the Earth, seeking to capture and destroy the mystical Animarium. 3000 years ago, Animarium warrior Merrick Baliton made the ultimate sacrifice, donning a mask of immeasurable power to destroy the Org only to succumb to its corrupting influence.

Today, Merrick aids the new generation of Org as Zen-Aku, a deadly wolf monster. After many battles against Zen-Aku and the Dark Predazord, the Rangers manage to wrest the mask free, bringing Merrick back to their side as the Lunar Wolf Ranger.

Zen-Aku Has Had a Lasting Impact on the Power Rangers Franchise

Wild Force is held in high regard among fans, and Merrick’s hero journey is one of the best elements of this season. Zen-Aku is one of the best designed monsters in the franchise. While he isn’t technically a Ranger (no connection to the Morphin Grid), his villain arc and incredible power in every appearance still makes him a perfect fit for this list, especially considering that he then becomes a Ranger after his redemption.

Also, the clear references to Tommy OIiver’s villain arc in the original season, including a summoning flute for the Predazords, kept long-time fans hooked to the character’s story.

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6 Death Ranger – Power Rangers Comics

In the wake of the comic book event Shattered Grid, Jason, Trini, and Zack left the original Power Rangers team in order to form the Omega Rangers, an intergalactic peacekeeping force. As the story progresses, the trio are forced to confront one of the most vile foes in this continuity.

The Death Ranger was once the Gold Omega Ranger, an alien named Spa’ark, but after the death of their ally, Spa’ark sought to control death through the Morphin Grid. Able to possess others and raise the dead, the newly named Death Ranger took control of Jason and the Omega Rangers, sending them on a rampage across the galaxy.

The Death Ranger Brings a New Level of Darkness to the Power Rangers Comics

For those fans of DC Comics’ Blackest Night, the Death Ranger is a Morphin Grid twist on that classic event. The Death Ranger is a terrifying force of destruction. The ability to create a collective consciousness of all of their host bodies at once allows them to be anywhere and everywhere at once, making them a massive threat to the galaxy.

For a series that had to avoid the word Death due to censorship issues for several years, the comic book creators really leaned hard into this theme with this character, and given that the Death Ranger is set to make an appearance in the next big crossover event, dark times are ahead for the comic book Rangers.

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5 Psycho Rangers – In Space

Many villainous Rangers aren’t in control of their actions, often forced by the antagonists to serve their twisted ends. For Power Rangers In Space‘s Psycho Rangers, however, there is no redemption. Created by Astronema, these five monstrous supersoldiers are designed as perfect antithesis to the Space Rangers.

Not only are their fighting styles meant to counter their color counterparts, but if the chips are down, they can assume a more powerful monster form corresponding to different elements. After their defeat in In Space, the team made a reappearance in Lost Galaxy, and a green Psycho Ranger has even made an appearance in the comics.

The Psycho Rangers Did What Other Evil Rangers Could Not

The Psycho Rangers were a fascinating twist on the evil Ranger formula. While the series had introduced monstrous Rangers before, those were merely lackluster pawns that posed very little threat. The Psycho Rangers were a true threat to the teams they faced, with the Pink Psycho Ranger being the only one in franchise history to successfully kill a Ranger in Lost Galaxy.

Their power is nearly unmatched, especially as they transitioned into their horrifyingly mutated monster forms. In Space was already responsible for producing some of the series’ most interesting villains, but the show easily outdid itself with these characters.

4 The Sentries – Power Rangers Comics

During the comic book event Shattered Grid, the evil Lord Drakkon begins a campaign across the Ranger multiverse in an effort to gain control of the Morphin Grid. As with any good ruler, Lord Drakkon cannot battle on his own, enlisting an army of soldiers and empowering them with stolen Ranger powers.

Called the Ranger Sentries, this elite fighting force was originally meant to quell resistance in Drakkon’s home universe. As their campaign continued, and they gained access to other powers, they became a far more specialized unit, proficient in eliminating entire Ranger teams in devastating, calculated sieges.

The Ranger Sentries Give Drakkon a Leg-Up in His Multiversal War

The Ranger Sentries are one of the coolest elements of Shattered Grid. From a design perspective, they are a brilliant blend of the inspiring Power Ranger suits with a more militaristic aesthetic based on the original Rangers’ roles.

The White Rhino Sentries, for example, exaggerate the gauntlets of the White Jungle Fury Ranger to create an absolute juggernaut meant to rampage across the battlefield, while the Silver Space Sentries take inspiration from the Astro Megaship to create a set of flying snipers. Each Sentry design is truly inspired, and their role in Shattered Grid ensures that they remain some of the most intimidating evil Rangers.

3 Lord Drakkon – Shattered Grid Comics

Fans of Power Rangers know the story. Tommy Oliver became the first evil Ranger, battling alongside Rita Repulsa until the Power Rangers broke her control However, what if Tommy was never saved? This is the story of Lord Drakkon, an alternate universe version of Tommy Oliver that remained a soldier of evil. After years waging war against the Rangers, Tommy conquered his world, combining the White and Green Ranger powers to become nearly unstoppable.

Unhappy with only ruling a single universe, Drakkon begins a campaign across the Grid, stealing the powers of other Rangers to fuel his army and his own twisted lust for power.

Lord Drakkon is One of the Comics’ Most Fearsome Foes

Shattered Grid was the comic book event that proved to readers that the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comics were going to be something special. Everything up to that point had been great, but Shattered Grid took it that next step further. Lord Drakkon is in large part responsible for this. His role allows for a fascinating examination of this multiverse, and his war across the many varied universes of the Grid is absolutely thrilling.

With one of the best storylines in the franchise, it is no wonder that Shattered Grid and Lord Drakkon have made such a massive impact on fans, and why Drakkon continues to make appearances in the comics to this day.

2 Trent Fernandez-Mercer – Power Rangers Dino Thunder

When your dad is the season’s big bad, it only makes sense that you’d dabble in darkness as well, right? Such was the case for Trent Fernandez-Mercer, the White Ranger of Power Rangers Dino Thunder. After stumbling on a portal in his father’s office, Trent was teleported to the lair of Mesogog, where he discovered the corrupted white Dino Gem.

Unable to control his transformations, the White Ranger joined forces with Mesogog, even managing to steal the Stegozord to create his own personal Megazord. However, with a little help from his father, Mesogog’s other half, the evil was purged from the Dino Gem, allowing Trent to fight for the side of good.

Trent is a Brilliant Reference to the Original Evil Ranger

Dino Thunder was intended as a throwback season, with several references to the original season of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. Tommy’s key role throughout the season is evidence of that, as is Trent’s duplicate villain arc. Trent’s role throughout the season is meant as a direct parallel to Tommy’s in the original show, from his villainous origins to his redemption as the powerful “Sixth Ranger.”

Dino Thunder is one of the most beloved seasons, and Trent’s story arc is one of the reasons why. With impeccable storytelling and one of the coolest Megazords in the franchise, Trent is clearly one of the most fearsome evil Rangers of all time.

1 Tommy Oliver – Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

Tommy Oliver made his debut in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers as a new transfer student to Angel Grove High School. Shortly after his introduction, Rita Repulsa kidnapped him, forcibly giving him the corrupted powers of the Dragon Coin and brainwashing him to be her loyal servant.

Throughout “Green With Evil,” Tommy decimated the Rangers, utilizing the Sword of Darkness and the Dragonzord to wreak havoc throughout Angel Grove. Rita’s plan would backfire, however, when Jason managed to destroy the Sword of Darkness, freeing Tommy from her control and opening the way for one of the most popular and powerful Rangers of all time.

Tommy is the First and Best Evil Ranger in the Franchise

Tommy Oliver had to be on this list. He is the quintessential evil Ranger, the basis for all the other villains on this list. The immense popularity of the “Green with Evil” story arc is largely responsible for the franchise’s continued impact on pop culture, cementing the late Jason David Frank as one of the most recognizable and beloved Rangers of all time.

More importantly, Tommy was a force to be reckoned with, handily defeating the original Ranger team several times before his eventual redemption. Tommy is the benchmark against which all other evil Power Rangers are measured, proving his importance to the franchise and to popular culture as a whole.

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